Thursday, July 25, 2013

Laurie and I leading worship - some recorded songs

Steve & Laurie Martin

For over 30 years Laurie and I have been on multiple worship teams, and have led a few bands, including Steve Martin & the Raiders and our current Ahava Love Band (a Messianic worship group of great team members Ron Bowen on drums, Patty Paquette on keyboard, Wane Daroux on bass and our newest member Tom Fahey on guitar.)

We have placed a few of our recorded songs on our Cross.TV website. You can hear those here:

Be blessed in your listening, as we give thanks to Yeshua (Jesus), our Lord and King Whom we serve.

Ahava Love Band 

Waterfall is one of my favorites. (*See note below.)

Extended list and choices: 




*Steve's note: Regarding the Waterfall song highlighted above on the song list, we want to thank Rob Critchley, for his life poured out through worship of Him. He led worship at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship through the 1990's-2000's.

Ever since the day I first heard this song Waterfall, probably around 1998 in Toronto, and then at our Mahesh Chavda Ministries conferences here in Charlotte when you came to lead worship, this song has touched my heart, with hope and thanksgiving.

May Yeshua's blessings continually flow upon you and through you, as His sweet rain cleanses our soul.

Steve Martin

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