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Ahava Love letter - "Heroes"

Ahava Love Letter
 “Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Prov. 22:6
Dear family of friends,
Growing up brings many influencing events and subjects into our lives. These come to us, and at us, from many sources. Family, friends, school, work, sports, and entertainment personnel shape our thoughts and ideas of life, and for life. Molding, shaping, directing as we walk on by.
There are several outside of my family that brought encouragement, commitment and a sense of duty in my youth and beyond. These did it unknowingly, for they didn’t even know who I was. (In some cases, birth hadn’t even come about as yet for yo!) But their messages and stories of courage, persistence and fortitude impacted my life, and still do.
Over the years I read many biographies. I watched. I listened. I imitated as I could. I learned what to do, and what not to do. Determined to continue to bend, adjust, and always pray more, growth came.
To name a few of these influencers, which were “heroes” in those days now gone, the following come to mind.
Teacher/Coach: Sister Mary Matthew – Immaculate Conception first grade teacher in Gilbertville, IA., who survived her first grade 50 students.  Duke Dutkowski – high school baseball coach at Columbus in Waterloo, IA. We won many. State finals in 1972!
Believers: Moses, who led His people to freedom. St. Francis of Assisi – and many more “saints” and martyrs of the faith. Eric Liddell (“Chariots of Fire” movie fame) – 1924 Olympic gold winner and missionary to China. Billy and Franklin Graham – father and son, carry on. Derek Prince – Bible teacher, Israel! Don Moen – worship leader whom I admire greatly. Rick Joyner – along with Julie and team, MorningStar has been a great inspiration for the last 24 years. David Livingstone – adventurer in Africa. (Still will happen!)
Leaders: Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the USA during Civil War. Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the USA in the 80’s. George W. Bush – 43rd President of the USA. His terms will be honored. David Ben Gurion & Golda Meir – Israel Prime Ministers who led their young (but 3000 years old) country against all odds.
Actors: Gregory Peck (“To Kill A Mocking Bird” actor, as Atticus Finch). Of course Steve Martin, comedian.
Sports Figures: (1) Daniel Eugene "Rudy" Ruettiger  – Notre Dame running back (for only one or two plays his senior year.) My Dad and I met him about 12 years ago. Jerome Lukas wanted to bless my Dad, before he passed on (due to lymphoma cancer). (2) Harmon Killebrew* – Minnesota Twins MLB in the 70’s – over 500 home runs. Go Twins! (3) Barry Sanders – NFL Detroit Lions running back (even though he left the sport before his time was finished.) (24) And of course #24, Jeff Gordon! (NASCAR 4-time champion!)
EmployersRuss Rolinger – 1st boss ever (other than my daily paper route in 1967), in Cedar Falls, IA. – owner of Rolinger’s Restaurant. Ellis & Noelle Clark – Hasselbring-Clark Co. business owners in Lansing, MI. Seven years of appreciated service. David Selby (International Executive Dir. - Derek Prince Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale and Charlotte).
Each of these individuals put something in my life, which continues to have lasting value. I can recall how they each dealt with situations that arose and brought challenges to overcome. They achieved something that cost them something. They left an appreciative and honorable mark for those who would, and did, follow. (A few of them still do!)
But the One Who has had the most impact in my life, and for all eternity will, is the One Who created all of these heroes. He is the One who sits on the throne, before and after He Himself “walked the walk” on this young planet.
Jesus came into my life when I was around five or six (that I was aware of.) I was in the first grade. He had already placed me within a family, with parents who themselves laid down their lives for mine. Then He surrounded me with seven siblings (along with my pet dog Tawny, a straggly old mutt!) who learned to love one other. (I loved to tease my five sisters though!)
Jesus taught me, through His Holy Spirit, by leading me on, whether I knowingly or unknowingly acknowledged Him; through the trials, the tribulations, the joys and the fantastic travels of life thus far. Learning to hear His voice, discern between good and evil, and allow Him to ultimately mold me into His image, is still an ongoing, lifelong process. But I am glad He is.
You too have heroes in your life. You too have opportunities to hear His voice, to be led by His Holy Spirit, and to encourage others along the way to do the same. Keep on walking the walk He has thus far brought you on, to get you to this point in your life. Acknowledge Him in all your ways. Give thanks for the good that is ahead of you, for His plans are always good.
He will continue to light the way, for His purposes to be achieved in our lives. We are even given another year to know Him. Allow Him to make it your best year yet.
Carry on comrades!
Ahava to all,
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*(Sidebar) As a young kid, I had a “Harmon Killebrew” signature wooden baseball bat. I pretended I was him when I swung, to hit a home run. In 1972, my junior year of high school, as the center fielder, our team went to the state finals. My school record of triples and walks stayed on the school gym wall for many years. My desire to emulate one of my heroes helped me reach goals, and helped teach me life disciplines. Our “heroes” encourage us!
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