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Beautiful night scene on Jerusalem's walls - Israel365 photo

Upon your walls, 

O Jerusalem, 

have I posted guardians

all day and all night, 


they will never be silent.

ISAIAH (62:6)

עַל חוֹמֹתַיִךְ יְרוּשָׁלִַם הִפְקַדְתִּי שֹׁמְרִים

 כָּל הַיּוֹם וְכָל הַלַּיְלָה תָּמִיד לֹא יֶחֱשׁוּ

ישעיהו סב:ו

al khoe-moe-ta-YEEKH ye-roo-sha-la-YEEM
heef-ka-de-TEE shome-REEM
kole ha-YOME ve-KOLE ha-lie-
LA ta-MEED loe ye-khe-SHOO

Jerusalem Dateline - Chris Mitchell, CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief

Jerusalem Dateline: 

Mysteries of the 

Land of Israel

From the discovery of the 
"Copper Scroll" to the search 
for the location of the Ark of 
the Covenant, 
Jerusalem Dateline 
explores some of the 
mysteries of the land 
of Israel.
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Exclusive Video Content from the TV Miniseries "The Bible"

Exclusive Video Content from the TV Miniseries The Bible

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Battle in the Heavens! - Christmas music on 91.9!

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(This will give the enemy something to scream about.)
Steve Martin
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Why Celebrating Halloween Is Dangerous - Kimberly Daniels

Kid in mask
Should your family celebrate Halloween?
Editor's Note: We realize this article by Kimberly Daniels is controversial. It reflects her own personal views—based on her many years of ministering to people involved in the occult. We have chosen to post another column by Ken Eastburn that offers a different view of Halloween. We welcome our readers to post comments on that article as well. 
Halloween—Oct. 31—is considered a holiday in the United States. In fact, it rivals Christmas with regard to how widely celebrated it is. Stores that sell only Halloween-related paraphernalia open up a few months before the day and close shortly after it ends. But is Halloween a holiday Christians should observe?
The word holiday means "holy day." But there is nothing holy about Halloween. The root word ofHalloween is hallow, which means "holy, consecrated and set apart for service." If this holiday is hallowed, whose service is it set apart for? The answer to that question is very easy—Lucifer's!
Lucifer is a part of the demonic godhead. Remember, everything God has, the devil has a counterfeit. Halloween is a counterfeit holy day that is dedicated to celebrating the demonic trinity of the Luciferian spirit (the false Father), the Antichrist spirit (the false Holy Spirit) and the spirit of Belial (the false Son).
The key word in discussing Halloween is dedicated. It is dedicated to darkness and is an accursed season. During Halloween, time-released curses are always loosed. A time-released curse is a period that has been set aside to release demonic activity and to ensnare souls in great measure.
You may ask, "Doesn't God have more power than the devil?" Yes, but He has given that power to us. If we do not walk in it, we will become the devil's prey. Witchcraft works through dirty hearts and wrong spirits.
During this period, demons are assigned against those who participate in the rituals and festivities. These demons are automatically drawn to the fetishes that open doors for them to come into the lives of human beings. For example, most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches.
I do not buy candy during the Halloween season. Curses are sent through the tricks and treats of the innocent, whether they get it by going door to door or by purchasing it from the local grocery store. The demons cannot tell the difference.
Even the colors of Halloween (orange, brown and dark red) are dedicated. These colors are connected to the fall equinox, which is around the 20th or 21st of September each year and is sometimes called "Mabon." During this season, witches are celebrating the changing of the seasons from summer to fall. They give praise to the gods for the demonic harvest. They pray to the gods of the elements (air, fire, water and earth).
Mother Earth is highly celebrated during the fall demonic harvest. Witches praise Mother Earth by bringing her fruits, nuts and herbs. Demons are loosed during these acts of worship. When nice church folk lay out their pumpkins on the church lawn, fill their baskets with nuts and herbs, and fire up their bonfires, the demons get busy. They have no respect for the church grounds. They respect only the sacrifice and do not care if it comes from believers or nonbelievers.
Gathering around bonfires is a common practice in pagan worship. As I remember, the bonfires I attended during homecoming week when I was in high school were always in the fall. I am amazed at how we ignorantly participate in pagan, occult rituals.
The gods of harvest the witches worship during their fall festivals are the Corn King and the Harvest Lord. The devil is too stupid to understand that Jesus is the Lord of the harvest 365 days a year. But we cannot be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. When we pray, we bind the powers of the strong men that people involved in the occult worship.
Halloween is much more than a holiday filled with fun and tricks or treats. It is a time for the gathering of evil that masquerades behind the fictitious characters of Dracula, werewolves, mummies and witches on brooms. The truth is that these demons that have been presented as scary cartoons actually exist. I have prayed for witches who are addicted to drinking blood and howling at the moon.
While the lukewarm and ignorant think of these customs as just harmless fun, the vortexes of hell release new assignments against souls. Witches take pride in laughing at the ignorance of natural men (those who ignore the spirit realm).
Decorating buildings with Halloween scenes, dressing up for parties, going door to door for candy, standing around bonfires and highlighting pumpkin patches are all acts rooted in entertaining familiar spirits. All these activities are demonic and have occult roots.
The word occult means "secret." The danger of Halloween is not in the scary things we see but in the secret, wicked, cruel activities that go on behind the scenes. These activities include:
  • Sex with demons
  • Orgies between animals and humans
  • Animal and human sacrifices
  • Sacrificing babies to shed innocent blood
  • Rape and molestation of adults, children and babies
  • Revel nights
  • Conjuring of demons and casting of spells
  • Release of time-released curses against the innocent and the ignorant
Another abomination that goes on behind the scenes of Halloween is necromancy, or communication with the dead. Séances and contact with spirit guides are very popular on Halloween, so there is a lot of darkness lurking in the air.
However, Ephesians 1:19-21 speaks of the authority of the believer and the exceeding greatness of God's power in us (the same power that raised Christ from the dead). The passage goes on to say Jesus is seated in heavenly places far above all principalities, power, might, dominions and every name that is named. The good news is that because we are seated in heavenly places with Jesus, the same demonic activity that is under His feet is under our feet too!
People who worship the devil continue to attempt to lift him up. But he has already been cast out and down! Many are blinded to this fact, but the day will come when all will know he has been defeated once and for all.
When we accept Jesus but refuse to renounce Satan and his practices, we are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm—and the Word says God will spit us out of His mouth. The problem with lukewarm is that it attempts to mix the things of the devil with the things of God. It is God's desire that we serve Him alone.
Second Corinthians 6:15 asks the question, "And what agreement has Christ with Belial?" As believers, we need to answer that question in our hearts. We must avoid the very appearance of evil. I would not want a demon spirit to mistake me for an occult worshipper.
There is no doubt in my heart that God is not calling us to replace fall festivals and Halloween activities; rather, He wants us to utterly destroy the deeds of this season. If you or your family members have opened the door to any curses that are released during the demonic fall festivals, renounce them and repent. I already have. Then declare with me: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"
Kimberly Daniels is a sought-after conference speaker and preacher. She is the founder of Kimberly Daniels Ministries International (, Spoken Word Ministries—the church she pastors in Jacksonville, Fla., with her husband, Ardell—A Child of the King Learning Center and Word Bible College. Kim is a recognized prophetic voice as well as the author of several books, including Prayers That Bring Change.

