Friday, June 30, 2017

"Highway to Zion" Outreach Ministry at CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) in Jerusalem, Cathy Hargett June 2017

"Highway to Zion" Outreach Ministry - Cathy Hargett
- CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) 
Jerusalem, Israel

June 30, 2017
Shalom, Shalom, Friends!

This is a video of one of our service days at CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) in Jerusalem!  

On this day we were working with unloading a truck and stocking the distribution center at CFI - about 1500 boxes!  Check out that assembly line!  

A very blessed thing happened that day - an Orthodox Jewish couple with their baby came by as we were all taking a break outside the facility - they brought us freshly cut watermelon!  You will see them in the video.  

It was so very special as the reputation of CFI is now highly regarded in the neighborhood, even among the Orthodox, for CFI's care and comfort given to Israel.  

One staff member told us that it used to be that rocks were thrown at them and now this sweet expression of appreciation is being given as it has become well known that CFI is what their ministry name says "friends of Israel"!  We were honored to be part of CFI's ministry while we were there.

We did other things at CFI ,too, which we will report on later, such as visiting Holocaust survivors, comforting victims of terror, gardening and restoration at a playground at a local school, and visiting IDF army bases to encourage and support.

Thanks so much to team members, Janelle and Matteah, for providing this video!

Blessings and love in Messiah Yeshua!

Cathy Hargett
Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc.

Cathy Hargett has shared a video with you on YouTube
Highway to Zion Outreach Ministry at CFI in Jerusalem June 2017

Highway to Zion Outreach Ministry at CFI June 2017 - unloading and stocking 1500 boxes into the DC at CFI! We performed other services at CFI, too! But this was hard work and a lot of fun, too! Check out that assembly line! Thank you to team members, Janelle and Matteah for making this video!! All for Yeshua and Zion's sake!



Good job Cathy and crew! Blessing Israel, as always!

Love you (ahava),

Steve & Laurie Martin
Love For His People, Inc.

Your friends in Charlotte, NC - see you at the next Assembly!

A beautiful rose in our front yard. Even the tiny ones are loved and cherished by the Lord. Blossomed and "unblossomed" - yet in the womb.


A beautiful rose in our front yard. 
Even the tiny ones are loved and cherished by the Lord.


  Blossomed and "unblossomed" - yet in the womb.

(Above photos by Steve Martin, Love For His People, June 30, 2017)

Love For His People, Inc. support the unborn and preborn. All are precious in His sight.

Please give monthly as we do to support Lila Rose and Live Action. They are doing a tremendous work is saving lives - babies and mothers - from the abortion mill of Planned Parenthood.

With our love for all,

Steve and Laurie Martin

Love For His People, Inc.
P. O. Box 414
Pineville, NC 28134

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Friday, June 30, 2017
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דברים ו:ו
v’-ha-YU ha-d’-va-REEM ha-AY-leh a-SHER a-no-KHEE m’-tza-v’-KHA ha-YOM al

Shabbat Inspiration

Rashi, the great Torah commentator, asks why Moses said that he was commanding the people the laws of the Torah “today”, if in reality the Torah had been given 38 years prior. He explains that we must always look at the teachings of the Torah as if they are new and exciting, as if they were given today, and not think of them as outdated or relics of the past. If we look for them, there are always new lessons of growth of inspiration to be found in the words of the Torah. The Yeshiva for the Nations is a new and exciting program offered by Israel365 which enables non-Jews to receive an authentic Jewish education to keep in your heart. By signing up for a course through the Yeshiva for the Nations, you are truly fulfilling the word of God by studying his eternal word on "this day".

Abraham's First Conversation with God

The Jewish people can point to the exact moment 3,637 years ago when Jewish history began. It was during the very first conversation between Abraham and God 3 millennia ago that Jewish history was launched.

Zechariah's Prophecy Coming to Life

Jerusalem, circumscribed by walls since it was a tiny hamlet inhabited by Jebusites thousands of years ago, is finally fulfilling its prophesied destiny as an unwalled city – a reality which seemed almost impossible until very modern times.

God's Land

The Torah is more than a book of laws; it is the legacy of the Jewish people. It tells of the creation of a nation chosen to be the emissaries of God. The Torah begins with the story of creation so that there can be no question that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. From the beginning, God intended for the People of Israel to do His holy work from the holy Land of Israel, and that from there their light would emanate. May our study of the Israel Bible strengthen each of our appreciation for the Land of Israel.
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