Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Iraq Shuts Down all Air Travel to Stop Israeli Strikes on Iranian Installations - Breaking Israel News

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Iraq Shuts Down all Air Travel to Stop Israeli Strikes on Iranian Installations

On Friday, Iraq’s Prime Minister declared his country’s airspace off-limits to military traffic from other countries including the U.S.

Arab MK Admits: Palestinians Use 'Prayers' on Temple Mount as Precursor to Violence

In a revealing interview on Israeli television, an Arab MK described Muslims prayers as a precursor to violence, stated that the entire Temple Mount is a mosque, and denied that Israel has any sovereignty over Judaism’s holiest site

Emergency Appeal: IDF Soldiers Barred from Using A.C. in Vehicles in 104 Degree Heat

Due to budget cuts, Golani troops patrolling the border with Gaza aren't allowed to turn on the air conditioner in their closed armored personnel carriers (APC), But you can help

[WATCH] The History & Revival of the Hebrew Language

[ICYMI] Bill Gates will Try to Block the Sun: ‘Tower of Babel’ in 2019

Victory in California as Controversial Antisemitic Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum is Defeated

By Laurie Cardoza Moore
The California State Board of Education announced Monday that the proposed content model will be replaced with an entirely new proposed curriculum

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