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US-Israel: Who Really Helps Who the Most? - CBN News Chris Mitchell

US-Israel: Who Really Helps Who the Most?
CBN News Chris Mitchell

JERUSALEM, Israel  The United States sends more foreign aid to Israel than to any other nation. While critics suggest that's too much, it turns out the United States gets a significant return on its investment.
The U.S. currently sends around $3 billion to Israel each year.
Some may argue that Israel doesn't deserve those billions, but others contend it represents America's best investment in foreign aid.
One benefit: more U.S. jobs. By law, most of the military aid sent to Israel must be spent back in the United States with American defense contractors. That translates to tens of thousands of jobs.

What's more, when Israel buys weapons like sophisticated U.S. fighter jets, they make their own improvements.
For example, the General Dynamics plant manager asserts that Israel improvements saved the manufacturer 10 to 20 years of research and development. He estimated that led to more than 700 modifications to the current F-16 "valued at mega-billion dollar bonanza to the manufacturer…."

Another benefit: intelligence. Gen. George Keegan, the former chief of U.S. Air Force Intelligence, said Israel provided intelligence on the Air Force capabilities, new weapons, electronics and jamming devices of mutual U.S., Israeli adversaries.
"I could not have procured the intelligence…with five CIAs," he said.

Israel also provides U.S. Special Operation teams with invaluable experience and training before they head to war zones in the Middle East.

Perhaps the biggest U.S. benefit is strengthening its number one Middle East ally at a time when both are on the front lines of the war against Islamic terror.

Pat Robertson & Yoram Ettinger
*Yoram Ettinger is an adviser to Israel's Knesset and former liaison to the United States Congress. He'll share more about the other ways the U.S. benefits from sending aid to Israel on Monday's edition of "The 700 Club." Check your local listings or CBNNews.com after 11 a.m for the interview.
Watch here: Israel &USA

The War on Gender Distinction - Rick Joyner's Prophetic Perspective

Rick Joyner

Watch here: The War on Gender Distinction - Rick Joyner's Prophetic Perspective

The War on Gender Distinction
Rick Joyner
Thursday, June 2, 2016
Rick talks about the current bathroom battle regarding the HB2 bill. He gives one definition of insanity as one's inability to distinguish feelings from reality. We must not stay silent on this issue.

Russia to Return Israeli Tank Captured 34 Years Ago By Jonathan Benedek - BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS

Tank Captured by Syria, Stored in Russia, to be Returned to Israel 29.5.16 (Photo: Courtesy)

Russia to Return Israeli Tank Captured 34 Years Ago

“Trust in the LORD with all thy heart, and lean not upon thine own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5 (The Israel Bible™)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his gratitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday for signing a presidential decree ordering the return to Israel of an IDF tank that was captured 34 years ago during a ferocious battle in the First Lebanon War.
“I thank the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, that he responded to my request to return the tank from the Battle of Sultan Yacoub to Israel,” Netanyahu said.
The tank, used by the IDF during the Battle of Sultan Yacoub during the First Lebanon War on June 10, 1982, was captured by the Syrian army and eventually transported to the Soviet Union, then a Cold-War ally with Syria. The tank has since remained in Moscow, stored in a museum of armored tanks.
MK Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, the former deputy defense minister, was an officer in artillery unit 7054 that helped rescue a battalion of Israeli tanks trapped by a Syrian ambush in Sultan Yacoub, Lebanon.
“We fired the whole night, and in the morning the battalion was rescued – except for that one tank and the three missing soldiers, whose fate is still unknown today,” Ben-Dahan recalled to Tazpit Press Service (TPS), referring to the continued mystery behind three IDF soldiers, Zachary Baumel, Zvi Feldman, and Yehuda Katz, who went missing in action during the Battle of Sultan Yacoub. During the entire battle, 30 Israeli soldiers were killed and eight tanks were lost.
Honor the special bond between Israel and USA. Donate to LIBI USA and get this meaningful gift from Israel.
“Hearing about the return of the tank sends me back 34 years,” Ben-Dahan told TPS. “It gave me chills.”
Ben-Dahan also expressed hope that the tank’s return might bring news about the fate of the missing soldiers, though he said he cannot comment on any discussions or progress toward that goal.
Netanyahu raised the issue of returning the tank with Putin last month, after having received a request from IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot.
“For the families of the soldiers missing in action, Zachary Baumel, Zvi Feldman, and Yehuda Katz, there is no trace of the boys nor a burial plot to go to for 34 years now,” noted Netanyahu. “The tank is the only evidence of the battle, and now it will be returned to Israel thanks to President Putin’s response to my request.”
A delegation from the IDF’s Ordnance Corps is in Moscow working with representatives from the Russian army to transport the tank back to Israel as soon as possible.

