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Ahava Love Letter - "Dreams Do Come True - Part II"

     Ahava Love Letter   
“Dreams Do Come True – Part II”
The LORD of hosts has sworn saying, “Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened,
and just as I have planned so it will stand…” Isaiah 14:24

Dear family of friends,
In Part I, I began this story of how “dreams do come true.” Through one dream the Lord gave to me in 1991, it helped confirm some guidance needed, for a ministry I was involved with, in a major directional move. I continue on, with this week’s edition, Part II.
That small rural, former horse farmhouse, with its gray siding and  the typical Southern porch, was located just a hundred feet or so from the “big house.” It was used as a place for visitors and volunteers to stay in. In March, 1994, when Bonnie Chavda and I came to “check out Charlotte”, a missionary couple was staying there for a few months. They were from Brazil, if I remember correctly, on a “sabbatical” (rest) time.
Harry and Louise Bizell, founders of Lamb’s Chapel, had Bonnie and I stay with them in the retreat center’s main home “big house”), which was their very roomy home. Nine bedrooms. Nine baths. Huge by my Iowan standards. (It had been built many years earlier as a “country home”, south of uptown Charlotte, NC.)
Their big, yellow Labrador dog was the main door keeper. He also had double duty as the guest greeter.
Another smaller home, which was called the “cottage”, had been built across the grassy, pecan tree laden lawn. It was then occupied by a couple from another state, other than North Carolina. Going down the property’s gravel lane from that lodging was a very small shed, maybe 10” x 12”. Rick Joyner (MorningStar founder) later called it his “international office,” when he spoke to us later in the weekend schedule.
Continuing down the narrow, one car lane drive was the Lamb’s Chapel retreat center’s horse barn, complete with three or four beautiful creatures. One of the Bizell daughters cared for the riding horses. (And you will find out more about that barn, just another wooden structure at the time, on the property, in later Ahava Love Letters! What a story that turned out to be. I can’t wait to tell you.)
Bonnie and my stay would last just a few days. During that time we enjoyed the bountiful breakfasts that Louise would make, laughed at the elaborate funny stories Harry would tell, and prayed about where the Lord was leading the ministry. It would become clearer real soon.
One of those mornings Bonnie had been out on her daily jog. This time it was down the road off Lancaster Highway, four miles south of Pineville, NC, on the former Dexter Yaeger property (of Amway fame) that MorningStar was leasing. Paul Cain lived in part of the grandeur-type pillared, two story brick home on the front of this acreage, near the small lake that was along the two lane highway. A one story warehouse building and a ranch style brick home were also near the lake. This body of water was fully encircled by a white wooden fence. (All are still there to this day, despite all the development that has gone on south of Charlotte’s uptown.)
Rick and Julie Joyner’s family lived down the gravel road, on the backside of that large, wooded property, in a very nice three-story log cabin home. Attached to it was a meeting space which held at least 100 chairs.
The MorningStar Fellowship’s Friday night School of the Spirit was being held in that room. Leonard Jones, Matthew Donavan and other worship leaders led the worship that Friday night Bonnie and I were there. It was a glorious worship time, to simply describe it. No exaggeration. And many prophetic words were shared among those in attendance. Rick gave a good word as usual, but I can’t find my spiraled notes just now to tell you what he talked about. (Sidebar: Probably buried in a tub underneath all the other select treasured items in one of my closets. “Probably”, as I hate throwing useful archives out.)
Bonnie later told me of the encounter she had had with the Lord earlier that day’s morning, when she ran up the back steps of the large cabin during her jog time. At the top, she looked out over the deck rail at the area in front of her. A passenger jet plane, right at that moment, was going into its “landing pattern” (catch the prophetic meaning by this simple event), over the southern pine forest. At that exact moment she recalled the vision the Lord had earlier given her in Wilton Manors, Florida, their home at the time, which bordered on Fort Lauderdale.
Even though I persistently asked afterwards, she wouldn’t tell me what she felt at that moment in time. I wanted to know what it had meant to her. After she did tell me part of it, I further sensed in my spirit that the Lord was confirming to her hesitant heart something about this land, and a bit of what the Lord may have in plan for all of us here. Time would tell, as they say.
I think we both had hoped that Mahesh would readily agree as to what we were feeling. I determined that we both were now quite sure of what would soon take place. A move for several families, the ministry and the new church, which we had earlier that year founded as All Nations Church, to this part of the country.
We flew back to Fort Lauderdale, shared as best we could of that “confirming time” as we knew it to be, and awaited the final decision of the move. It didn’t take long.
On July 3, 1994, two full size semi-moving trucks left Fort Lauderdale on I95, heading straight north. (For Laurie and I, we were leaving our “Egypt.”) The movers were loaded down with the household goods of the Chavdas (six of them), the Martins (six of them), Jerome and Jodie Lukas’ family (Ben, Ariel and Gabe’s stuff too!) and the red-headed Claudia Lawrence (the “German Gentile Jew,” as she called herself. She was employed as the assistant secretary.) She also insisted on bringing along with her red-shedding haired large Irish Setter.
Following behind in our cars, the entourage travel would take approximately 14 hours to get to this North Carolina/South Carolina area (if you drive the speed limit.) Another adventure had begun.
In Part III, I will share on “the landing” in the land. Life isn’t always the “fun and adventure” you want and hope for. But the Lord has all His plans for us ready to be revealed, as we seek His face daily. Be seeking!
Ahava to my family of friends,
Steve Martin
P.S. Beit Tikvah meetings, held as part of Antioch International Church’s desire to bless Israel and instruct believers in our Jewish roots, is held every Friday night at 7 pm in Fort Mill, SC on the former Heritage USA property. Laurie and I, along with the Messianic music worship team, enjoy giving praise to Adonai. Plan on joining us when you are in the Charlotte area!  
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Ahava Love letter #12  Date: Jan. 24, in the year of our Lord 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ahava Love letter - "Dreams Do Come True - Part I"

