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Biblical Preppers: How to Ready Your Family for the End of Days

Preppers and the Redemption: How to Ready Your Family for What Lies Ahead

“Guard yourself and watch your soul very well.” (Deuteronomy 4:9)
With the recent stock market slumpthe dangerous Iran deal, the end of the shmittah year and the final blood moon coinciding, preppers, also known as survivalists, can look to the Bible just in case things get worse before they get better.
Preppers are people who actively prepare for local, national and international emergencies. They were once thought of as conspiracy theorist crazies stocking up hundreds of cans of beans and dozens of rounds of ammunition. Today, preppers are gaining credibility in the increasingly chaotic world in which we live.
Preparation is nothing new to the Jewish people. The Israelite slaves prepared for the exodus from Egypt by taking a year-old lamb into their homes on the 10th of the Hebrew month of Nisan and slaughtering it on the 14th day (Exodus 12:3-6). The Jews prepared for three days at the foot of Mount Sinai in advance of receiving the Torah (Exodus 19:15). And today, Sabbath observant Jews prepare in advance each week for the Sabbath.
If it’s prudent to be prepared, what are some reasonable acts average people can take to ready themselves for what might be coming, as the possible End of Days approaches?
Most people think of food and water first. Water is critical and should be the first thing you store. Calculate a gallon (4 liters) of water per person per day. For most people, that’s going to take a lot of space. As an example, you would need 18 six-packs of 2-liter bottles of water for a family of four for two weeks.
The end is near. Are you ready?
Although recommendations vary from three days to six months, typical advice is to have two weeks worth of canned or other non-perishable food, such as peanut butter, dried fruit, nuts and seeds set aside for emergency use. Honey doesn’t spoil and some people suggest having salt as part of your emergency food kit.
What about cash? Depending on your cash flow, it’s good to keep cash in small bills in a safe place, because banks and ATMs may shut down. Food and fuel shortages could also cause sharp increases in prices.
Fuel could turn out to be life-saving. Keep your car’s fuel tank full and consider storing extra gasoline if you have a way to do so safely. Consider purchasing a generator and definitely keep candles with matches and lighters in your prep kit.
Other things to consider including with your household preparation kit – essential medications, basic first aid supplies and toilet paper. If you live in Israel, it’s important to make sure your gas masks are up to date and are the right size for children.
None of these suggestions are intended to cause alarm and are prudent steps most anyone can take. If you research prepping, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the number of things that are possible to do to prepare. Don’t get caught up in apocalyptic scenarios.
Bottom line, take reasonable precautions and have faith, along with having a Bible, a prayer book and other religious articles at the ready.


The Truth Behind That Viral IDF Soldier Photo

The Truth Behind That Viral IDF Soldier Photo

Monday, August 31, 2015 |  Ryan Jones  ISRAEL TODAY
Over the weekend a photo of an armed IDF soldier holding a young Palestinian boy in a headlock went viral on the Internet and was the lead story on major media websites like CNN.
The problem, as is often the case, is that the likes of CNN left a LOT out of the story, and in so doing used the photo to paint a picture of the situation and of Israeli soldiers in general that bore very little resemblance to reality.
One of the few facts CNN and others go right is that the incident occurred in a place called Nabi Saleh. What you weren’t told is that the residents of Nabi Saleh hold a weekly violent demonstration against the nearby Jewish community of Halamish.
Every week for the past several years at least, IDF soldiers show up to make sure the Nabi Saleh rioters don’t get too close to to Halamish.
That’s right, this has been happening every Friday for years, but you never hear about it, because typically nothing of note happens.
But that doesn’t stop photographers from the international media pitching up week after week in hopes of catching the next juicy shot of perceived Israeli abuses. And the residents of Nabi Saleh are only too happy to do their best in helping achieve that goal.
In fact, some of the residents of Nabi Saleh are already well known, and have adoring fans abroad. They are proper actors on the “Pallywood” stage.
Take for instance Ahed Tamimi, seen in the most recent photos taking a bite out of the IDF soldier in question. Tamimi and her parents, Bassem and Nariman, are habitual rioters.
In 2012, Tamimi gained notoriety when she was filmed trying to provoke a violent response from IDF soldiers. Soon after, she was invited to Istanbul to be given the Handala Award for Courage by Turkish President Erdoğan.
For years, the Tamimi family and their co-rioters were experiencing something of a dry spell. But they struck gold on Friday when an IDF soldier sent to play peacekeeper at the weekly demonstration got separated from his unit.
Immediately, the young boy in the photos began incessantly stoning the soldier, who responded by grabbing him. The Tamimis and others pounced and delivered a severe and humiliating beating to the soldier, all as the media photographers eagerly snapped as many shots as they could.
Another important fact left out of the stories at CNN and elsewhere is that not once during the entire ordeal did the soldier in question threaten to use his weapon against the assailants.
Ironically, it was Arab readers who had seen the article and photos on the website of Al Jazeera that first and most notably picked up on this.
“Note how although he had a weapon, and although he is a soldier of the Zionist entity, he did not shoot him in the head. Imagine the same thing [happening] in Arab countries, how our people would have acted,” wrote a commenter named Osama, as translated into Hebrew by Israeli Facebook user Shay Ket.
Another named Tita pointed out that “if it had happened in Egypt, they would have shot that boy with live ammunition instead of being so considerate.”
In short, these photos that our august media gatekeepers thought so important as to make international headline news were ultimately “much ado about nothing.”
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NUMBERS (28:11)

