Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Canada: Wine Made in Judea and Samaria Cannot be Labeled as “Product of Israel.” - Breaking Israel News

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Canada: Wine Made in Judea and Samaria Cannot be Labeled as “Product of Israel.”

“There are few things as difficult and intractable as Middle East politics, and the presence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank raises difficult, deeply felt and sensitive political issues,” wrote Justice Anne Mactavish

New MRI Technology from Jerusalem Will Speed Up Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's

Hebrew University’s new MRI technique can “see” molecular changes in the brain

UNRWA Leaders Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Ethics Violations

Internal report alleges top agency officials, including the commissioner-general, have committed a raft of violations, including “nepotism, discrimination, retaliation and other abuses of authority.”

[WATCH] Psalm 121 Sung in its Original Language, Hebrew, at the Tower of David in Jerusalem

[ICYMI] Muslim Brotherhood Accuses Egyptian President of Making Isaiah Prophecy Come True

Does Bahrain Expect Returns on its Now-Public Association with Israel?

By Israel Kasnett
“There’s a growing awareness among Gulf states that Israel will be a good partner and ally for them to bolster regional security against the persistent Iranian threat”.

By Shay Attias
By Yoni Ben Menachem 
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