Love For His People - Pakistan

Love For His People - Pakistan
with Shalom Today Ministry
2017 Reports with photos

                                         Moses Julius - Love For His People - Director

More than 40 were able to go on the field trip!

Summer, 2017

 Greeting to you in the name of Yeshua HA’Mashiach. 

I am glad to announce that every year Shalom Today Ministry arranged a trip with Orphans, Widows and Underprivileged families at Sozo Water Park.

In June 2017 we give thanks to Co-founder Steve Martin and Laurie Martin (LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE Ministry) who sponsored this trip to make it possible with these special people.

Shalom Today Ministry is officially affiliated with LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE MINISTRY in Pakistan. Both ministries have the same goal, mission, and vision. We are thankful for all of you those are standing with us in helping these people. We request it to you please join hands with us to promote the LOVE of Messiah and LOVE of Israel here in Muslim Country Pakistan.

For more information please contact Love For His People Founder Steve Martin. ( You can now use the "Donate" button found on the side columns of this ministry blog website.


Mr. Moses Julius 
Love for His People Ministry (Pakistan) 

Thanks Moses for your leadership. Everyone likes field trips, especially to the water park and the rides. Glad we can bless the good people of Pakistan.

And thanks for the great photos and videos!

Steve Martin
Love For His People

 Moses Julius (left) - Love For His People - Pakistan Director

Moses Julius

Have fun buddy!

For more information please contact Love For His People Founder Steve Martin. ( You can now use the "Donate To Bless" tab at the top of our ministry blog website.

Thank you,

Steve Martin

Love For His People, Inc.

Aug. 19, 2017

During Pakistan's Independence Day, Moses Julius, our Director for Love For His People - Pakistan, had a ceremony to honor public servants.

Those who bless Israel will be blessed. Gen. 22:3

Steve Martin

Love For His People
Charlotte, North Carolina

We are raising funds to send Moses a Canon PowerShot camera, so he doesn't have to rent one each time. The cost, with accessories, is $400. Shipping adds another $50-$70.

If you can help with this, please do so. (Even a good, used camera with video recording would be appreciated!)

Help Love For His People keep sending teaching materials free of charge to international pastors, by supporting this ministry. We also send financial support for families in Jerusalem, Belfast, UK and Lahore, Pakistan monthly. Even a gift of $10 helps. Thank you.

Please donate online safely here, through our website. Please use the DONATE button on either side column of this blog.

A USA tax-receipt will be provided for each online gift and check.

Gifts/Checks can be sent to:
Love For His People, Inc.
P.O. Box 414Pineville, NC 28134
Ahava and Shalom!
                        Below: photos from phone conversation Aug. 29, 2017
 - from Charlotte, North Carolina USA to Lahore, Pakistan
 - Moses with the kids

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