וּבְרָאשֵׁי חָדְשֵׁיכֶם--תַּקְרִיבוּ עֹלָה, לַיהוָה  פָּרִים בְּנֵי-בָקָר שְׁנַיִם וְאַיִל אֶחָד כְּבָשִׂים בְּנֵי-שָׁנָה שִׁבְעָה תְּמִימִם

במדבר כח:יא

u-v'-ra-shay khod-shay-khem tak-ree-vu o-lah la-do-nai pa-reem b'-nay va-kar sh'-na-yeem v'-a-yil e-khad k'-va-seem b'-nay sha-nah shiv-ah t'-mee-mim

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A Rabbi Leads the Way in Uniting Jews and Christians

Christians and Jews have had a rocky 2,000-year history. But that’s changed as evangelicals and religious Jews have worked to find common ground. One of the pioneers in that effort is Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. Meet Rabbi Eckstein and hear what he has to say about Jewish-Christian relations!

"The Time of Redemption Has Come": Prophetic Perspectives on the Iran Deal

US lawmakers have only a few weeks left to decide the fate of the Iran nuclear deal. While it remains unclear whether Iran will be officially allowed to keep its nuclear program, the Bible offers some prophetic perspectives on the ultimate outcome of the accord and its implications for Israel and the Jewish nation.

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Israel's History - a Picture a Day - Why Was a Nazi Flag Flying from a Jerusalem Hotel in the 1930s?

Israel's History - a Picture a Day (Beta)

Posted: 30 Aug 2015 

We recently published pictures from the British Library's Endangered Archives Programincluding this incredible picture of Jaffa Gate of Jerusalem's Old City which we have dated to the mid-1890s. Only in 1898 was the wall near Jaffa Gate breached so that carriages could drive into the city.

Jaffa Gate and A(braham) Fast's restaurant.  (Debbas Collection, British Library)

We wanted to know more about the store on the left with the sign "A Fast. Restauranteur."  Was this a tourist establishment of Abraham Fast, who in 1907 took over a large hotel several hundred meters to the west of the building pictured above and renamed it "Hotel Fast?"

German troops marching in Jerusalem on Good Friday, 
April 6, 1917. The building on the left is 
the Fast Hotel. (Imperial War Museum, UK)

It was a leading hotel with 100 rooms, built around a court yard with Ionic, Corinthian and Doric columns.

Hotel Fast and its kosher restaurant was a well-known establishment in Jerusalem for decades, and was probably considered by many to be a Jewish-owned establishment because of its Jewish clientele.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Fasts were German Templers.

The German consulate in the Fast Hotel, 1933. 
(Wikimedia, Tamar Hayardeni)

They lived in Jerusalem's German Colony and were exiled by the British after World War I and during World War II because of their support for Germany.

We recently uncovered pictures of German troops marching in Jerusalem streets on Good Friday 1917. Readers were able to identify the building on the left as the Fast Hotel.

Our biggest surprise was finding this picture of the German consulate in the Hotel Fast with the German Swastika flag flying from the building.

During World War II, the hotel was taken over by the British army command and turned into the Australian army club.

The Hotel Fast housed Australian soldiers in World War II.  Here they are greeting the Australian 
Prime Minister Robert Menzies and the commander of the Australian troops in Australia, 
Lt. Gen. Thomas Blamey in February 1941. The Matson Photo Service, shown on the ground 
floor, was run by Eric Matson, originally from the American Colony Photographic Department. 
 Matson left Palestine in 1946 for the United States.  His collection of photos were 
bequeathed to the Library of Congress where many of the pictures in this 
website were found.  (Library of Congress

The Hotel Fast building was abandoned in 1967 and torn down in 1976 to make way for the Dan Pearl Hotel.




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As the Lord would give me a word or two in my spirit, I would begin to write what more followed. With a prophetic and inspirational edge, I trust that these messages will be an encouragement to you to stand strong in your faith, fulfill the call on your life, and be a light to the nations, beginning in your own family.

These simple words are meant to be an addition to your daily Bible reading and prayer time. With the days growing darker, each of us must be built up in the faith of our forefathers and the Jewish writers of the Written Word, as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

We must stand strong for truth in this world of deception surrounding us.

Here are a few of the 24 chapter titles:  Well Done,  Happy To Be God’s Treasure,  Expressions & Diversity,  Perspective, No More Restraints, Expectations,  Heart Growing Cold, Martyrdom, and Perception.

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Finding the Holy Vessels – Is Now the Time?

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Finding the Holy Vessels – Is Now the Time?

