Monday, February 25, 2019

Anti-Semitism in UK Labour Sinks to New Low; Israelis Bust Arms Smuggling Ring; Pittsburgh Mayor Visits Jerusalem Memorial - United with Israel

Fields Scorched by Terror Balloons Bloom in Israel’s South! CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with Israel1500 US Teens Fight Anti-Semitism! Israel’s Breathtaking Waterfalls; Europe's Anti-Israel Obsession; Armed Palestinian Women Nabbed; Solving France’s 'Jewish Problem' 
'Jews Murder Children': UK Labour Party's Anti-Semitism Sinks to New Low
Pittsburgh Mayor Visits Jerusalem Memorial to Massacre Victims
WATCH: Israeli Police Bust Jordanian-Palestinian Arms Smuggling Ring
Two Armed Palestinian Women Nabbed at Israel Crossing 
WATCH: NYC Politician Inspires 1,500 Teens to Fight Anti-Semitism 
Knesset Speaker to EU: Your Obsession with Israel Generates Anti-Israel Protests
WATCH: Fields Scorched by Terror Balloons Now Bloom in Israel’s South 
Israeli Institute Discovers Plants ‘Blink’ Like People 
WATCH: Israel’s Waterfalls Will Take Your Breath Away! 
France’s Jewish Problem: From Dreyfus to Yellow Vests 
USA: 1-888-ZION-613 
Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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