Ministry Report 2022

Love For His People Ministry – 2022


LFHP Board members: David & Luana Peterman, Bob & Mary Smith, Edgar & Indira Persad, Steve & Laurie Martin

The following is a review of the year 2021 with Love For His People ministry, located in the Charlotte, NC area. Through the direction, provision, and grace of our Lord Jesus, I share this report with you and contributors of the ministry.

Established in April 2010, we will now have completed 12 years as of April 2022.

Overall, the ministry sustained it’s support for outreach, impact, and social media for Israel and the USA, with a total income of $25,118.03. Expenses matched the income, with no debt or payables. We do not have a staff with payroll expenses. (See financial report below).

Our support for families and organizations in Israel was maintained, with a slight drop in financial support from the previous year.

One major change in our work was the end of contribution processing for India and Pakistan pastors. We felt the Lord wanted us to more fully concentrate on Israel. 

Four trips to Israel which had been planned for the year were again canceled due to the shutdowns. Flights were either refunded or given certificates for 2022 flights. We also have a $2000 hostel credit for stay in Jerusalem, to be used by the end of the year.

Steve’s contract services work at previous ministries had been reduced in 2021, now working only one day a week at CMM (Jorge and Anna Parrot). Thus the income in that income stream had dropped over $12,000 from the previous year.

In 2021 two books were published. His Plan. His Way and Trust Me Still?

Our regular Constant Contact email recipients number 352, with an average of 197 receiving my monthly messages. About 41% (122) read the emails, which in standard numbers is very good.

Our involvement with aliyah (immigration to Israel) is growing, as we continue to connect further with our Messianic Jewish contacts in Israel and local churches and ministries who are also supporting Israel.

We give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has called, established, and continues to bring increase for the work He has placed in our hearts and our hands.

Thank you for being with us, with your friendship, encouragement, and ongoing support.


Steve & Laurie Martin, Co-Founders

Ministry Work – Supporting Families/Ministries in the Nations


  1. Nissim & Hadassah Lerner Jerusalem area            Aliyah ministry           
  2. Aliyah Return Center, Chaim Malespin in Tiberias area 
  3. Rabbi Kokeb & Menalu Gedamu, Ethiopian Messianic Jewish CongregationJerusalem        Orphans, widows, young kids                                 
  4. Richard & Carolyn Hyde Tiberias area   Aliyah, outreach to Jews 
  5. Tree of Life Israel (Ariel Hyde in Haifa, Israel)
  6. Zack Tzachi, website and app developer and maintenance 
  7. CBN News Jerusalem Jerusalem         News coverage in Israel         
  8. Larry & Bess Herzekow Jerusalem         Aliyah ministry                       
  9. Strength For Israel (Antioch International Church) – orphans/widows
  10. Lev Olam Israel – various home businesses                                          


  1. Christians For Messiah Ministries, Peter & Joy Wyns 
  2. Lance Wallnau 
  3. The Elijah List 
  4. Mario Murillo Ministries 


Outreach, Social Media

The year of 2021 saw increases in numbers for all our platforms.

  1. Main website  Released Sept. 2019, $2,500 cost. Over 924,800 views
  2. LFHP app – 152 followers
  3. Facebook – Love For His People page (876 followers), Steve Martin (4,985)
  4. YouTube, Love For His People – 3,490 videos (2,100 subscribers), 1,196,565 views
  5. Blog – since 2010. Now with 16,768 posts with 3,501,634 views
  6. Twitter – @martinlighthous 554 followers.  68,100 tweets since 2009
  7. LinkedIn – 6,512 connections
  8. Constant Contact – 352 emails
  9. Gettr – added in Dec. 2021, 39 followers

FINANCIAL REPORT FOR 2021 – Click here: P&L Report, LFHP 2021

Love For His People ministry P.O. Box 414 Pineville, North Carolina 28134 USA

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