Saturday, August 29, 2015

Islamists Murder Man Who Converted to Christianity, Leave His Wife to Die

Islamists Murder Man Who Converted to Christianity, Leave His Wife to Die

Christians protest in Pakistan.
Christians protest in Pakistan. (YouTube)
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An Islamist group murdered a Christian man and attempted to kill his wife after she converted from Islam. 
The young couple, both in their 20s, married last year and have been fleeing her family ever since. But over the summer, her family hunted them down and attempted to brutally murder both. The wife, however, survived.
"The Muslim men first brutally tortured the couple with fists and kicks and then thrice shot (husband)—one bullet hit him in his ankle, the second in the ribs while the third targeted his face," the wife's attorney, Aneeqa Maria Anthony, tells Morning Star News. "(The wife) was shot in the abdomen."
The Vatican Insider reports one of the wife's cousins is now bragging about the slaying, believing he has restored the family's honor. 
Christians have long been targeted in Pakistan, a staunch Muslim nation. Pakistani courts abide by "blasphemy laws," which carry life sentences for those who speak against the Quran. When tried, Christians are often sentenced to death row
The British Broadcasting Corporation reports most Pakistanis support the laws and believe the edicts come straight from the Quran and are not man-made. 
They report more than 147 Christians have been killed through the court system since the laws were enacted in the late 1980s. These numbers do not include "honor killings," where Christians are brutally attacked by Muslim mobs. 
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