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Monday, January 7, 2019

'Trump Proudly Backs Israel’s Right to Self-Defense'; Israel to Demand Compensation from Arabs for Expelling Jews; Bolton Visits Western Wall - United with Israel

CBS Refuses to Pull Pro-Israel Interview with Egyptian Leader; CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelPink Floyd Tribute Rejects BDS, Rocks Tel Aviv! Prison Party’s Over for Palestinian Terrorists; Is Iran on the Brink of Collapse? Israelis Help in Philippines After Devastating Tropical Storm 
‘Trump Proudly Backs Israel’s Right to Self-Defense,’ Declares Bolton in Jerusalem
Israel to Demand Compensation for Jews Expelled from Arab Countries
WATCH: Bolton Visits Western Wall; Palestinians Threaten ‘Lawlessness’
CBS Refuses to Pull Pro-Israel Interview with Egyptian Leader
WATCH: Pink Floyd Tribute Band Rejects BDS, Rocks Tel Aviv
Opinion: The Prison Party’s Over for Hamas and Fatah
WATCH: Is Iran on the Brink of Collapse?
Israeli Team En Route to Philippines in Wake of Devastating Tropical Storm
WATCH: Would You Tolerate Terror Tunnels Under YOUR Home?
Georgia Police Train With Israeli Counterparts, Tell BDS to Get Lost
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Israel: +972-2-533-7841

Monday, February 26, 2018

Yeshua caught up with an Israeli girl in Berlin! - ONE FOR ISRAEL

Dr. Erez Soref, President of ONE FOR ISRAEL 
"But don't forget this one thing, loved ones, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day. 
The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some consider slowness. Rather, He is being patient toward you - not wanting anyone to perish, but for all to come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:8-9)
God is bringing in a great harvest in the Middle East, and every day Jews and Arabs are being saved. Stories like Barri's below show that you can be Jewish and follow Jesus! The Messiah is coming back, but He wants as many to turn to Him as possible, all over the world.

A team of Arabs and Jews from our Bible college, Israel College of the Bible, has just returned from a mission trip to Berlin. 

Many Israelis and Muslims who now live in Berlin are very open to the gospel. Our team shared a Shabbat meal with some 30 non-believers and was able to share the gospel with them all. Carlos shared his testimony and opened the discussion about Yeshua and salvation. One girl from Lod in Israel received the Lord - she had heard the gospel back in Israel, but made the step to follow Yeshua right there with the team. 

Together with local believers, our team has been able to share with many Muslims from Syria, Iran, and other places in the Middle East. They have also had the privilege to work with and encourage some new believers from Muslim backgrounds. Please pray there would be much fruit from their labors - fruit that will last!

Four Things Hidden in the Book of Esther

This week we will celebrate the feast of Purim! Purim commemorates the narrow escape of the Jewish people from the threat of annihilation and the courage of Queen Esther who bravely stood up for her people. The word "purim" means "lots," due to the method that wicked Haman used to decide the date that they would wipe out the Jewish people in the provinces of Persia. The story is well known, but there are several things hiding beneath the surface in this unusual book of the Bible. Continue reading...

Why Does Fasting Work?
People who take prayer seriously will know how powerful fasting is. But what is it about missing meals that makes prayer so potent? And does fasting from social media or chocolate have the same effect?Continue reading...


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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog - How do Israelis, Arabs & Evangelicals view V.P. Pence’s address to the Knesset? My interviews.

New post on Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


How do Israelis, Arabs & Evangelicals view V.P. Pence’s address to the Knesset? (My interviews with Fox News, CBN News & an Israeli newspaper.)

