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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Dream Encounters by Barbie Breathitt IDENTITY NETWORK

Dream Encounters by Barbie Breathitt

Dream Encounters by Barbie Breathitt

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By Adrian Beale & Adam F. Thompson
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Recurring Dreams

Why do we sometimes dream the same dream over and over? The main reason dreams reoccur is that we have not entered into the understanding of the message yet. So the same dream message continues to play over and over. Sometimes the characters change or the setting changes, but the overall message remains the same. Once we come into the understanding and we apply the wisdom and insight of the dream's meaning to our lives the dream will cease to replay. 

Oftentimes, through recurring dreams, God is trying to communicate something. When we finally understand what he is saying to us, the dream script will stop repeating itself. Our dreams will change when our behaviors change. We can have several different types of dreams but they all deal with the same underlying theme. A biblical example is Pharaoh's dream of the seven cows and seven ears of grain. (Genesis 41:1–7)


Why do we have nightmares, and how can we eliminate disturbing dreams? Nightmares are about things in our lives that we fear. We are not to be fearful or run from the enemy or difficulties but face them in God's power and boldness. Once we face and confront our fears they will stop haunting us. The people, places, and events in our dreams hold tremendous significance for understanding ourselves. Nightmares are simply messages from the deepest part of us to our consciousness calling for change. If unheeded, not only may we continue to suffer from the unpleasantness of a "bad" dream, but we run the risk of perpetuating negativity in our waking life.

Sometimes a nightmare can be a wakeup call from God. Oftentimes when we ignore what God is trying to speak to us through dreams, whether consciously or subconsciously we can experience nightmares. These terrors of the night get the point across in a graphic way, in order to make a lasting impression on us, so that we will remember the dream and dig into its meaning.

Universal Symbols

There are universal symbols such as the circle, which represents covenant, wholeness, or completeness. But sometimes only the dreamer knows the meanings of the symbols. So in order to accurately interpret dreams, the interpreter should ask questions to find out what personal significance a particular dream symbol holds for that person. Symbols can have totally different meanings to each dreamer. Although they are not as important as people in our dreams, animals can be of large significance as well and sometimes portray our emotional state. 

People are usually symbolic of our inner person. As light divides the colors of a prism so a dream will help divide the various parts of our personality. Dreams help us to rightly discern our true selves and to remove the mask that we wear to protect ourselves from our world. Dreams help us to learn to listen to God's voice through symbolic language. They enable us to cooperate with God's greater purpose and plan for our lives. Dreams help us to reach our untapped potential by bringing us into harmony with ourselves, God, and others. They enable us to get at the heart of the matter.

If we want God to speak to us through dreams and visions, he will. God is not a respecter of persons. Abraham, Jacob, Mary and Joseph, Peter, the Prophets, Gideon, Solomon, Daniel, Joseph, and heathen Kings were all lead by dreams and visions, so we are in good company. We must pursue God and learn the way he speaks through dream symbols and night parables. We should focus on and give attention to our personal dream language. Develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and he will give insight, revelation and the interpretation for not only our dreams but for the dreams of others as well.

Interpreting the Essence of a Dream's Theme

Identifying the essence or tone of a dream means we are determining the theme, main concept, or message that the dream brings to light.

To capture the essence of the dream, the dreamer should first record the main symbols of the dream removing the extraneous details, objects, and names but retaining the action of the dream. This should be done before the dream is evaluated by point of view or perspective. The theme or main concept of the dream will provide the focus of what or who the dream is about.

Each person has a unique dream vocabulary that has been assigned specific meanings depending on the dreamer's life experiences. Personal symbols in dreams are joined with surrounding details that give them life and dimension. While to some a candle symbolizes romance, ambiance, and beauty, to others it may symbolize their only source of warmth, poverty, and shame. Dogs are known as "man's best friend." This interpretation may apply to dog lovers but not to the person who was viciously mauled by an angry dog as a child. Animals are used in dreams to symbolize our good and bad character traits.

Children and babies often represent a new phase or beginning, immaturity, or childishness, innocence, purity, naivety, spiritual fruit, or something that is very dependent upon us for its well-being.

The dreams that God formulates to speak to us in our sleep are oftentimes very precise. They efficiently address multiple areas, layers, issues, and topics as they reveal concealed knowledge and hidden mysteries come to light through one short dream. It is not unusual for one dream to address both a personal concern and a universal meaning that can be applied to other situations. 

A dream can forewarn by predicting the future and enable the dreamer to prepare by removing health issues or character flaws or to solve a problem that is arising. We associate dream symbols with our personal experiences and the memories those experiences inspire. The symbols that appear in dreams evoke certain reactions or responses from the dreamer based on that person's individual makeup.

The dreamer will often ask more questions when the interpreter is only giving the essence of the dreams meaning. This technique will keep dialogue and communication flowing between the dreamer and the interpreter. There is an art to giving just enough to keep the person interested but not outlining each and every symbol by definition or rote memory. There must be a flow of the Spirit and not just head knowledge that is given in the interpretation of dreams.

To arrive at the essence or theme of a dream, remove all of the unnecessary information such as extraneous details, descriptions of things and places, and names. The theme is going to surround the action or focus of the dream that will lead to the understanding of the big picture.

The greatest power in the universe is love.

Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Davidic Anointing is Descending Upon Musical Instruments by Bill Yount, Identity Network

Davidic Anointing is Descending Upon Musical Instruments by Bill Yount

Davidic Anointing is Descending Upon Musical Instruments by Bill Yount

Identity Network
Aug. 16, 2019
Ebook PDF Download
By Rhoda Banks
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I once heard a testimony where the Holy Ghost was falling upon the people during worship. The preacher testified how the piano player got so filled with the Spirit that she fell off of the piano bench, and the piano kept right on playing!
No other explanation could be found except, "Jesus knows how to play a piano!"
I believe we are entering into a time and place of worship and praise where we will experience some unusual anointings upon musical instruments that will be played, at times, with heavenly fingers, either through His people, and sometimes without them. Heaven will invade even our so-called Spirit-led worship, and we will soon discover that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit just could wait no longer to join us, with heaven shouting, "We've come to worship!"
Highly Volatile Worship
I saw a fresh anointing similar to the anointing that was upon David's harp being poured out upon musical instruments. This anointing was highly volatile, able to easily drive demons and strongholds out of whole regions. I sense the Lord speaking to many worship leaders who have become weary in trying to lead others into His presence:
"Just worship Me, and I will take you and your instruments to a whole new level to cause My throne to descend and to drive out devils!"
Many Wind Instruments Will Sound as Though My Breath Is Blowing Through Them
It was as though these angels with bowls full of the "oil of worship" were being instructed on which instruments to start pouring upon. This depended upon the players and their intimacy with the Lord. I sensed the Father distinctively describing which instruments would bring the most devastation in the next phase of spiritual warfare: all of them. He was reminding the enemy also of these fatal weapons:
"We do drumsticks, keyboards, stringed instruments, shofars and woodwinds. I also use hand-clapping, shouting, and feet that dance upon your land mines!"
These 'Demon Buster' Musical Instruments Will Not Only Be Found in My House, But in the Streets, Concert Halls and Gutters of the World!
It was not really in David's own territory that the anointing of his harp drove away evil, but in the house of Saul! In the place where the Spirit of the Lord had departed was where the anointing was the most powerful. For as long as David played on his harp, Saul was free from tormenting spirits. That gives hope to any God-called musician in any church or place on the earth. You may not have to leave where you are. You may just get to drive the devil out of that place!
I Saw Drumsticks Striking Drums, Releasing Arrows of Deliverance into the Atmosphere Above
Some drummers were weary and had even quit playing drums. But now the Lord was giving a new "war" order to these weary ones:
"Strike it one more time. You will no longer just play these drums, but they are now fatal weapons that you need to bring deliverance into your own life, family and region! Step on that bass drum one more time, and you will soon find the enemy under your feet—this is a war order!"
Many Worn Out Musicians Were Being Called to Pick Up Their Harps Off the Weeping Willow Trees
Many musicians were taken captive by the enemy to stop their worship and praise. The Lord was now calling many of these defeated ones to pick up their instruments again and play them in the midst of their defeats. They were discovering deliverance not only for themselves, but multitudes were being led out of their captivity.
Let the music begin!
Bill Yount

Prophesy the Gold in People by Matt Sorger, Identity Network

Prophesy the Gold in People by Matt Sorger

Prophesy the Gold in People by Matt Sorger

Identity Network
Aug. 16, 2019
Ebook PDF Download
By Kathryn Summers
Price: $13.99
Sale! $12.99
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I'll never forget the first time I experienced the prophetic anointing. I was a freshman in college. We were having a prayer meeting in one of the dorm rooms. As we were holding hands in a circle praying, it felt like someone through a blanket over my head. The feeling was so real I opened my eyes. There was no blanket, but I still felt the sensation. I was experiencing a prophetic mantle for the first time. As I looked around the room I knew things about each person. As I shared what God was showing me each one was deeply ministered to as God spoke to the secrets of their hearts. 
I came to realize that one of the main reasons God releases a prophetic gift in us is to call people forth into their true identity and destiny. The enemy has worked so hard to lie to people about who they really are. He tries to bind them up with insecurities, fears, false belief systems, guilt and condemnation. He tries to lock them in their past. 
When you step into a prophetic flow, you receive the eyes and heart of God. You obtain the ability to see past the surface and into God's view of someone. You see their full potential and the amazing plan God has for them. This sets them free from the lies and false belief systems they have been living with. 
Prophecy is Being Able to See the GOLD in People. 
It's easy to see the faults and weaknesses in each other. It takes the eyes of God to see the GOLD in people. To see them how God sees them. When you see the GOLD in someone, you can prophesy it and call it forth. The power of prophesying the gold in people calls them into their true identity and purpose. It brings breakthrough and freedom into their hearts and minds. 
Prophesy is to Edify, Exhort and Comfort. (1 Cor 14:3)
Edify means to build up and construct. When you prophesy the gold in people you build them up in the truth of who they are and help construct the future God has for them. 
Exhort means to strongly encourage and urge someone to do something. When you prophesy the gold in people you strongly encourage them in their identity and urge them into their destiny and into the good works God has called them to do. 
Comfort means freedom from pain and constraint. To ease someone's grief or distress. When you prophecy the gold in people you help set them free from pain in their soul and from the constraints that have held them back. You prophecy them into breakthrough and freedom and into the fullness God has for their lives. 
God wants to anoint you to prophesy and mine for the gold in people. He wants to empower you to dig deep and pull out the best in those around you. You can be used by God to shift people into their destinies and true identity. 
God wants to use you in this way. I encourage you to get more equipped so you can be a vessel that calls forth the gold in people.
Matt Sorger