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Israeli Teens Discover Hundreds of Rare Gold Coins in Archaeological Dig


08-24-2020 CBN News Jerusalem Julie Stahl

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli teenagers volunteering at an archaeological dig uncovered a rare find – a hoard of hundreds of gold coins. 

The coins are made of 24-karat pure gold and most date back 1,100 years to the Abbasid Islamic caliphate that stretched from Persia to North Africa and had its seat of government in Baghdad.

Two youths discovered the treasure in an Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) excavation during the construction of a neighborhood in the center of Israel.

“Today when they came to work, they started digging. They saw a glimmer in the ground and as they continued excavating, they found a gold hoard, a large gold hoard in a small jar,” said IAA archaeologist, Galit Tal. 

Photo credit: Yoli Schwartz, Israel Antiquities Authority

The youths volunteered at the dig during their summer holiday before their army service as part of the IAA’s program to help connect them to their past. Oz Cohen is one of the team.

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“It was amazing. I dug in the ground and when I excavated the soil, saw what looked like very thin leaves. When I looked again I saw these were gold coins. It was really exciting to find such a special and ancient treasure,” Cohen said of the discovery.

Tal said finding gold is rare.

“We don’t find many gold hoards in archaeological excavations. When we do find them we don’t find individual coins mostly. We usually find them in hoards because, gold being gold, people wanted to keep it close and so they kept it with them,” Tal explained.

The hoard contained 425 gold coins.

“The way the gold was buried was obviously done by someone who was in a rush to leave and so he buried it in the ground in the jar with a nail, nailing the jar in place,” she explained. “He covered it with the intention of returning to pick it up later and as you can see obviously, he never did.”

This dig is in what would have been a large industrial area that had wine presses and pottery kilns.

“The unique thing about this gold hoard is that it shows us a lot about international commerce of that time period in the area, which was on the rise and prospering as opposed to the commerce in Europe at the time,where the use of gold actually started dwindling,” she said.

From the initial examination of the coins, IAA coin expert Dr. Robert Kool said most date to the end of the 9th century AD The stash of coins weighed nearly two pounds, which would have been a lot of money back then.

“For example, with such a sum, a person could buy a luxurious house in one of the best neighborhoods in Fustat, the enormous wealthy capital of Egypt in those days,” Kool said.

Photo credit: Yoli Schwartz, Israel Antiquities Authority

“The hoard consists of full gold dinars, but also – what is unusual – contains about 270 small gold cuttings – pieces of gold dinars cut to serve as ‘small change,” Kool explained, a regular feature in the monetary system in Islamic countries of that time.  

One of the cuttings is an exceptionally rare piece, never found in excavations in Israel. It’s a fragment of a gold piece with the image of the Byzantine emperor Theophilos (829 – 842 AD), minted in the empire’s capital of Constantinople, he said. 

The Byzantine fragment in an Islamic hoard is very rare and indicates that there were connections – whether in war or trade – between the two rival empires. 

According to Kool, “this rare treasure will certainly be a major contribution to research, as finds from the Abbasid period in Israel are relatively few. Hopefully, the study of the hoard will tell us more about a period of which we still know very little.”

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“Time To Act: The Lord’s Will For Your Life” new book by Steve Martin, Love For His People ministry. Paperback $7.95 Kindle free Aug. 17-21, 2020


“Time To Act: The Lord’s Will For Your Life” new book by Steve Martin, Love For His People ministry. Paperback $7.95 Kindle free Aug. 17-21, 2020

Aug. 16, 2020 Love For His People ministry in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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It is time to act, for that which we have been anticipating and waiting for so long is now upon us.

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So, what is happening that you and me need to be so observant of?

The nation of Israel was rebirth in 1948.

The city of Jerusalem was united in 1967.

The Holy Spirit has been poured out on the nations, as signs and wonders reveal His power and glory in our time.

The One New Man is coming together, as Jews and Gentiles, believers in Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, unite.

And Jews from around the world are returning to the promised land, Israel, making Aliyah. Prophesied through Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and more…they are coming home by the thousands as it is becoming a priority for them, prompt by the Lord God of Israel Himself.

Yes, it is time. It is time to act.

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Founder/President Love For His People ministry


This book is dedicated to my friends, Jews and Gentiles, who are actively involved in helping Jews make aliyah, returning to Israel during this prophetic, historic time we live in.

Men and women such as Dean Bye, Return Ministries in Ontario, Canada; Chaim Malespin, Aliyah Return Center in the Galilee, Israel; Nissim and Hadassah Lerner, His Lighthouse, Inc. near Jerusalem, Israel; Richard and Carolyn Hyde, Heart of G_d Ministry in the Galilee of Israel; and Rabbi Kokeb Gedamu, of Congregation Amud HaEsh in Jerusalem.

Together, with our ministry so named Love For His People at its foundational year in 2010, we are uniting with so many more ministries and organizations to be a part of what our Lord is doing in the nations.

To these I dedicate this book.

Steve Martin, Founder/President, Love For His People, Inc. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Aug. 15, 2020


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Trump: America Needs More Jews Who Love Israel – Breaking Israel News


Trump: America Needs More Jews Who Love Israel – Breaking Israel News

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