*              Ahava Love Letter   
 “Dreams Do Come True – Part I”
“And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.” Joel. 2:28,29

(I believe these next Ahava Love Letters  will be some of my most timely ones. You will not want to miss one, and read all  – however many that ends up being - to get the full picture. So read on, and learn a bit of how He leads us on!)

Dear family of friends,
It was dark outside. And inside the bedroom too. But when I suddenly woke up Sunday morning, Dec. 12, 2010, at 5:20 a.m., I had learned to expect that something was coming. I like it when those bright red numbers shine at you, and you don’t have to get up. But when you do, because the Lord is about to tell you something that you know you need to write down before you forget it, a blessing follows.
(Sidebar: Numbers mean more than just being numbers to count with. Consider the number “5”, which stands for “grace.”(I also like the “grace” given towards us all. “Hannah” is the Hebrew word for “divine grace”. Nice!) He continually reminds me of that. Those clock numbers of 5 and 20 - “5 x 4 x 5” - means “a lot of grace” to me, each time I see that combination of numbers upon wakening.
Might you learn to think like that too? It will not only build your faith, applying the meanings to numbers when you see them, but it will also give you a thankful heart, as you realize more often that He is sharing with you through all things. Numbers included.)
Immediately the Voice came in my thoughts, to share this Ahava Love Letter.
Write to them that dreams do come true.” (The ones He gives us.)
The Lord then began to remind me of this one dream that He gave to me almost 20 years ago. As I share it, know that it is meant to encourage you in your dreams. The ones that you have already had, and the ones that will surely come from the Lord. He is speaking a lot these days through dreams and visions.
In the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, our family of Laurie, Josh, Ben, Hannah, Christen and I lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At this specific time of the dream, it was near the completion of another seven year cycle for Laurie and I.
 Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, Art and Ruth Maki, and Mike and Leslie Adams were seriously praying about where the ministry, known then as Mahesh Chavda Ministries, was going to move to. South Florida had been the location since the Chavdas came from Texas, but now the Lord was calling for a natural location move for the spiritual growth of these and more families to come. Regular times of prayer and fasting were occurring among us, and in Good News Church, for that specific prayer concern. We started at least three years before we felt the time would actually occur for the major change. A wise thing to do.
Phoenix, San Francisco, Austin, Texas and Colorado Springs made up the top four consideration list. Charlotte, NC was a distant fifth, being it was the “belt buckle” of the “Bible Belt”. The word had been spoken that we wouldn’t really consider a move to such a “religious” section of the country. Not what was desired.
Not only would Mahesh Chavda Ministries be transplanted, but the thought of starting a new church was also in the mix. (Sidebar: Charlotte already had at least 700 churches, ranking it among the most per capita in the USA, around 1990. So why start another one there?)
But a few of us, who had some input, had the inclination of moving to Charlotte. We knew of the city’s physical location and the spiritual “heritage” that had already been established here. Laurie and I felt this for sure, primarily because of this being the former location of Heritage, USA and Jim Bakker’s PTL. (We still had our three “lifetime memberships” in hand since 1985, though no longer any good.)
We also wanted more connection with the thriving prophetic ministry of Rick and Julie Joyner and the team of Morningstar (Steve Thompson, Leonard Jones, Matthew Donovan, John Holcomb, etc.). Along with Mike Bickle’s team in Kansas City (another honorable “tribe” in the Lord’s army), our hearts and heads were pointed this way. After the “discipleship and shepherding movement” that we had benefited from for many years, we believed this to be the next move of the Lord – the prophetic movement. Both of these ministries we held in high regards in our hearts, for many reasons.
“We’ll just keep praying,” I thought to myself at times, while basically leaving it up to the main leadership to hear from the Lord.