Babylon's Fall: Don't Believe the Stock Market Lies - MICHAEL SNYDER CHARISMA NEWS

Babylon's Fall: Don't Believe the Stock Market Lies

In the "real economy," stuff is bought and sold and shipped around the country by trucks, railroads and planes. When more stuff is being bought and sold and shipped around the country, the "real economy" is growing, and when less stuff is being bought and sold and shipped around the country, the "real economy" is shrinking.
I know that might sound really basic, but I want everyone to be on the same page as we proceed in this article. Just because stock prices are artificially high right now does not mean that the U.S. economy is in good shape. In fact, there was a stock rally at this exact time of the year in 2008 even though the underlying economic fundamentals were rapidly deteriorating. We all remember what happened later that year, so we should not exactly be rejoicing that precisely the same pattern that we witnessed in 2008 is happening again right in front of our eyes.
Watch the video to see more. 
Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled "The Rapture Verdict"is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.
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Apostasy of America - Jonathan Cahn (Day 3) - The Jim Bakker Show

Watch here: Apostasy of America - Jonathan Cahn (Day 3) - The Jim Bakker Show

Morningside Studio

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Jim Bakker Show 2016 | Show# 3005 | Aired on May 31, 2016

Jim Bakker Show © 2016 • Morningside Studios

VIDEO: How Does the Israeli Army REALLY Treat Palestinians? - Israel Today

VIDEO: How Does the Israeli Army REALLY Treat Palestinians?

Sunday, May 29, 2016 |  Israel Today Staff
Our friend in the Israeli army, Hananya Naftali, has produced another video clip aiming to bring some truth to the question of how Israeli soldiers treat Palestinian Arabs.
There’s a lot of misinformation out there in this regard, and it’s instructive to get some first-hand perspective from an Israeli soldier who also happens to be a fellow believer.
As Naftali points out in the video, where else in the world can a terrorist stab a soldier, be neutralized and then have the victim’s fellow soldiers provide medical attention to that same terrorist?
Naftali goes on to note that during his time at checkpoints, he has been cursed at, spit on and even attacked with stones. But, as he explains, the IDF trains its soldiers to continue to view the Palestinians as humans, and to treat them as such.
This is definitely a video that needs to be shared far and wide.
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Oscar Winner Susan Sarandon Praises Israeli Aid to Refugees - Yossi Aloni ISRAEL TODAY

Oscar Winner Susan Sarandon Praises Israeli Aid to Refugees

Sunday, May 29, 2016 |  Yossi Aloni  ISRAEL TODAY
Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID this month hosted Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon at a compound housing thousands of families that have fled the Middle East to find safety in Europe.
At the camp for displaced persons, IsraAID is running a psychosocial program, providing support to homeless and orphaned minors and training German civil servants and volunteers who are working at one of dozens of camps across Germany.
During the visit, Sarandon praised the work of the Israeli volunteers, saying:
“I had already met the organization IsraAID in Lesbos and I was impressed with their ability and the professionalism of the team, and so I decided to again join their initiative in Germany.”
Sarandon previously met with IsraAID workers at a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, where the Israeli group is still active in providing medical aid and psychosocial treatment to those fleeing the Middle East.
After visiting and even taking part in the IsraAID efforts, Sarandon donated equipment to help IsraAID in its ongoing work in Germany.
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Bill Kristol Announces That ‘There Will Be An Independent Candidate’ To Sabotage Donald Trump - Michael Snyder THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG

Idea Follow Question - Public Domain

Posted: 30 May 2016 Michael Snyder  THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG

It has long been my contention that the elite are more than willing to do whatever they have to do to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.  There are many forms that this could take, and one potential option just became a little bit clearer.  On Sunday, the founder and editor of the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, announced on Twitter that there “will be an independent candidate–an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.” 