by joelcrosenberg
(Jerusalem, Israel) -- On Monday, I was humbled to be invited to watch Vice President Mike Pence's historic address to the Knesset from inside the chamber.
It was the first time an American Vice President had ever addressed Israel's 120-seat parliament, and Mr. Pence certainly covered a lot of ground and stirred an enormous amount of controversy. Among his key points, V.P.: 
  • Spoke of his personal affection for Israel and the Jewish people and cited or alluded to more Scripture than probably any foreign leader who has spoken there.
  • Called on the Palestinian leadership to "come back to the table" and agree to direct peace talks with Israel (they have refused such talks since 2014).
  • Praised Israeli, Egyptian and Jordanian leaders for making peace treaties in the past with American help.
  • Underscored the nuances of President Trump's December announcement on Jerusalem and discussed the U.S. embassy's move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  • Spoke of the near eradication of ISIS's caliphate by a U.S.-Arab-Kurdish alliance.
  • And warned that the "apocalyptic" leaders of Iran would never be allowed to acquire nuclear warheads.
  • [Read the official White House speech transcript here. Watch the video of the full Special Session of Knesset -- including speeches by PM Netanyahu and Israel's opposition leader Herzog -- here. The VP's remarks begin at the 24:33 minute mark.]
A reporter for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz asked me how American Evangelical Christians would respond to the speech. Here are excerpts from his story....
  • "Joel Rosenberg, an Evangelical author and activist who lives in Jerusalem, told Haaretz that 'most American evangelicals will be very happy with this speech. He expressed very strong support for Israel.' Rosenberg, who attended Pence's speech in the Knesset, added that 'the vice president used more scripture and allusions to the bible that any speech by a foreign leader that I can recall. He did it in a very respectful way.' 
  • 'Rosenberg cautioned, however, that not all evangelicals in the United States and around the world share the same views regarding the Trump administration's approach to the Middle East peace process. 'Some Evangelicals ask how the timing of the Jerusalem decision served the purpose of reaching a peace deal,' he said. 'Did the vice president's speech make things easier today for the leaders of Jordan and Egypt, who both told him about some hardships caused by the Jerusalem decision? Probably not.'"....
Here's a link to the interview I did with CBN News (runs about 30 minutes).
Here, too, is the both video and transcript of the interview I did with Shannon Bream, anchor of Fox News @ Night (the video runs about 4:45 minutes).
SHANNON BREAM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: A Palestinian negotiator is accusing the Vice President of using his religion to set diplomatic policy.
[VIDEO CLIP OF HANAN ASHRAWI, Palestinian legislator]: He brought to bear his ideological, fundamentalist, literalist interpretation of the Bible in order to punish the Palestinians and reward the aggressors, the Israeli occupiers. This is entirely unacceptable. It is not only illegal. It is immoral. It is inhuman.
SHANNON BREAM: Joining me now in Jerusalem is New York Times best-selling author and founding member of the Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem, Joel Rosenberg. Great to have you with us today.
JOEL C. ROSENBERG: Great to be with you, Shannon. Welcome to Jerusalem.
BREAM: Thank you very much. It’s such a fascinating, beautiful area. We have really enjoyed our time here, though it’s been quick. It’s not surprising that the Palestinian lawmaker you just heard from didn’t appreciate the Vice President’s use of the Bible. Also hearing from the top Palestinian negotiator [Saeb Erekat] – whom we talked with a couple of days ago in Ramallah – saying this, “The messianic discourse of Pence is a gift to extremists and has proven that the U.S. administration is part of the problem rather than the solution.” Not surprising.
ROSENBERG: Actually, it is surprising. I mean, it’s not surprising that the top Palestinian leadership is so upset. But it is surprising in the sense that Pence concluded his entire speech – I was there – [by saying], “We need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” He called for Palestinians to come back to the table. He’s saying that the boundaries of Jerusalem aren’t even settled – right? He reiterated what President Trump said in his Jerusalem announcement in December.
The point is, this is the moment for the Palestinian leadership, “They’re not negotiated? They’re not final? Great. Let’s have that discussion.” Now, Jerusalem is the toughest issue in this conflict, and it’s a divisive one. But it’s not clear why the Palestinian leadership is saying, “We won’t talk. Forget it. It’s over.” Your interview with Saeb Erekat was illuminating and fascinating.
And Mahmoud Abbas said in a big speech the other day to the Palestinian leadership that, “You may not see me again. This may be my last speech.” We may be heading for a post-Abbas era. It’s not clear where the process goes from there.
BREAM: It’s interesting because with Erekat, I continually pushed the fact that the President did have nuance to what he said, that he wanted this to be about, “We’re not decided the borders, the boundaries. We’re not making any final assessment. We’re the U.S. We’re outside. We’re just saying that we’re recognizing Jerusalem as the capital. You all will work out those details.” But to Erekat, there was no difference. He said, “We heard the headline, and that’s it.”
ROSENBERG: That’s right and I think that’s a challenge. I know that Vice President Pence spoke to President el-Sisi in Egypt, and with King Abdullah in Jordan about this, which is a very sensitive issue. But it is interesting that effectively what the President and Vice President are saying is, “West Jerusalem is a set issue.” And it has been.
The Palestinians aren’t actually asking, really – at least at the leadership level – for West Jerusalem. So the debate is over East Jerusalem, or some neighborhoods of East Jerusalem. So if they [the Palestinians] don’t negotiate, then generations of Palestinian suffering go on, ad infinitum. It’s not clear how this leadership – Abbas and Erekat – what their plan is.
You know, we pray for Saeb Erekat. You were talking to him about his health. He’s just had a lung transplant in the United States. I’m so glad that has gone well. But these men seem tired. Actually, everybody in the region is tired of the fight. But if you won’t sit down and negotiate, it’s not clear how to make the situation better.
BREAM: Right -- you don’t have a voice.
ROSENBERG: I thought the Pence speech was excellent in calling for peace, in clarifying the President’s position, but affirming that America is with Israel as an ally -- but it’s also with Jordan as an ally, and with Egypt as an ally.
In fact, Pence noted that many people think that peace is not possible. But this is not theoretical. The Vice President was saying, “The United States has helped Egypt make peace with Israel, and Israel make peace with Jordan. Two of the most difficult elements of this conflict have been dealt with, and these treaties have lasted -- but those treaties have lasted because men were willing to sit down and make hard choices face to face.
I’m sympathetic to the Palestinians, but I don’t understand how they make their lives better for their people if they won’t sit down.
BREAM: Yeah, and I repeatedly asked Erekat what would get them back to the table. I mean, I’m no peace negotiator. So he’s not going to tell me. But there was just no answer he could give me, short of them [the Trump administration] revoking what they just said about Jerusalem, and we know that’s not going to happen.
Thank you very much for your insights.
ROSENBERG: It’s great to be with you, and these are interesting days and challenging moments.
BREAM: Well, we appreciate your expertise.
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