In the spring of 1991, the Lord gave me a dream. It was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever received, and this one I knew was to be shared immediately with others. So I scribbled down the “picture” I saw in the dream, while yet at home that following morning, before going into the office. When I got to the MCM office down the street a few hours later, and sat at my administrator’s desk, I grabbed the first blank paper I had. It was the back side of a cassette tape set album master cover that had been misprinted. (It had the word “anointing” misspelled “annointing.” In case you have misspelled it before, remember this. You don’t want to miss the anointing.) J
As usual, being I hadn’t wanted to waste this absolutely good paper, on the backside, I had a pile of these misprints sitting in the back of the Fort Lauderdale office. Now this one piece had the prophetic dream picture drawn on it. At the time, I didn’t fully understand what it would end up being. Usual case when the Lord gives you something in the beginning.
(Sidebar: That first MCM public office was then located under the second story home of Mrs. Rodriquez, whom I wrote the rental checks to each month. It was also across the street from the Fort Lauderdale High School, home of the “Flying L’s”. (And I thought our 8th grade St. Patrick’s football team name of “Shamrocks” was really corny. But their mascot name took the top prize. Maybe that’s why the Flying L’s weren’t any good at football in those days.)
David and Anna Selby’s kids Chris and Lisa were attending there at that time. David had recently been my boss at Derek Prince Ministries (1987-1990), for the first time, just a mile or two down the road. They had been so kind as to let us stay in Chris and Lisa’s bedrooms, with our four kids, for the first two weeks after we had moved to the Atlantic coastal city on that hot August day in 1987. (Our long-time friend, Michael Blade, drove the 24’ UHaul from East Lansing, MI to there. After helping his family move six times, he wanted to bless us back! We also weres topping three days at Heritage USA/PTL, in Charlotte, NC, to use our three “lifetime memberships.”)
Back at the Selbys, the kids of both families adjusted to our two week stay. We were so grateful for that demonstration of love, and the many more that followed. The Lord’s goodness and provision came also through them, the Selby family.)
After I had drawn out on the “anointed” paper what I had remembered from the dream, I first shared it with Bonnie, being Mahesh was out of town again. (He was averaging 256 days a year away from home on ministry trips during those days.) Then I put it in the “may not ever happen” file in my home desk drawer. It stayed there for three years.
Fast forward, three years to be exact, to May of 1994. Bonnie and I made an “investigative trip” to the Charlotte area. We stayed at the home of Harry and Louise Bizell, of Lamb’s Chapel. It was a beautiful, nine bedroom, nine bath home located just 10 miles due south of “uptown Charlotte”, on 60 acres, just before the South Carolina border. Rick and Julie Joyner had once lived on the property too, when they had moved earlier to the Charlotte area. They had occupied the small, two bedroom gray house, with a typical southern front porch attached, that was also on the property.
I’ll have to stop at this point for now, being I am running out of my “two or three pages per letter” room (and your time!) But just to give you a hint of what is to come…the Joyner’s former bedroom, complete with the black pot belly stove/fireplace that blue birds got caught in from the roof flue, would become my new administrator’s office! Rick shared later that he had angel visitations in that room, which he also wrote in one of his books. (Or said in one of his messages, which then went into a book?)
So be watching for Part II next week! See what the Lord has done, as He continues to fulfill dreams.
Ahava to my family of friends,
P.S. A big “Welcome!” to our new readers, especially those from the Beit Tikvah meetings we hold every Friday night (on the former heritage USA/PTL property!), as part of Antioch International Church’s desire to bless Israel and learn of our Jewish roots. Feel free to share this “freely” with whomever you’d like also.
P.S.S. Love For His People, Inc. sends monthly financial support to believers “on the ground” in Jerusalem, and to an orphanage in Accra, Ghana, cared for by a Messianic Jew named Ephraim. We also give as we can to assist a very reliable work in Hyderabad, India, called Lighthouse Center India, founded by John Ebenezer. We appreciate your special gifts.
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 Ahava Love Letter #11       In the year of our Lord Jan. 18, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"January 16" - Bob Jones Shares On It's Importance

