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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Israel Set to Field Its First Female Tank Crews - Israel Today

Israel Set to Field Its First Female Tank Crews

Sunday, November 26, 2017 |  Israel Today Staff
Amid much controversy, Israel this week is set to field its very first female tank crews.
For years already, activists have been working to complete the integration of women in the Israeli army by opening the Armored Corps to the fairer sex.
The upcoming trial period will see 13 female graduates of an abbreviated Armored Corps course deployed to three tanks guarding the Israel-Egypt border.
While each of the three tanks will have a seasoned male commander, IDF officials stressed that the long-term goal is not co-ed tank crews. Rather, if the trial is successful, the Israeli army is looking to have all-female tank crews operating alongside their male counterparts.
According to army sources, the female tanks will serve in a defensive (and stationary) capacity only, and will never be called upon to enter and maneuver within enemy territory.
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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Israeli Army Warns Hamas and Allies Against Retaliation - israel today

Nov. 12, 2017

Who has ever heard of this?

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Israeli Army Warns Hamas and Allies Against Retaliation
Israeli Army Warns Hamas and Allies Against Retaliation
Israeli blew up major terror tunnel inside Israeli territory, killing 15 terrorists and eliciting vows of revenge
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Israeli-Operated Patriot Missile Downs Syrian Drone
Israeli-Operated Patriot Missile Downs Syrian Drone
Drone was downed while still over Syrian territory but was on approach to enter Israeli airspace
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VIDEO: Aerial View of Lower Haifa
VIDEO: Aerial View of Lower Haifa
Get a drones-eye view of the lower part of Haifa, Israel's bustling northern port city where Jews and Arabs live together
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The Dead-Jew Industry
The Dead-Jew Industry
Murdering Israeli Jews has become a lucrative career for Palestinian Arabs, and little is being done to stop it
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The Dead Jew Industry
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Mocking the Land of Make-Believe
“There is No Difference Between Obama and Trump”
Ice Cream Makes the Ice Melt
Israel's Helping Hand
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

First “Jacob’s Lambs” in 2,000 Years Born in Israel, Heralding Return of Biblical Identity - BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS

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June 8, 2017

First “Jacob’s Lambs” in 2,000 Years Born in Israel, Heralding Return of Biblical Identity

US Lawmaker at Congress-Knesset Jubilee Event: “Jerusalem Must Remain United for 1,000 Years”

“Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of Hashem is risen upon thee.” (Isaiah 60:1)

The Next Chapter of the Bible

In the past 120 years, we have seen the miracles of the Jewish People’s return to its ancestral Homeland. During this remarkable period, one great miracle perhaps shines brighter than all the rest- Israel’s victory in the Six-Day-War. The aim of this book is to tell the story of the war of deliverance in 1967 and to emphasize the miraculous aspects of Israel’s astonishing victory.
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Lone Soldier in Israeli Army Grateful for Special Care He Receives

“Turn Thee unto me, and be gracious unto me; for I am solitary and afflicted.” (Psalms 25:16)

"We Must Act Quickly if Christianity Is to Survive in Middle East": Knights of Columbus

“He that is gracious unto the poor lendeth unto Hashem; and his good deed will He repay unto him.” Proverbs (19:17)

Eizenkot: Hezbollah Remains Israel’s
Top Priority

“Proclaim ye this among the nations prepare war; stir up the mighty men; let all the men of war draw near let them come up.” (Joel 4:9)

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Netanyahu Thanks UN Ambassador Haley for "Telling the Truth"

PM Netanyahu gives a warm greeting to US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, in Israel for a short visit, thanking her for standing up for Israel, America and what the UN is supposed to be.

I KINGS 22:2

The Hebrew word 'yarad' means “he came down.” When the Bible makes references to “going up” or “going down,” it is often spiritual, rather than physical...

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Daily Picture: To the King of Israel

Guardians of the beautiful Land of Israel. These are top combat soldiers from the Golani Brigade who protect Israel's northern border.

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