In the late 1920’s, a Jewish farmer discovers a pit/cave as he is plowing his field in Israel.  He is startled, but manages to identify the golden items as the holy vessels as used in the First Temple of Solomon.  He draws a makeshift map and travels to New York with all the information on his findings. There he tracks down a certain Rabbi Herman (from the famous book: ALL FOR THE BOSS) and asks him what to do with his new secret.  
The Rabbi cross-examines the farmer in order to verify the story, then sends his son (from the Mir Talmudic Yeshivah in Poland) over to a great Jewish sage living in Radin with a confidential letter and map, asking his coveted opinion on what to do next.  The sage firstly confirms the site and states that the time has not yet arrived to reveal these Temple items, and in fact, all parties will forget the whole thing until many years later, on the day that this Israeli farmer dies.
The fascinating story continues.  While studying in Lakewood, New Jersey, Herman’s son suddenly remembers the whole episode in Poland, including the map, and passes everything on to another prestigious member of his family.  One thing led to another, and believe it or not, there are those living in Israel today that know approximately where this underground cave lies, the very same one that is part of this authentic story!
Too good to be true?  Not at all.
When the First Temple was destroyed by the biblical King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC, it’s a known fact that he stole many of the Temple treasures and brought them back to Babylonia.  However, there were some that were secreted away before he could get his hands on them and buried outside of Jerusalem for the specific purpose (in order) to be found over 2000 years later, as a preparation for the coming of the Jewish Third Temple.  It seems that that time is finally arriving, and in our days too.
In fact, you and I are living in a truly unique time in history, specifically Jewish history, whether from a religious, political, or even cultural standpoint.  With the relatively new threat of a nuclear IRAN, many Jews are now terribly divided as to where their allegiance should be cast.  The pathetic nuclear Treaty with the mullahs discredits the White House and its Middle Eastern allies because it’s just a matter of time before their contract is breached by the other side (since there’s nothing in it for the Western countries to breach).  
As sanctions can no longer be “snapped back,” one of the P5+1 countries will most likely end up with some form of military strike against Iran (if not Israel doing the dirty work itself).  Like Winston Churchill so appropriately said back in September 1938 re: the Munich Settlement:
“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.”
For Americans, it has already erupted into much more than a partisan issue. For us, it’s now a full-fledged internal war between AIPAC, which takes direction from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, and JSTREET, which has been hired (for all intents and purposes) by the Obama Administration.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Let’s keep things in context though, shall we?  All this is just the calm before the storm.  While all the hullabaloo is going on in Congress vis-à-vis this Treaty, in the backrooms behind the scenes, the PA, France and New Zealand (in cooperation with President Obama) are busy drafting a UN Resolution that is designed to force Israel to withdraw back to the 1967 borders some time by the end of next year.  The idea is ostensibly to divide Jerusalem so that the Palestinians will have their capital along with cutting out other parts of Israel, places where only fellow Arabs will be able to trod (as stated outright by PA President Abbas).  
After Congress votes and the Iranian dust settles, the mainstream media will no doubt focus on swaying public opinion in support of the new UN resolution. Not sure though if the Israeli coalition government will be able to stand up to this latest UN charade, since there is zero chance of the US vetoing the resolution.  Certainly, the Right, and even those more in the Center here in Israel will no longer be suckered into a Gush Katif-like deal, and will fight tooth and nail.
Having said that, what can be the antidote in securing Israel’s lofty future?
An undeniable truth needs to be revealed.  And the only real antidote to all these existential threats that surround us today lies not necessarily in military might, but rather in revealing the truth, because the truth can be the best weapon.  Certainly where the media is concerned.  Discovering the holy Temple vessels that are in that cave in the above-mentioned story will do just that.  It will give Israel the strength and moral fortitude to connect back with her ancient roots, and will inspire those in power to respond in kind to the UN threat by drawing its own borders, i.e. – the biblical borders of Israel that can be properly protected.  This includes the fight to keep a unified Jerusalem alive for the foreseeable future.  And when these Temple items are indeed found in Jewish hands, all the nations will know that the building of another everlasting edifice is on its way in order to house them, and in our very days.  A Temple not only for the Jews, but for all peoples.  This, of course, will be good of ALL Israeli citizens, no matter what the background or religion.
Uncover the Truth Behind the A.R.K.
Professor Gabriel Barkay (who appears in my recent book: The A.R.K. Report) has said time and time again that finding these Temple treasures will put to rest once and for all (what I call) Temple Denial Syndrome, or TDS, which was originally started by Yasser Arafat in his conversations with President Clinton at Camp David in 2000.   Denying the existence of any historical Jewish structure on the Temple Mount was, and is, an integral part of the PA’s media machine, which is still running full out today.  The following was his press statement at the time:
“They found not a single stone proving that the Temple of Solomon was there, because historically the Temple was not in Palestine (at all). They found only remnants of a shrine of the Roman Herod.”
Why do we give in to believing the Arab propaganda machine? Not only is it an assault on the truth, but an assault on common sense!  Now, right now, it may be possible to prove him wrong once and for all.  We’re that close to finding the real deal, and it’s just outside our (proverbial) front door.
It’s that close…