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Friday, April 25, 2014

"It has been a pathway of preparation into a time of greater purpose." Morris Ruddick

"We have entered challenging times. It is a time requiring more than what the best of human effort can achieve. With it has been a pathway of preparation into a time of greater purpose; a time of preparation for ones who bear a mantle like Joseph to prepare. The preparation to prepare involves walking through a fire, not unlike what Job, Joseph, Daniel and many other heroes of faith went through." 

Morris Ruddick, "Righteous Power In A Corrupt World", Xulon Press page 121 

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Employing righteous power is a leadership calling. It builds and wields influence. It is God's strategy for change that requires a mix of biblical community, Kingdom entrepreneurship and heeding the voice of the Lord, as a people. With extraordinary examples drawn from an extensive track record in lands of persecution, its practical, grass-roots application exceeds expectations. 

This book outlines the steps being successfully applied in a diversity of extremely adverse spiritual climates. Righteous power doesn't operate like worldly power. It goes against the grain. It's the way of the Kingdom. Jesus described its employment as being a narrow, difficult path. Yet, against the odds, it is a catalyst for opportunity that brings blessing. It is the explosive power that demonstrates God's reality to those in darkness and releases societal change. 

The author's calling has been one of leadership for change. He was recently described by a long-time associate with these words: "Morris Ruddick heads several organizations and corporate entities, including Global Initiatives Foundation, The Ruddick Int'l Group, and a global intercession network. He has led development of entrepreneurial activities in critical needy areas and brought together business and ministry in several nations, including the Messianic Jewish community in Israel, as well as in Africa, Asia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Russia and other areas of need." 

Mr. Ruddick's Kingdom agendas reflect a unique merging of the secular and the spiritual. He sums it up as "an interlinking of secular business enterprises with overriding Kingdom objectives." 

Since 1995, Mr. Ruddick has been a voice encouraging and mobilizing Kingdom leaders and entrepreneurs.

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