Kristol has very, very deep ties to the Republican elite, and so this is certainly not an idle threat.  At this point we do not know who the candidate will be, but some of the names that have been mentioned include Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse and billionaire Mark Cuban.  Of course dividing the conservative vote would be suicidal and would virtually ensure a victory for Hillary Clinton in November.  So why would Kristol and other Republican elitists want to do this?

That is a very good question, and it goes to the very core of how the game of politics is played in America today.

The truth is that the elite are accustomed to being in control of both parties, and that is why things never seem to change very much no matter who is elected.

But this time someone that the elite do not control has miraculously captured the Republican nomination, and this scares them to death.

So now the mission is to destroy the Trump candidacy at all costs, even if that means having the Republican elite sabotage the Republican nominee.

I wasn’t sure if they were actually going to pull the trigger on a major third party candidate, but Bill Kristol now says that this is absolutely going to happen…
Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate–an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.
— Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) May 29, 2016
Of course Donald Trump was horrified when he learned of what Kristol had said.  He responded with a series of very angry tweets…
Bill Kristol has been wrong for 2yrs-an embarrassed loser, but if the GOP can’t control their own, then they are not a party. Be tough, R’s! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 29, 2016

The Republican Party has to be smart & strong if it wants to win in November. Can’t allow lightweights to set up a spoiler Indie candidate!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 29, 2016

If dummy Bill Kristol actually does get a spoiler to run as an Independent, say good bye to the Supreme Court! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)May 29, 2016

I would be upset too.  For the Republican elite to purposely sabotage Trump and throw the election to Hillary Clinton is seemingly insane.  This is something that Ben Carson commented on during a recent interview with Fox News
Former 2016 candidate and Trump backer Ben Carson, speaking Monday on Fox News, echoed Trump’s warnings and invoked the 1992 presidential race as an example.
“A quarter of a century ago, another Clinton was running for the White House, and it was the entrance of a third-party candidate, Ross Perot, that made it possible for him to win,” Carson said. “Wouldn’t it be ironic if the same thing happened this time?”
Of course Kristol and the others that he is working with know precisely what they are doing.
There is no way in the world that Romney, Sasse, Kasich or Cuban could win.  But that wouldn’t be the goal anyway.  The goal would simply be to deny five or ten percent of the vote to Trump so that Hillary would win in a landslide.

At one time it seemed like such sabotage would not be necessary, but now polls have begun to shift and the elite are beginning to panic.  Here is one example of how the numbers have shifted…
That data and recent events suggest that Wall Street, which currently prefers former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to real estate mogul Donald Trump, may not get the president it wants. According to the Iowa Electronic Markets, a prediction online betting platform, the probability that we’ll see a Democrat take the White House in 2016 is shrinking fast.
“The Democratic candidate was all but a certainty to win the presidency less than a month ago—it was at 74 percent and it’s down to 58 percent today,” said Hickey.
In a head to head matchup, there is a very real possibility that Trump could defeat Clinton.  So that is why the elite feel that they have to make a move.

But we probably will not find out the identity of the third party candidate until some time in June at the earliest.  In fact, a source that is involved in this third party effort told CBS News “not to expect an announcement for a couple of weeks.”

So for the moment, we will wait.

But without a doubt, there appears to be a unique opportunity for a third party candidate in this election cycle.  A whole host of recent polls and surveys have shown that the American people are not pleased with either party at this point and that most Americans would like to see an alternative choice to either Clinton or Trump.  The following comes from the New York Times
The survey also found evidence of overwhelming interest in the presidential contest, although less than a quarter of Americans say they’re excited about it.
Worse, 55 percent of Americans, including 60 percent of Republicans and 53 percent of Democrats, say they feel helpless about the 2016 election. And two-thirds of Americans under 30 report feeling helpless.
“I am despondent,” said Cserbak. “I wouldn’t say I feel totally helpless. I do have a vote.”
Of course no matter who runs as a third party candidate, there is no way in the world that individual will win.  Any third party candidate will simply play the role of spoiler, and will throw the election one way or the other.

I understand that a lot of people out there are very excited about Trump.  And it would be very nice to think that the American people could actually elect a president that is not controlled by the elite.

But that is not how the real world works, and over the next several months we are going to get a very clear lesson in power politics.

If necessary, the elite will move heaven and earth if that is what it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.  Anyone that would suggest otherwise simply doesn’t understand how the game is played.