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Unique Passover Tour of Jerusalem and Today's Top Stories - Breaking Israel News

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We wish all our readers a very happy Pesach (Passover)

Unique Passover Tour of Jerusalem

Ateret Cohanim is offering free guided tours of the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, visitors a rare opportunity to see an unknown part of the saga of the Jews’ ongoing return to Jerusalem 
From the Archives

What Ever Happened to the Passover Blood Moon?

Christians Are Celebrating Passover. But Should They?

WATCH: Baking Passover Matzah in Israel’s Heartland

Preparing and baking matzah by hand in the traditional method

Yishai Fleisher Show, Passover Seder Guide

Yishai takes us to Beit El in Israel’s heartland, the location of Jacob’s ladder, to bake matzot (unleavened bread) the old fashioned way by hand

Biblical Significance Of Passover Symbols

The home-based Passover service, known as the Passover Seder, is brimming with Biblical symbolism

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Israel Flowing with Milk and Honey… And Beer

Before grains were cultivated for food, they were grown for fermented alcoholic beverages


When one survives a life-threatening situation, he or she naturally feels a tremendous amount of gratitude to Hashem. Therefore, the Torah commands such a person to offer a thanksgiving-offering to the Lord...

Letter to President Trump – April

By Rev. Anthony Abma
In this season of the Passover redemption, Zionist Christians worldwide who esteem and value your leadership in supporting Israel, send you this letter of support
By Professor Mel Alexenberg
By Michael Freund
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