Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Crusader Era Moat Discovered Outside Jerusalem’s Old City Walls - Breaking Israel News

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Crusader Era Moat Discovered Outside Jerusalem’s Old City Walls

The discovery, made by the Mount Zion Archaeological Project, confirms accounts of the fall of the Fatimid city in 1099 C.E. to the forces of the First Crusade

Israeli Student Invents "Breakthrough" Technology to Lower Risks During Brain Surgery

The brain’s Cerebral Cortex is mapped while the patient is awake

Left-Wing Activist Accidentally Admits Role in Execution of Palestinian Arabs

Although Nawi revealed in a television program in  2016 that he helped Palestinian officials locate and arrest Arabs who were considering selling land to Jews, he never acknowledged his role in those executions until Tuesday

[WATCH] The Israeli National Anthem, Hatikva, Sung by the IDF

[ICYMI] The Hidden Story of the Trump Family Rabbi

Neil Armstrongs Most Significant Steps,
Where Jesus Walked

By Jonathan Feldstein
50 years ago next week, Neil Armstrong uttered what remains one of the most iconic statements relevant to all of humanity
By Raymond Ibrahim
By Ariel Nathan Pasko
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