Friday, February 16, 2018

Haley: Iran's Attack on Israel 'Wake Up' Call to World; How Florida School Janitor Saved Dozens of Lives - World Israel News

World Israel News
Haley Tells UN: Iran’s Attack on Israel is ‘Wake-up Call’ to the World
Attorney General Backs Police Procedure in Netanyahu Probe
WATCH: How Florida School Janitor Saved Dozens of Lives

Florida: 17 Killed in High School MassacreRead Now

Netanyahu Departs for ‘Most Important Security Conference in the World’Watch Now

Poland Set to Criminalize Kosher SlaughterRead Now

France Threatens to Hit Syria if Chemical Attacks ProvenRead Now

‏Congress Passes Bill Condemning Hamas for Using Human ShieldsRead Now

Opinion: European Officials Are Apologists for Arab-Islamic TerrorRead Now

WATCH: Pence Warns ‘Toughest’ North Korean Sanctions Coming SoonWatch Now

US to Boost Aid to Jordan, Despite Trump’s ThreatsRead Now

Knesset Advances 2019 State Budget in First ReadingRead Now

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