Saturday, November 16, 2013

BO RUACH ELOHIM - בא רוח הקודש - Come Holy Spirit music

YouTube: Bo Ruach Elohim

Lyrics: Hebrew: 

Bo Ruach Elohim, 
u'male et nafshi. 
Hadrech otanu k'yeladim 
rak b'cha anu chafetzim. 
Anachnu mazminim otcha lavo

Lyrics: English: 

Come, Holy Spirit, come. 
Come and fill us now. 
For You are welcome in this place. 
Show Your mercy and Your grace. 
Come and fill us, Holy Spirit come. 

Baruch haba, baruch haba Ruach Elohim
Baruch haba, baruch haba Welcome Spirit of God.
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Thanks! and God bless you!

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