Jan. 16, 2011
Sunday, 3:00 pm

Greetings "Love For His People" blog readers.

This morning, Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011, Bob Jones shared a word to those gathered at the Antioch International Church weekly 10 a.m. service, in Fort Mill, SC on the Heritage property (in our church meeting location next to MorningStar Fellowship and Comenius School.) I want to share part of that with you, for personal encouragment and edification too, with this writing. It was not just for us gathered there.

Before the meeting, I had walked up to where Bob and Bonnie, his wife, were seated on the left hand side, second row, first two seats, in the main church room. I bent down in the aisle to greet Bob, so he wouldn't have to get up (though I didn't think he would anyway! He is 80 years old.) I thanked him for the word he had given me 15 years ago here in Charlotte. Bonnie Chavda had asked him to come and pray for each individual on staff at Mahesh Chavda Ministries/All Nations Church.

(At that time, as it seemed his customary way of ministry, he took my hands and said he saw the color "brown." He said that color represented the ministry of teaching. After hearing that word, and several subsequent similar prophetic words given to me throughout the next 14 years, I  refuted it almost instantly in my mind and heart. "I am an administrator, and that is that." I had falsely concluded this to myself, and didn't believe, nor had any desire to, that "I had a teaching gift.")

Bob then began telling me that the number 15 was very significant today. Especially for this day, the 16th of January, 2011. He spoke to me of the almond tree budding, and how 15 years ago the Lord gave him a vision of trees with white buds coming out on the 16th of January. He said now was the time of releasing of those who had been trained and prepared for this time and season.

Just the Friday night before, at the Antioch "Beit Tikvah" meeting held in the same room, I had shown a photo I had taken in Israel, of my hand with two almonds. I had picked them up off the ground in October, 2009. They were from one of two almond trees found on the new property that Vision for Israel & The Joseph Storehouse (Barry & Batya Segal) had just bought, west of Jerusalem, near Moe'din. As he shared, I started to get excited!