Dutch Sheets: Let Only God Define Your Destiny

Dutch Sheets:
Let Only God Define Your Destiny

It has been said that one of our great purposes in life is to give birth to ourselvesWe have to find the purpose for which God created us, and allow Him to give birth to it. Along the way, we must be very careful about what we allow to define us.

Throughout my life, I've had my fair lot of heart-wrenching situations, including the loss of loved ones, abandonment, rejection, and betrayal from those whom I thought were trustworthy friends. The list goes on and on. Each of those circumstances tried to paralyze me and imprison me, defining my destiny. But, each time, God broke in, offering me a way to freedom.

Facing Giants

Every time you are faced with a giant of opposition, you must decide whether you will allow God—or the giant—define who you are and what you will become.

In recent months, the Lord has had me teach several times on David and Goliath. I've become intrigued with the fact that the name Goliath means "expose; reveal." When the impious Philistine giant came against the nation of Israel, the cowardice of Saul and the Israelites was exposed, while the courageous, warrior heart of David was revealed.

Life's giants expose our hearts and character, revealing who we are. When we face crisis, trials or opposition, those circumstances either reveal and amplify the greatness of God within us, or expose our weaknesses.

When God's greatness within you is revealed, run toward the giant with whatever stones God has placed in your hand

And when your eyes are opened to the weaknesses that lie within, you are presented with great opportunity to be made strong in Him (2 Corinthians 12:9-11; Philippians 4:13).

ElijahList Prophetic Resources

When we position ourselves with the Lord, circumstances around us lose their power to paralyze and imprison us. His love and power strengthen us. 

If we humbly yield to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, in time we can overcome our weaknesses, conquer our giant, and take hold of the inheritance provided by God (Hebrews 9:13-14;13:20-21).

