Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Subra Family Reunion in Winona, Minnesota - seven siblings and their children

Subra reunion in Winona, MN July 27, 2013

On July 27, 2013, the Subra family of Everett Willard Subra and Lucy J. Yarwood Subra (both have passed on) held their annual reunion in Winona, MN. Of the original nine siblings, seven were there. These were Doris, Violet, Lavonne, Lila (my Mom), Glen, Lorraine (the reunion host this year), and Loren.

Roger Subra has passed on (but his wife Marliyn, daughter Cheryl and son Jim were there) and Irene, the oldest, was unable to attend.

In this video, each sibling had their children, who were present with them, to come and stand with them for photo opportunities.

Videos filmed and shared by Steve Martin - to give appreciation to and love for those we support, through Love For His People, Inc

Tom, Mom and Steve

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