He continued on, telling of the reopening of the John G. Lake healing rooms 15 years ago also. I said Mahesh Chavda had visited John's grave in Ohio around then, and had brought me back a square inch piece of white fabric that he had laid on the grave stone for me. I had kept it for many years in my thick New American Standard Bible. (I just checked now. Not there.)

Sharing further, Bob told how the Lord was bringing forth His new leaders now. He spoke of how William Branham had gotten started in 1956, and how for 40 years the church was in an "Icahbod" state, but then the glory had begun to return. (1996 by my math.)

I then told Bob I was going to highly suggest to Senior Pastor Peter Wyns that Bob share this word at some point to all this morning, during the meeting. He said he wanted to (and I knew Peter would definately have him speak it!)

So after his very touching message on "Saving the Most Difficult", Peter had Bob come up. (By the way, Peter's message was based on the prophet Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon (605-562 B.C.) Nebuchadnezzar had taken the inhabitants of Jerusalem prisoner and brought them to Babylon, for which reason this period in Biblical history is referred to as the Babylonian captivity. But after Daniel and his three faithful friends stood for righteous, and seven years of the king's being out in the wilderness, Nebuchadnezzar finally acknowledged his dependence on the God of Israel. Anyone can be saved. and we are praying for many for THIS year.)

Again, Bob shared on how the budding of the almond tree, on January 16th, 15 years ago, was now significant for THIS DAY also, Jan. 16, 2011.

He continued on, telling a word the Lord had given him recently about the "repairing of the fishermen's nets", for the harvest that is to come. How churches needed to start working together in "unity" for this to happen."

Again, I got real excited, for just this past Wednesday, Jan. 12th , I had posted my weekly "Ahava Love Letter" edition (see below) on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and MySpace. Then I sent it out to the 227 "Ahava Love Letter" list, in e-mail format ,on Thursday, Jan. 13. The title was (is) "U-N-I-T-Y" is spelled..." (Hope you read it!)  :)

Bob spoke on the need for networking and connections to come among churches.

This wasn't the full word he delivered. I don't have the CD recording in hand, so this is from memory.

Being it is the 16th, Peter encouraged all of us to believe the Lord for a word TODAY. And so I share this with you.

Let it be Lord!

Steve Martin

P.S. I would believe Bob's word is on the recording of Peter's message. If interested, check back with me at and I will find out. Typically there is a $5 CD charge, plus S/H of $3.00.

P.S.S. If you are reading this after Jan. 16, ask the Lord for a personal word even yet for you. He will give it to all who ask!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 2 Spies: Jerusalem 1918

The 2 Spies: Jerusalem 1918: "Jerusalem in 1918 of Jacob Gross exposure . Amateur film presents a rare and unique daily life in the Old City , Western Wall, Jaffa Street..."

Ahava Love Letter - "U-N-I-T-Y" is spelled..."

