Tuesday, October 31, 2017

They said goodbye. I said, "Thank you Lord!" - My last day at the office before retirement from accounting - Steve Martin

They said goodbye. 
I said, "Thank you, Lord!" 
My last day at the office 
- as I retired from accounting. 
Steve Martin, former Accountant
Charlotte Center City Partners

My co-worker and friend, Meir Jones (Office Manager)

 Former co-workers came back to bless me.
(L-R) Jovanna Mozeak, Cherie Grant, Eleni Saunders (now my former boss)
Rashan Peak (and me in the back)

 Grace and Monica

 Kyle Bridges - Director of Neighborhoods

Following is a "word" from the Lord, which as an accountant I heard, and received, loud and clear!

On this day, October 31, 2017, on my last drive the 16 miles to uptown Charlotte from my home in Pineville, North Carolina, I knew the odometer on my Hyundai Elantra was going to turn over to "8888" miles. I was prepared to take a picture, believing this was a good word from the Lord.

Knowing that the number "8" means "new beginning", I was excited that the Lord chose this way, on this special retirement day, to show me His purpose and plan for myself was one of always being good.

What made it extra exciting and appreciative was that the odometer turned over to "8888" miles at Exit 8 on Interstate 77, as I headed north on the road. (at 6:04 am) Having brought my Canon camera with me for this last day at the CCCP office, I was prepared to record this word on camera. I also had my iPhone to take a photo.

With the five "8's" now appearing before me, loud and clear, the Lord Himself was also speaking to me "loud and clear." He was letting me know that this was a time of full grace (5 meaning grace) for the new beginning (8) in the days and years ahead.

I absolutely believe it and receive it.

Yeah God!

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin
Love For His People

Astronomy Study Confirms Biblical Account of Joshua’s Sun-Stopping Miracle - Breaking Israel News

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Oct. 31, 2017

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Fearless Arab Woman Tells the Truth About Israel Despite Death Threats - Israel Today Staff

Fearless Arab Woman Tells the Truth About Israel Despite Death Threats

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 |  Israel Today Staff

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37 Percent Rate Increase In 2018??? Obamacare Is Imploding And It Must Be Repealed Now! - Michael Snyder THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG

Posted: 30 Oct 2017  Michael Snyder  THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG

Are you ready to pay 37 percent more for health insurance in 2018?  Obamacare is imploding faster than most of us imagined, and these rate increases are absolutely killing hard working middle class families all across the country.  I wrote about the steady erosion of the middle class yesterday, and health insurance is one of the main reasons why the cost of living is increasing at a much faster rate than our paychecks are.  

It greatly frustrates me that we have given the Republicans control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives and Obamacare still has not been repealed.  The truth is that should have happened on day one of the Trump presidency.

Monday’s news was dominated by headlines about the indictments of Paul Manafort and Robert Gates, but a new round of Obamacare rate increases is going to have much more of a direct impact on the lives of ordinary Americans.  According to CNN, premiums for silver Obamacare plans will increase by an average of 37 percent next year…
Premiums for the benchmark silver Obamacare plan will soar 37%, on average, for 2018, according to federal data released Monday.
And remember, this 37 percent increase is on top of all of the other yearly increases that we have seen so far.  Many families have already seen their health insurance premiums more than double since Obamacare became law, and now things are going to get even worse.
The silver plans are the most popular, and this is especially true among younger people.  According to that same CNN story, a 27-year-old will now be paying almost five thousand dollars a year for one of these silver plans…
The steep rate hike means a 27-year-old will pay nearly $5,000 a year, on average, for the benchmark silver plan, upon which premium subsides are based. That’s up from $2,600 when the Obamacare exchanges opened in 2014. This is before subsidies are factored in, however.
Premiums are skyrocketing for a second year in a row. Rates rose 24% this year in the states using healthcare.gov.
Do you know any 27-year-old that can afford to pay $5000 a year for health insurance?
I don’t.

And because deductibles are so high, most of them are quite afraid to go to the hospital anyway.

As Obamacare plan premiums go up, so do the subsidies.  At this point more than 80 percent of all those enrolled in Obamacare plans receive subsidies, and that means that much of the burden for paying these rate increases ultimately falls on the taxpayers.
And by taxpayers, I mean you and me.

Here in Idaho, the rate increases are going to be even higher than the national average.  In fact, it is being reported that silver plan rates will be going up by an average of about 50 percent in 2018…
Idaho Statesman reporter Audrey Dutton reports that the largest increases are proposed in the “silver” plans, which are the most popular ones on the exchange, falling mid-range in pricing and benefits between the lower-level “bronze” plans and the high-end “gold” plans. Silver plans are showing average increases of 50 percent in premiums; they range from a low of 40 percent at Blue Cross to 69 percent at SelectHealth.
Needless to say, Idaho families cannot afford these sorts of rate increases, and I am for a 100 percent repeal of Obamacare immediately.  In my new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters”, I touch on some of the things that we need to do to start fixing our deeply broken healthcare system.  We once had the greatest system of healthcare on the entire planet, and I believe that we can get there again, but we desperately need to return to free market principles.  I am very much in favor of the kinds of association buying groups that Rand Paul has proposed, and I would like to see exciting new concepts such as direct primary care implemented much more extensively.

Doing nothing is not an option.  The longer that Obamacare is allowed to exist, the more financial damage it will do to middle class families.

Today, we learned that the U.S. savings rate has fallen to a 10 year low.  Most families cannot save much money because they are just scraping by from month to month.  The middle class is now a minority of the population, and as health insurance rates continue to rise the financial stress on American families is only going to intensify.

