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“Your Assignment” - Ahava Love Letter (Steve Martin)


          “Your Assignment” 

“and the young man did not put off doing what was asked of him, even though he was the most respected member of his father’s family, because he so much wanted Ya‘akov’ s daughter.” Genesis 34:19 
(CJB – Complete Jewish Bible)

Dear family of friends,

Lance Wallnau has a unique way of sharing truth in a way that makes sense. When he speaks, I listen. Others do too.

He reminds me of how Bob Mumford taught God’s Word in the 1970’s and onward, for those who know Bob and experienced his words coming at you. Both he and Lance have such practical ways of delivery that I have come to really appreciate. If you haven’t caught my recommendation already of these two, I do encourage you to!

In a message I heard at a KBA gathering (Kingdom Business Association) at the MorningStar/Heritage International Ministries location in 2013, Lance spoke on our assignments as individuals. As I listened again to his heart stirring message, on the CD driving into uptown Charlotte to my accounting job, a crisp fall Monday morning at 6:15 am, the Lord continued to give clarity to my new assignment. His ongoing encouragement caused me to share this Ahava Love Letter with you.

Do you know your assignment?

Each one of us has been given a purpose, a plan, a gifting which fits together with the Lord’s purposes and plans of those He connects us with. Your “talents” and skills acquired, which are unique in the fact that there is no one else exactly like you, are given to fulfill His perfect plan in the nations.

Do you know what they are? Have you asked Him lately?

Over a period of two decades (literally – no “evangelistically” speaking here) I have received many prophetic words about what the Lord has called me to do. For about 30 of those years I literally denied it, thinking “That is not me.” My job and training had put me in one sector of the business/ministry realm, which I was at least somewhat comfortable in. (In case you are wondering, I was the Director/Administrator of three international ministries for a period of 24 years total. Administration, finances and conferences were my thing.) The prophetic words which I actually despised hearing always told me, “You are a teacher.”

In my denial of not being that, for I wasn’t a real student of the Bible, hadn’t memorized Scripture chapters over my growing years, let alone a lot of single verses, my brain thoughts convinced me that the job I was doing was it for the rest of my life. Even if I was not satisfied and fully fulfilled in doing that.

When I finally “Got it” in the heart, the teaching aspect of my calling, my assignment, started to blossom. I didn’t have to be the “Derek Prince” or the “A.W.Tozer”, or even a “Charles Spurgeon” in my lifetime. I could be me, just as the Father of All created me to be. And so my teaching gift is mostly that of sharing life’s experiences, and encouraging you to do the same in your gifting.

Our assignment here on this planet is simple. Do what the Father has put in your heart to do. You don’t have to be the rocket scientist if you are the graphic artist. Be the graphic artist you have been born to do to your fullest! Give it all you got, and learn more in the giving! Many will be blessed in your fruitful contribution to the Body of Christ, along with the nations who long to see His Creative working in their own lives.

If you are not sure yet of your assignment, your calling, your purpose, don’t be discouraged. The Lord has so much love for you that as you seek Him, He will reveal it to you. Walk in that which you know to do already. Be obedient in hearing His voice - in your prayer time, as you do your daily job, as you sleep at night and He speaks to you in dreams. Be encouraged that He wants to show you far more than we even think or know. He is the Faithful One. His fullness of faith will become yours.

Believe me, denial in your walk may last a while, but if your heart is to follow after the Lord Jesus with all your heart, His plan and purposes will be revealed to you.

And all of us will be on the receiving end of you walking in your assignment! Thanks!

Ahava to my family of friends,

Steve Martin

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