Ahava Love Letter
 “U-N-I-T-Y” Is Spelled…”
 Jesus prayed, “That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You…” John 17:21
Dear family of friends,
If God prayed a prayer, do you think it will get answered? I do. And I am seeking to be a part of that answered prayer. Want to also?
When the Lord asked me to write these Ahava Love Letters, I responded “I will”. Over the years I have learned that if I say “I will” to Him, then no matter how it happens, or where He leads me on that journey, I know I will certainly get there. Even if it takes a few hours, days, month, years, or decades to accomplish it. My part is to hear and obey. His committed part is to finish it.
When I woke up at 2:43 a.m. on Christmas Eve morning in 2010, the word in my head was “unity.” I thus considered the real possibility that the Lord had something He wanted to share with me. Then maybe with you.
But when I came down to my cozy brown prayer chair to start writing, I checked my e-mails on my new Blackberry Torch first. Answered them. Then listened to a song by Robert Critchley of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship revival fame, called “Waterfall.”
(Sidebar: Andrew, my future son-in-law, had been over the night before, after the church Christmas program. He mentioned that song. Laurie and I had also recorded it on an All Nations Church Watch of the Lord night CD, over ten years ago. Andrew said he still listens occasionally to our version, and told me that then. Actually, I had just downloaded it onto my Blackberry the day before, along with Don Moen and Paul Wilbur, my longtime favorites.)
Finally, I turned on my HP laptop, complete with broken screen. It was 4:45 a.m. Over two hours later (just to help you with the math.)
Sometimes it takes me a little while to get on to what the Lord really wants me to do. Like walk in unity, that I want to further share about. (Sidetracks happen.)  J
Do you ever wonder why it takes us so long to actually do what the Lord wants us to do? I sometimes grow weary on waiting. Especially when it takes years for a promise from Him to come about in my life. Imagine the patience He has had, after praying that prayer of unity for us, in Jerusalem, near the Temple Mount, around 33 A.D. (only 1978 years ago.)
That prayer that petitioned His Father, God Almighty, for us, His sons and daughters, to walk in unity. Is Jesus wearied by our lack of cooperation, and does He know something we don’t know?
The English alphabet spelling of “unity” is interesting, especially if you are using the “New Steve of Charlotte Version” of the dictionary. Whenever I have “spoken” new, creative words that are already in my dictionary, some have laughed. My response thus far has been simply, “Every new word begins at some point in time. I just created a new one.” (I like George W. Bush a lot. Sarah Palin too. Very creative!)
So consider this. Unity starts with “U” (as in the text version of “you.”) Add the “N” (as also in text language for “and.”) Place “I” in the middle (so we each have someone on both sides of us to uphold and walk next to.) Then bring on the “T” (as in “together”), and finish strong, with a bang, using the English letter “Y”. Why? Because He prayed it. (Or as Curtis Loftin suggested, “Y” is for “Yeshua (Jesus)”, where we can be together in Him.
Now repeat this out loud with me. “You and I together”.  Y? Because He prayed it. Yeshua.
God’s prayers will get answered. They will get fulfilled. They simply will happen. My prayer is that it will happen in my lifetime. With you and me. With the church down the highway. With the one across the railroad tracks. Include the ones of the “other color” of people that He has already included among His own. And absolutely be sure to keep the part of His Body that proclaims Yeshua is the Messiah (which He is.)
Look around you. Who is the Lord asking you to walk in unity with? He and/or she may already be standing there. If not, I hope you find them soon and get connected. You and I need each other now more than ever.
Have a good ahava day. Beautiful here in Charlotte!
P.S. Love For His People, Inc. sends monthly financial support to believers “on the ground” in Jerusalem, and to an orphanage in Accra, Ghana, cared for by a Messianic Jew named Ephraim. We also give as we can to assist a reliable work in Hyderabad, India, called Lighthouse Center India, founded by John Ebenezer. We appreciate your special gifts. You can donate now on-line by clicking here, for our website “Giving Opportunities” page. Or by sending checks to the address below. Todah rabah! (Hebrew - Thank you very much.)

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ahava Love letter - "Heroes"