Let Only God Define You and Your Destiny

You don't have to let divorce, rejection, disappointment, disability, or any other impious giant define you. The power of the past to dominate your present and determine your future, is broken by the Blood of Christ.

Choose to be forward-focused and not past-possessed. Profit from the past, invest in the future. 

Let those mountains of opposition become stepping stones toward your destiny.

Know that when the enemy had you pinned to the mat, and people were counting you out, God was making you into a Joseph, an Esther, a Paul—for such a time as this! Allow those heart-wrenching circumstances to shape you into who God has called you to be. 

Let only God define you and your destiny.

Don't rob us of the amazing you God made! He deposited something in you we need. You are pre-destined by God to do amazing things. He is calling you to rise up out of the ashes of opposition, face your giants with bold faith, and cross over into your destiny!

How will you respond to that which is revealed when giants take the stage?

Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries

Email: click here

Dutch Sheets is an internationally known speaker and was recently named the Executive Director of Christ for the Nations Institute. Dutch is a successful author who has written many books including the best-seller Intercessory Prayer and his recent book, Dream. Dutch travels extensively, empowering Believers for passionate prayer and world-changing revival. Dutch and his wife, Ceci, reside in Dallas, Texas.
Website: Elijah List

Something Is About to Change - David Ravenhill (Identity Network)

Something Is About to Change By David Ravenhill

David Ravenhill

For almost 50 years of ministry, I have heard the prophetic community tell us we are on the verge of something new. They use terms like a new anointing, new alignment, new generation, new move, a new season, change is coming, there is a shift in the heavenlies and God is about to do a new thing. Others have told us God is raising up a new company. I don't recall how many new companies I've heard about over the past 50 years. There have been at least a dozen or more that come to mind.

This growing chorus of change seems to be getting louder and louder. However, by the time one word regarding change is given, another has already replaced it.

This all begs the question: Are these genuine words or just the earnest desire of those longing for some type of recognition in the prophetic community? While the answer may well be yes to both of these possibilities, there is also a third one to consider.

Just the other day, I was reading Paul's letter to the Romans where he tells us, "The anxious longing of creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God. ... For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now" (Rom. 8:19, 22, NASB). Not only does Paul tell us that all of creation is in labor, but he goes on to state,"And not only this, but also we ourselves … groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies" (v. 23.)

I believe what we are hearing from our prophetic brethren is the groaning and longing of those who yearn for the fullness of God's purpose to be revealed. This deep longing is being expressed through them in a variety of ways and words. They are feeling and sensing what creation is going through and can sympathize and identify with it. While not content to settle for things the way they are, they are voicing their frustration and longing through these cries of change.

Does God Change His Mind?

I have never held to the belief that God is forever updating and changing His plans as though His former plans were failing. It has always troubled me to hear that God is about to do something new, which implies He wasn't doing it that way before.

Take, for instance, "a new anointing for evangelism." Does that mean all of a sudden God has had a change of mind regarding the lost? I don't think so! His longing to seek and save the lost has no variation whatsoever.

There is no doubt in my mind that we, along with the rest of creation, have not yet fully seen all that God has prepared for us. While I don't pretend to know all that is implied by Paul's phrase "the sons of God," I do know that it is not a new company that will proudly strut their spiritual superiority before the rest of the body of Christ.

The day is rapidly dawning in which we will see all our longings, desires and groanings realized, which will be "the redemption of our bodies." The birth pangs are definitely intensifying and becoming more frequent with each passing day.

Until that day, let's patiently bear with those who can't fully articulate what they are feeling other than to say, "I'm sensing something is about to change."

David Ravenhill
Welcome Home
Receiving the Father's Forgiveness and Acceptance
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By David Ravenhill
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J. Lee Grady - "The Sign of a True Apostle (It’s Not What You Think)"

