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Prophesy the Gold in People by Matt Sorger, Identity Network

Prophesy the Gold in People by Matt Sorger

Prophesy the Gold in People by Matt Sorger

Identity Network
Aug. 16, 2019
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By Kathryn Summers
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I'll never forget the first time I experienced the prophetic anointing. I was a freshman in college. We were having a prayer meeting in one of the dorm rooms. As we were holding hands in a circle praying, it felt like someone through a blanket over my head. The feeling was so real I opened my eyes. There was no blanket, but I still felt the sensation. I was experiencing a prophetic mantle for the first time. As I looked around the room I knew things about each person. As I shared what God was showing me each one was deeply ministered to as God spoke to the secrets of their hearts. 
I came to realize that one of the main reasons God releases a prophetic gift in us is to call people forth into their true identity and destiny. The enemy has worked so hard to lie to people about who they really are. He tries to bind them up with insecurities, fears, false belief systems, guilt and condemnation. He tries to lock them in their past. 
When you step into a prophetic flow, you receive the eyes and heart of God. You obtain the ability to see past the surface and into God's view of someone. You see their full potential and the amazing plan God has for them. This sets them free from the lies and false belief systems they have been living with. 
Prophecy is Being Able to See the GOLD in People. 
It's easy to see the faults and weaknesses in each other. It takes the eyes of God to see the GOLD in people. To see them how God sees them. When you see the GOLD in someone, you can prophesy it and call it forth. The power of prophesying the gold in people calls them into their true identity and purpose. It brings breakthrough and freedom into their hearts and minds. 
Prophesy is to Edify, Exhort and Comfort. (1 Cor 14:3)
Edify means to build up and construct. When you prophesy the gold in people you build them up in the truth of who they are and help construct the future God has for them. 
Exhort means to strongly encourage and urge someone to do something. When you prophesy the gold in people you strongly encourage them in their identity and urge them into their destiny and into the good works God has called them to do. 
Comfort means freedom from pain and constraint. To ease someone's grief or distress. When you prophecy the gold in people you help set them free from pain in their soul and from the constraints that have held them back. You prophecy them into breakthrough and freedom and into the fullness God has for their lives. 
God wants to anoint you to prophesy and mine for the gold in people. He wants to empower you to dig deep and pull out the best in those around you. You can be used by God to shift people into their destinies and true identity. 
God wants to use you in this way. I encourage you to get more equipped so you can be a vessel that calls forth the gold in people.
Matt Sorger

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