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Ahava Love Letter - "U-N-I-T-Y" is spelled..."

Ahava Love Letter
 “U-N-I-T-Y” Is Spelled…”
 Jesus prayed, “That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You…” John 17:21
Dear family of friends,
If God prayed a prayer, do you think it will get answered? I do. And I am seeking to be a part of that answered prayer. Want to also?
When the Lord asked me to write these Ahava Love Letters, I responded “I will”. Over the years I have learned that if I say “I will” to Him, then no matter how it happens, or where He leads me on that journey, I know I will certainly get there. Even if it takes a few hours, days, month, years, or decades to accomplish it. My part is to hear and obey. His committed part is to finish it.
When I woke up at 2:43 a.m. on Christmas Eve morning in 2010, the word in my head was “unity.” I thus considered the real possibility that the Lord had something He wanted to share with me. Then maybe with you.
But when I came down to my cozy brown prayer chair to start writing, I checked my e-mails on my new Blackberry Torch first. Answered them. Then listened to a song by Robert Critchley of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship revival fame, called “Waterfall.”
(Sidebar: Andrew, my future son-in-law, had been over the night before, after the church Christmas program. He mentioned that song. Laurie and I had also recorded it on an All Nations Church Watch of the Lord night CD, over ten years ago. Andrew said he still listens occasionally to our version, and told me that then. Actually, I had just downloaded it onto my Blackberry the day before, along with Don Moen and Paul Wilbur, my longtime favorites.)
Finally, I turned on my HP laptop, complete with broken screen. It was 4:45 a.m. Over two hours later (just to help you with the math.)
Sometimes it takes me a little while to get on to what the Lord really wants me to do. Like walk in unity, that I want to further share about. (Sidetracks happen.)  J
Do you ever wonder why it takes us so long to actually do what the Lord wants us to do? I sometimes grow weary on waiting. Especially when it takes years for a promise from Him to come about in my life. Imagine the patience He has had, after praying that prayer of unity for us, in Jerusalem, near the Temple Mount, around 33 A.D. (only 1978 years ago.)
That prayer that petitioned His Father, God Almighty, for us, His sons and daughters, to walk in unity. Is Jesus wearied by our lack of cooperation, and does He know something we don’t know?
The English alphabet spelling of “unity” is interesting, especially if you are using the “New Steve of Charlotte Version” of the dictionary. Whenever I have “spoken” new, creative words that are already in my dictionary, some have laughed. My response thus far has been simply, “Every new word begins at some point in time. I just created a new one.” (I like George W. Bush a lot. Sarah Palin too. Very creative!)
So consider this. Unity starts with “U” (as in the text version of “you.”) Add the “N” (as also in text language for “and.”) Place “I” in the middle (so we each have someone on both sides of us to uphold and walk next to.) Then bring on the “T” (as in “together”), and finish strong, with a bang, using the English letter “Y”. Why? Because He prayed it. (Or as Curtis Loftin suggested, “Y” is for “Yeshua (Jesus)”, where we can be together in Him.
Now repeat this out loud with me. “You and I together”.  Y? Because He prayed it. Yeshua.
God’s prayers will get answered. They will get fulfilled. They simply will happen. My prayer is that it will happen in my lifetime. With you and me. With the church down the highway. With the one across the railroad tracks. Include the ones of the “other color” of people that He has already included among His own. And absolutely be sure to keep the part of His Body that proclaims Yeshua is the Messiah (which He is.)
Look around you. Who is the Lord asking you to walk in unity with? He and/or she may already be standing there. If not, I hope you find them soon and get connected. You and I need each other now more than ever.
Have a good ahava day. Beautiful here in Charlotte!
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