Thursday, June 27, 2019

Earthquake Hits Dead Sea: Is it the First 'Pre-Messiah' Quake that'll Turn it Into a 'Garden of Eden'? - Breaking Israel News

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Earthquake Hits Dead Sea: Is it the First 'Pre-Messiah' Quake that'll Turn it Into a 'Garden of Eden'?

A 3.7 earthquake just took place inside the Dead Sea

Gog and Magog Heating Up? Russia Clarifies it Will Side with Iran Against the US and Israel

Terror Alert: Stabbing Attempt in Afula

Contradicting earlier statements, Russia now backs Iranian military presence in Syria
An Arab hiding a knife in his sock attempted to enter the Central Bus Station in Afula

[WATCH] Attendees “Vomit” at Nigerian Exorcist's ‘Healing' Ceremony in Nazareth

State Lottery Promotes Gambling, Uses Money to Sponsor Terrorism

State-funded lotto company funds movie glorifying terrorist lawyer

Cleared for Publication: Rabbi with Prophet-Like Vision Miraculously Located Terror Tunnels on Israel’s Border

A Rabbi from the Galilee who can "see other worlds" did what modern technology can't


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