We also just learned that real disposable income per capita has been declining since May.  The following comes from Wolf Richter
But consumers don’t feel that. What they feel is their slice of the pie, but that pie got cut into more slices as the US population expanded. And this leaves disposable income “per capita,” which the BEA also discloses, but mercifully buried in the data.
This real disposable income per capita — a function of income, taxes, inflation, and population growth — peaked in May and has been declining ever since.
A 37 percent rate increase is going to be absolutely devastating to those that are on silver plans.  We were promised that Obamacare would make healthcare cheaper and more affordable, but instead the exact opposite has been true.

By the time the 2018 mid-term elections roll around, there are going to be tens of millions of Americans that are deeply angry about health insurance rates, and many believe that they will take that anger out on Democrats and on establishment Republicans that blocked the repeal of Obamacare.

But the Democrats are hoping for a different result.  They are hoping to retake either the House or the Senate in 2018, and if Republicans have not repealed Obamacare by then the Democrats will completely block any further attempts to do so.

The clock is ticking, and the Republicans need to get something done.  Up to this point they have completely fumbled the football, but there is still time to recover if they can get their act together.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

Milestones - Now Think On This by Steve Martin


Now Think On This
Steve Martin

“Then Jacob took a stone and set it up as a pillar.” (Genesis 31:45, NASU) 

We all have milestones in our lives. Those special days that come and we note them in special ways. We commemorate what has happened, who has done a tremendous thing, or an accomplishment has come about that we want to remember. These have touched our hearts with joy, and we want to remember the good that we have experienced. And sometimes they were a time of sadness, that our minds will recall years later, lest we ever forget.

On many occasions the good Lord of Israel spoke to His children, instructing them to set up stones, build an altar in fact, on a specific spot. This location would be marked, for themselves, their children, and the grands that followed behind. They would have a place to come back to, in order to remember that which had been done, most often miraculously, on their behalf.

This would be a place where a life moment, a unique notch on the timeline of their lives, etched in stone, and left behind to always note the crossing they had just come through. He wanted them to leave a memorial, a marker on that exact location, so they could look back upon it years later, and again rejoice in His faithfulness in getting them to that point.

(Photo: My hand in the creek bed where David most likely collected stones and killed his enemy, Goliath. Israel May 2008).

After seeking, searching, going after the reward set before us, and then having reached that point, we too must place a stone for memory’s sake. We must note that an achievement has taken place. We will want to recall later exactly what the Lord did in our life then - enabling us to get through it all, to finish that portion of the race, and then enabled to receive the hard-earned reward awaiting each of us who have pressed on to the finish line.

Through it all, by never giving up, never quitting, defeating those days of discouragement that come to all, all the time determined to do what it takes to get through that hour, that month, those years. And when it is accomplished, we set down the milestone right there. Later on, we will be able to look back and say, “Yes, the Lord brought me through that. He was there, all the times, holding my hand, carrying me often, encouraging me along the path. I got to finish line in the race He had set before me.”

Today, look back and think of the milestones you have laid down, knowingly or knowingly, and give thanks to the Lord Jesus for what He has done in your life.

Remember those times when you thought you just couldn’t get through another day, and yet you did. He brought you through.

Remember what you said, when you stood before that mountain, and spoke out loud, “I just can’t cross this one!” And then you found yourself on the other side, carried on the wings of the angels He sent specifically to you, to get you there on the other side.

Recall the people He sent your way, who gave an encouraging word at just the time you really needed one; who wrote a heart-touching note or simply sent a text, that helped you do it one more time, when before you had told yourself you couldn’t do it one more time. But now you did. You made it, and now you can leave that stone of remembrance.

“I am trusting You My God. I am trusting You my God,” sings Jason Upton in my earphones right now. Yes, the ultimate act of worship – trusting the One Who enables, Who gets us through, Who instructs us to leave a milestone, helping to recall what He has done. He knows there will be times when we will need to look back at that time, that place, and say once again, “Yes, He is my Savoir. He brought me through it again.”

“For Adonai is good, his grace continues forever, and his faithfulness lasts through all generations.” (Psalm 100:5, Complete Jewish Bible)

Trust in the Lord. Call on His name. Trust and believe in Him today, tomorrow, until the very end. And then lay down that milestone and say with all your heart, “We did it, Lord. You brought me through. You helped me finish this race.”

Shalom and ahava (peace and love in Hebrew).

Now think on this,

Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.

P.S. I mark this day as the one when I retire from my accounting job, the last leg of this race, completing 52 years of serving in organizations, companies, and Christian ministries. I have finished this race, and am now ready to start the new one set before me! Yeah God!!! 

The following letter is from my good friend at work, Meir Jones. Thank you, Meir, for your very encouraging word! Ahava my friend!

                    Cheshvan 11, 5778
Steve –                                       
May this new journey you’re taking, lead you to amazing heights of Shalom!

From the first day, I walked into this new role of work and met you, I knew we would be great friends; one might say kindred spirits.

It’s not often, one meets a kind soul that encourages and befriends within the business world. You, my friend, did both!

May the laughter we shared, continue to fill the days and hours, while you do His work.

Keep smiling and know all is well.
                                       Shalom, Meir

Meir Jones, Steve Martin - Charlotte Center City Partners Oct. 26, 2017

Gift from my Greek lady boss, Eleni Saunders - Charlotte Center City Partner
Oct. 31, 2017  Charlotte, North Carolina USA

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Now Think On This - in the Year of our Lord 10.31.17 - #326 – “Milestones”

Tuesday, 5:00 am  My retirement day!