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Love For His People - moving forward in our 8th year with you. For them.

Aug. 26, 2017

Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear friends of Love For His People,

Saturday, July 1, 2017, was a very special day for me.

Seven years ago on June 30, 2010, I had left the third ministry I had worked for in the past 24 years (this one was Vision for Israel with Barry and Batya Segal, after 14 years at Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda Ministries/All Nations Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and eight years total at Derek Prince Ministries (Ft. Lauderdale and Charlotte), finishing with the last five at VFI. (Some years I split the 40 hour work week between two of them if you are a numbers person counting the years.)

The complete reason in departing my service at VFI was to start a new ministry, co-founded by my good wife Laurie and I. We called it Love For His People (officially formed in April 2010 with our USA non-profit, 501(c)3 approval) - primarily to bless the Jews of Israel, and specifically the believers, those who have come to acknowledge that Yeshua is the Messiah, HaMashiach.

As non-Jews, Gentiles, goyim, Christian Zionists (whatever label we have!), we began the organization/ministry to stand strong for the Jewish state of Israel, Yisrael - the Land of Israel - in this world of nations that continually becomes more anti-Semitic daily. We have been called, as the prophetic word in 2002 was spoken, as a "scepter for Israel."

 With both Laurie and I saved and called to be man and woman in the Lord Jesus Christ, our heart's desire is to do our part in speaking up for those who, for centuries, experienced nothing more than "hate" in the "name of Christ", from so-called Christians. That included Adolf Hitler himself, who used Martin Luther's last completely inerrant days, of non-Scriptural theology, to espouse Replacement Theology. This totally wrong belief that the "church" had replaced Israel as the one receiving the promises of the God of Israel. Today, it continues to be totally inaccurate, both historically and spiritually.

Thus, with these seven years now completed since the start of Love For His People (seven being "completion" in the Lord's number listing), it is similar to the seven ones that King Solomon took to complete the first Jewish Temple on the Mount (in Jerusalem, ISRAEL) centuries ago. As it states in the Torah, "he was seven years in building it." (1 Kings 6:38).

As a side note, this fact alone is proof enough that ALL of Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. The Jews had been given, and on many occasions even bought, the land of Israel they have now returned too.

Western Wall at Temple Mount - May 2017 - Jerusalem, ISRAEL (photo by Steve Martin)

We now begin our 8th year with the ministry of Love For His People, Inc. For students of biblical numerology, eight represents "new beginnings".  I personally sense that this year, 2017-2018, along with my corresponding "official" retirement on December 31, 2017, from my tent-making Accountant position at Charlotte Center City Partners, the ministry is going to a new level, a new platform, a more extensive reach into the nations.

Israel, of course, continues to be the main objective in our support, but we also will be standing with those others who join alongside us in helping Jews make aliyah (return to Israel), speak out for the nation, and appreciate their Jewish roots as believers in Jesus (Yeshua).

Am I excited? You betcha I am! (exposing my Minnesota state of birth lingo...)

We ask you to join us in our continuing efforts.

This ministry, with no staff or paid contractors, sends monthly funds to families in Jerusalem. For some of these, it has been for over seven years now. Consistently. Each month.

Nissim and Hadassah in Jerusalem
- Hadassah has a regular message posted on our blog

We have our Love For His People - Pakistan director in place, Moses Julius, in Lahore.

Moses Julius
Love For His People - Pakistan Director

From the UK, in Northern Ireland, we want to increase our monthly giving to the James Clint family, having just returned from Hungary after a number of years but continues to work to assist Hungarian Jews in making aliyah (immigrating to their homeland).

Jim Clint family in Northern Ireland (UK) - June 2017

Our pastor friend John Ebenezer in Mucherla, Andhra Pradesh, India continues to receive the contributions given through this ministry, for the past seven years, for his exceptional labors of love. He has the most amazing apostolic ministry I have personally witnessed myself in Inda, as he raises up new believers, pastors, and builds church structures among the high-density Hindu and Muslim population.

Pastor John Ebenezer from India - his first trip to Israel 2013
On our Love for His People - Ahava Adventures - ministry trips

Monthly giving goes to CBN News (Pat Robertson) to support the Jerusalem office with head Chief Bureau Chris Mitchell, Julie Stahl, Katherine Joseph, and others.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News-Jerusalem Chief Bureau with his new book (May 2017 Jerusalem, ISRAEL)

Our daily blog Love For His People also features my messages Now Think On This, which then are posted to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. These messages are then printed into books (15 as of this date) on various encouraging and uplifting subjects.
Our Love For His People blog regularly shares Messianic news posted by Israel Today, with Aviel Schneider, Russ Jones, and team. Other news and prophetic ministry outlets, CharismaNews, Breaking Israel News, Israel365, The Elijah List, are reposted to give you the truth, current events and relevant articles to help you grow in spirit, soul, and body.

Israel Today Editor - Aviel Schneider (Jerusalem, May 2013)

Our YouTube channel (Steve Martin) has 1054 videos (several dozens recorded by myself in Israel over 14 trips) with over 645 subscribers; Twitter accounts, including (Steve Martin@Martinlighthous) have tweets that have gone out more than 44K at this point in time.

YouTube channel, with over 1040 videos.

Please excuse my numbers chant - I am an accountant by trade!

Again, we ask you to now join us in weekly, monthly or annual donation support. Our new association with Mobile Cause out of Los Angeles has made it very simple, safe and secure for you to do now online. Either use this link below or the Donate button on the right side column of our blog.

Here: Love For His People blog

We have been blessed by the Lord Jesus, and we would love to have you join us in blessing His chosen people.

With our shalom (peace) and ahava (love),

Steve and Laurie Martin
Love For His People, Inc.
Home bookcase with published books. All available on Amazon and Kindle.

14th book, published in May 2017
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Just published June 2017
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We appreciate your support.  This ministry blesses you as you become a blessing to the nations 
that our Lord loves and died for.
(Genesis 12:3)

Checks can be sent to:

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Questions? E-mail Steve Martin at

Steve at the Camel Ranch near Eilat, Israel 2009


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