Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Blessed Man, 'Tis I

I am a blessed man...

To have two fathers in heaven who love me 
- my heavenly Father and my Dad.

To have a Savior who has forgiven me of my sins, 
and loves all as no other can.

For having my Mom for over 59 years now, 
who cheers me on. And with Bill too.

To have a good wife for 36 years, and counting.
My helpmate through and through.

For my four adult children, their spouses, 
and our six grandchildren... 
whom they are now raising
 in a godly manner.

For having many brothers and sisters too. 
One right after another!

Giving thanks for Laurie's Mom Lorraine, 
and good sister Linda.
And remembering Otto, my father-in-law, 
a godly man, what a wonder.

I am a blessed man, 
to have faithful friends 
who stand with you, 
while others have 
come and gone.

Such as these, Peter & Joy Wyns,
who held us up in transition times, 
when ministry desires seemed thin.

For worldwide bonds 
in Israel, 
Canada, the UK; 
and even far beyond.

Daily I see His 
purposes and plans 
being worked out here. 
Accomplished they are!

For these I give thanks 
to the Lord on High;
A blessed man, 'tis I.


Steve Martin
Nov. 23, 2013

And for our pet Dachshund Zoe, 
who loves her daddy too!

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Steve Martin
Love For His People
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