Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bible Comes to Life (videos)

(Editor's Note: These are good to watch, whether you have never been to Israel, or are going again. And yes, you can join us on our annual Ahava Adventures to Israel too!  Steve Martin)

New York - May 1, 2013: The Israel Ministry of Tourism, North and South America, recently released its 12-part "Bible Comes to Life" series, offering a comprehensive look into the foundations of Christianity and its context within the Holy Land.
"The Bible Comes to Life" series provides insight into the religious significance and modern-day importance of Christian holy sites throughout Israel, from Mount Gilboa, Tabgha and the Sea of Galilee to Caesarea, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Each episode is hosted by Omer Eshel, Director, Israel Government Tourist Office - Chicago, and places quotes and scriptures from the Bible within the context of the Holy Land.

"We are thrilled to present our new video series, which offers detailed insight into Christian holy sites in Israel," said Haim Gutin, Israel Commissioner for Tourism, North and South America. "We hope the videos inspire a new wave of faith-based travelers from around the world to arrive in Israel this year to experience first-hand where the Bible comes to life."

Travelers can order a free copy of "The Bible Comes to Life," which features HD footage filmed on location in Israel, by contacting

To preview episodes from "The Bible Comes to Life" series, visit For more information about tourism to Israel, visit

Ross Belfer at WEILL - - 1-866-PRWEILL

Israel Ministry of Tourism, N.A. - Gail Barzilay - - 212-499-5647
Israel Government Tourist Office, Southern USA - Dana Shemesh - - 404-541 2770
Israel Government Tourist Office, Midwest USA - Jill Daly - - 312-803-7077
Israel Government Tourist Office, Western USA - Dan Manor - - 323-658-7463
Los Angeles ◦ Director: Eliezer Hod ◦ 323-658-7463
Canada ◦ Director: Ami Allon ◦ 416-964-3784 
New York ◦ Director: Shahar Alon ◦ 212-499-5650
Atlanta ◦ Director: Joe Diaz ◦ 404-541-2770
Chicago ◦ Director: Omer Eshel ◦ 312-803-7080

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