Friday, August 23, 2019

A powerful we fight the battles we are in. Rachel Davis, Align

August 22, 2019  

Declarations as shared by my colleague, Rachel Davis

We bind political spirits and decree that they lose their ability to infiltrate the minds of God’s people and that discernment overtake their minds and God’s truth breaks through.

We speak death to religious mindsets and call to attention the darkness that is masking as light (in terms of justice, gun control, immigration) for they are pushing forth Satan’s agenda for America and not God’s.

We speak death to the mainstream media’s deceptive agenda and say their false narratives and plans are exposed for the socialist and communist plots that it is.

We decree protection over our President and release warring angels to accomplish this protection.  We decree that he will be re-elected and that God’s plans that he puts in place will grow and expand.  We say that America will have a great awakening to this move and repent.

We speak death to the LGBTQ agenda and decree that there are two genders and America’s children are protected from the evil plan to recreate the genders that God created.

We decree exposure of the Clinton’s and Obamas and say that there will be charges and convictions of treason.  We call forth into position the strong men and women who are not afraid to fight this fight,  We decree justice reigns in this nation.

We decree that our nation’s constitution will stay intact and that nothing can destroy it. We decree that the electoral college stays firm.

We clean out Congress of the Muslim and socialist agenda and decree that patriotism returns to our nation and government.

We declare protection over Trump supporters, conservatives and Christianity.  

We decree that God’s truth will invade this nation!


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