Fire in My Bones, by J. Lee Grady

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Mens conference
What are the characteristics of a true apostle? (VitalyVitorsky)
A few years ago I heard a preacher tell a room full of ministers that they couldn’t work miracles or exercise apostolic authority unless they used the word apostle as a title. So some of them ran out and printed new business cards—as if putting the word in front of their names was the magic ticket to reclaiming New Testament power.
That was a bad idea. For the past 15 years or more, thousands of people have been wounded and countless churches have nosedived because immature leaders thought they could gain apostolic status the easy way. We are so eager to qualify ourselves that we forget God alone calls, prepares and sends true apostles.
The late Arthur Katz, who was a prophetic voice to our movement for many years, wrote in his 1999 book Apostolic Foundations that nobody should be eager to step into an apostolic assignment or to treat such a task flippantly. “God is jealous over the word apostolic,” Katz wrote. “It is a word that has fallen into disuse and needs to be restored, and that restoration is not going to be cheap.”
We are so carnal, so power hungry and so enamored with status and position that we don’t have a clue what apostolic ministry really is. Most charismatics think it is about authority, and many men who claim to be apostles build top-down pyramid structures that abuse people. Others think apostolic leaders are marked primarily by sensational miracles. Yet I see something we have entirely missed when I look at the life of the apostle Paul. 
Paul told the Thessalonians that love is the true hallmark of any person who is sent on an apostolic mission. Therefore, if we want apostolic power or authority (which we should), it must flow through apostolic love or it is a counterfeit. This apostolic love can be described in four ways:
1. It is incarnational. Paul brought the gospel to the Thessalonians and lived among them. He did not just drop in, preach a good sermon and leave. He said, “We were well-pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives” (1 Thess. 2:8, NASB, emphasis added). Just as Jesus came to this earth, lived among us and died for us, true apostles give it all. If all an “apostle” does is preach a good message, he is a poor substitute for the real thing. (And if he also spends more time taking up offerings for himself, he is a hireling or a con artist.)
2. It is sacrificial. Paul risked his neck in Thessalonica, and then he told his followers that he would “suffer affliction” from his persecutors (1 Thess. 3:4). But he loved them so much that he prayed for them continually, and he longed to visit them again even though he knew it would be risky. He never mentions money. In fact, when he was with the Thessalonian church, he worked night and day “so as not to be a burden to any of [them]” (1 Thess. 2:9). That flies in the face of modern apostles who charge $1,000 an hour for their consulting fees. 
3. It is relational. The word brethren appears in 1 Thessalonians 17 times. That’s because Paul viewed the church as the family of God. He saw himself in the role of a gentle, nursing mother (1 Thess. 2:7) as well as a strong father (v. 11). Paul’s affection is so thick and so slobbery that it drips off the page of his letter. He says the members of the church “have become very dear” to them (v. 8) and that they “also long to see [them]” (3:6). It’s no surprise that he ends the epistle by exhorting the people to greet one another with "a holy kiss” (5:26).
What has happened to this kind of holy affection in today’s church? Why are we so disconnected? We have replaced deep relationships with cold professionalism. Many pastors have not been properly fathered, so they don’t know how to love—nor do they have close friends. So we cover our dysfunction with busyness. We work, work, work—while sterile, loveless congregations struggle to grow. We use gimmicks and programs to get people in seats because our love is not warm enough to attract people to Jesus.
4. It is confrontational. Paul was not seeker-sensitive. He did not hesitate to confront sin. He gave the Thessalonians one of the most frank, forthright sermons on sexual sin ever written (1 Thess. 4:1-8). But he confronted them as a loving father by emploring them to stay within their God-given boundaries. He didn’t use anger, manipulation, domination or threats. He led with strong, apostolic love.
I believe God wants to pour out a new wave of apostolic power on our generation. But we can’t be trusted with this anointing if we refuse to grow up. We will have the maturity to use the word apostolicwhen we learn to walk in the love that was modeled by the first apostles.
J. Lee Grady is the former editor of Charisma and the director of the Mordecai Project ( You can follow him on Twitter at @leegrady. He is the author of The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale and other books.

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The Father

The Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) 

reveals to us Jesus 

(Yeshua HaMashiach). 

Jesus shows us the Father (Abba) 

and the Father then shows us the way,

being He is the Good Father.

God of all. 

Get to know your Father. 

Steve Martin

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Israel Today - "Israel to Ramp Up Building in Jerusalem"

Israel to Ramp Up Building in Jerusalem

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 |  Israel Today Staff  
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu early Wednesday morning announced a major increase in Jewish building projects in Jerusalem.
The announcement came just hours after Netanyahu had freed 26 blood-soaked Palestinian terrorists as a "peace gesture." The new building projects were themselves seen as a gesture to the Israeli public that had so opposed the release of jailed murderers.
The new building plans are to include an additional 1,500 housing units in the neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo in north-eastern Jerusalem, a large new visitors' center at the City of David archaeological park outside the Old City, and a new national park on the slopes of Mt. Scopus.

Ramat Shlomo was at the center of a rift in Israel-US relations in 2010when the municipality announced new building tenders there during a visit by US Vice President Joe Biden. Washington supports the Palestinian claim to the eastern half of Jerusalem.
The City of David archaeological park is situated in the volatile Arab neighborhood of Silwan, another local flash point, and the new park on Mt. Scopus will reportedly prevent the expansion of nearby Arab neighborhoods.
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