Monday, June 26, 2017

ISRAEL TODAY - Our July Issue Is Now Available!

Our July Issue Is Now Available!

Monday, June 26, 2017 |  Israel Today Staff
These are completely natural thoughts so don't feel bad about it. We are here to help remind you, impress, sharpen and feel how "God's Word Lives". How much the Land of Israel played an important role since Bible days.
Here is a loving offer, without a huge investment, to join our customer base and enjoy fascinating news each month.
News you will not find anywhere else. News that will connect you directly to the heart of your faith and help you feel connected to the land of miracles and wonders.
For the cost of a cup of coffee a month (around $4.15) you can be part of our community and feel that you belong.
Don't miss out!!
The following are some of the topics exclusive to subscribers in the latest issue!
Israel Is Treated Unfairly
Longing for Israel's Golden Years
Iran's the Real Enemy
Growth of the Body in Jerusalem
Land of Israel played an important role since Bible days
The Last Battle for Jerusalem

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