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Netanyahu Warns Russia Israel will Strike Iran; Israel and Poland Agree to Jointly Write Holocaust Bill - World Israel News

World Israel News
Netanyahu Warns Putin: Israel Ready to Act Against Iran         

Israel, Poland Agree to Jointly Formulate Holocaust Bill

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Jim CLINT FAMILY UPDATE: Supporting the Aliyah of the Jewish people - Feb. 2018 Northern Ireland

Supporting the Aliyah of the Jewish people
Feb. 2018
Northern Ireland

For if the Gentiles have shared in their spiritual blessings, they also ought to serve them in material blessings. Romans 15:27 (Tree of Life Version)


We praise the LORD for His faithfulness. We’ve been very busy recently, especially with the Aid to Israel program collection of second hand clothing for needy Jewish immigrants arriving to Israel. Paul makes it very clear in Romans 15;27 that the non-Jewish believers in Yeshua the Messiah have received spiritual blessings from the Jewish people, namely our salvation. Paul goes on to say that non-Jews ought to bless the Jewish people with material blessings! 

The Aid to Israel program seeks to bless poverty stricken Jewish immigrants with their material needs upon arriving to Israel. Please keep these dear folks in your prayers, pray also for us as we will be used for the LORD’s glory in these days. Pray also for the provision of better suited vehicle for picking up aid.


The LORD has laid it upon my heart to form a congregation dedicated to teaching the Word of God, and encouraging believers to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. I founded Tree of Life Congregation here in Northern Ireland in early December 2017. 

We are committed to supporting Jewish Aliyah from the countries of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and other nations where needy Jewish people need help. As we see a rise in antisemitism all over the word there’s an urgent need to help needy Jewish people home, helping them materially. We are one of the few congregations in the UK & Ireland which openly support Jewish Aliyah. Please have a look at our website and get in touch with us, it would be an encouragement to hear for you.


The LORD has been opening up speaking opportunities in Churches in both the UK and Ireland. Please pray that those who hear will be given a heart to pray for, and support the Jewish people in their time of need.

Blessings in Yeshua Messiah,
The Jim Clint family


Ezra UK Website -

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Mobile  07561397224

LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE sends regular monthly financial support to the Jim Clint family, as they are assisting Jews in making aliyah (immigrating to Israel.) Those in the USA can send funds to them through our website contribution. Please use the DONATE button on this blog's side columns or the tab at the top.

Love For His People, Inc. Give your online contribution here.

Checks from the USA can be sent to:

Love For His People, Inc.
P.O. Box 414
Pineville, NC 28134

Christians plant trees in Israel’s biblical heartland. Israel365

Orly Gibson (Israel365 photo)

For Tu B’Shevat: Planting for Prayer
Christians plant trees in Israel’s biblical heartland

January 31, 2018 ---------- More than 100 Christians from around the world donated upwards of $10,000 in the two days leading up to Tu B’Shevat – the Jewish birthday of the trees – to “plant trees in the holy land and be blessed,” according to Tuly Weisz, founder and CEO of Israel365, whose charity fund spearheaded these efforts.

On January 30, the day before Israel marked the birthday of the trees with dried fruit ceremonies, Weisz and a small team of Jewish and Christian supporters planted olive trees in the West Bank settlement of Bat Ayin and the Jewish section of Hebron.

“Our Christian tree donors are not only looking to help fulfill biblical prophecy, but to strengthen the Jewish presence throughout the land of Israel,” said Weisz. “The orchards we planted in Bat Ayin are stopping the Palestinian land grab and fortifying the Jewish communities in Gush Etzion. The trees we planted at Maharat HaMachpela [the Cave of the Patriarchs] strengthen our roots in a place that Bible believers hold so dear.”

The Christian donors were told that the rabbi would pray for and bless them during the tree planting ceremonies. He not only did that, he allowed them to see it for themselves by broadcasting it on Facebook Live.

When Evangelical Christians started giving money to Israel 35 years ago, their money was not always welcomed, because their motives were questioned.

Today, however, it is widely accepted – and even celebrated – by the Israeli government that Christian Zionists pour hundreds of millions of dollars toward Israeli causes each year, including for settlement expansion. A 2009 report by National Public Radio said Christian Zionists are raising millions of dollars for the settlements, which critics view as an obstacle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

These Christian Zionists, however, see it as their religious obligation to “bless those who bless you,” as it states in Genesis 12.

“Tears welled up in my eyes and I bowed my head down in prayer,” said Beth Madras, a Christian Zionist supporter from New York, about seeing her name read at the planting on Facebook. “I love Israel and Jerusalem with all my heart, and I pray for the people every day…I will be sure to do this year after year after year.”

The fascinating story behind King David's conquest of Jerusalem - Israel Video Network

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Experts decipher ancient secret in second to last scroll.

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