Ahava Love Letter
 “Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Prov. 22:6
Dear family of friends,
Growing up brings many influencing events and subjects into our lives. These come to us, and at us, from many sources. Family, friends, school, work, sports, and entertainment personnel shape our thoughts and ideas of life, and for life. Molding, shaping, directing as we walk on by.
There are several outside of my family that brought encouragement, commitment and a sense of duty in my youth and beyond. These did it unknowingly, for they didn’t even know who I was. (In some cases, birth hadn’t even come about as yet for yo!) But their messages and stories of courage, persistence and fortitude impacted my life, and still do.
Over the years I read many biographies. I watched. I listened. I imitated as I could. I learned what to do, and what not to do. Determined to continue to bend, adjust, and always pray more, growth came.
To name a few of these influencers, which were “heroes” in those days now gone, the following come to mind.
Teacher/Coach: Sister Mary Matthew – Immaculate Conception first grade teacher in Gilbertville, IA., who survived her first grade 50 students.  Duke Dutkowski – high school baseball coach at Columbus in Waterloo, IA. We won many. State finals in 1972!
Believers: Moses, who led His people to freedom. St. Francis of Assisi – and many more “saints” and martyrs of the faith. Eric Liddell (“Chariots of Fire” movie fame) – 1924 Olympic gold winner and missionary to China. Billy and Franklin Graham – father and son, carry on. Derek Prince – Bible teacher, Israel! Don Moen – worship leader whom I admire greatly. Rick Joyner – along with Julie and team, MorningStar has been a great inspiration for the last 24 years. David Livingstone – adventurer in Africa. (Still will happen!)
Leaders: Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the USA during Civil War. Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the USA in the 80’s. George W. Bush – 43rd President of the USA. His terms will be honored. David Ben Gurion & Golda Meir – Israel Prime Ministers who led their young (but 3000 years old) country against all odds.
Actors: Gregory Peck (“To Kill A Mocking Bird” actor, as Atticus Finch). Of course Steve Martin, comedian.
Sports Figures: (1) Daniel Eugene "Rudy" Ruettiger  – Notre Dame running back (for only one or two plays his senior year.) My Dad and I met him about 12 years ago. Jerome Lukas wanted to bless my Dad, before he passed on (due to lymphoma cancer). (2) Harmon Killebrew* – Minnesota Twins MLB in the 70’s – over 500 home runs. Go Twins! (3) Barry Sanders – NFL Detroit Lions running back (even though he left the sport before his time was finished.) (24) And of course #24, Jeff Gordon! (NASCAR 4-time champion!)
EmployersRuss Rolinger – 1st boss ever (other than my daily paper route in 1967), in Cedar Falls, IA. – owner of Rolinger’s Restaurant. Ellis & Noelle Clark – Hasselbring-Clark Co. business owners in Lansing, MI. Seven years of appreciated service. David Selby (International Executive Dir. - Derek Prince Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale and Charlotte).
Each of these individuals put something in my life, which continues to have lasting value. I can recall how they each dealt with situations that arose and brought challenges to overcome. They achieved something that cost them something. They left an appreciative and honorable mark for those who would, and did, follow. (A few of them still do!)
But the One Who has had the most impact in my life, and for all eternity will, is the One Who created all of these heroes. He is the One who sits on the throne, before and after He Himself “walked the walk” on this young planet.
Jesus came into my life when I was around five or six (that I was aware of.) I was in the first grade. He had already placed me within a family, with parents who themselves laid down their lives for mine. Then He surrounded me with seven siblings (along with my pet dog Tawny, a straggly old mutt!) who learned to love one other. (I loved to tease my five sisters though!)
Jesus taught me, through His Holy Spirit, by leading me on, whether I knowingly or unknowingly acknowledged Him; through the trials, the tribulations, the joys and the fantastic travels of life thus far. Learning to hear His voice, discern between good and evil, and allow Him to ultimately mold me into His image, is still an ongoing, lifelong process. But I am glad He is.
You too have heroes in your life. You too have opportunities to hear His voice, to be led by His Holy Spirit, and to encourage others along the way to do the same. Keep on walking the walk He has thus far brought you on, to get you to this point in your life. Acknowledge Him in all your ways. Give thanks for the good that is ahead of you, for His plans are always good.
He will continue to light the way, for His purposes to be achieved in our lives. We are even given another year to know Him. Allow Him to make it your best year yet.
Carry on comrades!
Ahava to all,
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*(Sidebar) As a young kid, I had a “Harmon Killebrew” signature wooden baseball bat. I pretended I was him when I swung, to hit a home run. In 1972, my junior year of high school, as the center fielder, our team went to the state finals. My school record of triples and walks stayed on the school gym wall for many years. My desire to emulate one of my heroes helped me reach goals, and helped teach me life disciplines. Our “heroes” encourage us!
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