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Ahava Love Band - Messianic worship music videos from One New Man with Warren Marcus and Highway To Zion with Cathy Hargett (Charlotte, NC)

Ahava Love Band - Steve & Laurie Martin
with Ron Bown on drums, Wane Daroux on bass
One New Man with Warren Marcus
Sept. 2013 in Charlotte, NC

We appreciated our time we had together as the Ahava Love Band - a Messianic worship team. Above is one recording, using one camera, of one final set in Sept. 2013 during the One New Man meeting led by Warren Marcus in Charlotte NC.

Band members: Steve & Laurie Martin (lead singers); Ron Bowen (drums), Wane Daroux (bass) Patty Paquette (keyboard & vocal) and Tom Fahey (guitar.)

Songs included on the list that night were "Lord God of Abraham", "Kadosh", "We Will Dance".

Be blessed as you worship the Lord God of Israel along with us!

Ahava (love in Hebrew),

Steve Martin
Love For His People

Below are other photos of the Ahava Love Band, at different times thougout the years - including Little Big Eagle (bass), Gid Anthony (guitar) and Toni Bogart (keyboard and vocals)

Another time at One New Man gathering with Warren Marcus in Charlotte
(Sorry for the low light! But it was a great high and holy night!)

 Many good memories at the HIGHTWAY TO ZION assemblies 
hosted by founder Cathy Hargett.

 (left to right: Gid Anthony, Laurie Martin, Ron Bowen, 
Steve Martin, Wane Daroux, Patty Paquette)

Little Deer and Little Big Eagle


Highway To Zion assembly
Cathy Hargett, Founder
Raintree Country Club
Charlotte, NC 
Aug. 2013


Here is a recording of 
"Arms of Love" - from 1999 
All Nations Church in Charlotte, NC.
(with Little Big Eagle - bass, Ron Bowen - drums, 
Patty McPherson - vocal, 
John Kirwin - electric guitar, Bob Smith, acoustic guitar))

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We often hear the word “love” spoken out loud, and written about, in many ways. It has contrasting meanings to the wide range of people that exist, as it is expressed in different methods through people. When it has all been said and done, there is an eternal love that will stand the test of fire. Because the biblical expression of love, laying down one’s life for his friends, has eternal value, this love from God the Father to His creation is the type that I most seek after and try to share. 

In these short chapters of Arms of Love, which is also the title of a song Laurie and I sang while leading various church worship meetings, and as the lead singers in our Ahava Love Band, I share some aspects of how I believe the Bible speaks of love. For you who are about to read this, my prayer is that your heart will be enlarged with His, and you too will become one, even more, to give love for His people, both Jew and Gentile, both saved and unsaved.

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Steve Martin 

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And yes, more recordings of the AHAVA LOVE BAND can be found on YouTube. Use the link for our LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE  channel below.

Click here and search for: Ahava Love Band

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