Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Top 10 Biblical Tourist Spots in Israel [PHOTOS] and Today's Top Stories - Breaking Israel News

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Top 10 Biblical Tourist Spots in Israel [PHOTOS]

Images and explanations offer a quick tour through the Holy Land's most important must-see hotspots

Are Beams From Solomon’s Temple Being Burned for Palestinian Campfires?

Israel Researchers Find Link Between Autism  and General Anesthesia During Caesarean Births

Visitors to the Temple Mount have documented timbers from the First and Second Temple being abused in a manner that will ultimately lead to their destruction
An Israeli study showed that general anesthesia used in C-Sections led to difficulties for the child later in life

WATCH: An Interview With the Guatemalan Ambassador on the Spiritual Bond With Israel

PA Announces Plans to "Torpedo" Trump's "Despicable" Middle-East Peace Plan

The PA announces it will not accept any plan that does not include Jerusalem and the influx of millions of Palestinian descendants

Al Jazeera Slammed For Video Claiming "Israel Biggest Winner From Holocaust" [WATCH]

Video on the international network claimed, “Israel is the biggest winner from Holocaust; it uses the same justification to annihilate the Palestinians.”

EXODUS 23:15

“You shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread” says the Bible, so why do we refer to the holiday as “Passover”?...
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