Friday, July 12, 2013

Threatened with Destruction...

Threatened with Destruction, Israelis Reveal Faith

Friday, July 12, 2013 |  Jonathan David  Israel Today
Israel Today’s Jonathan David talked to Israelis on the streets of Jerusalem, and recently discovered their faith in light of Iran’s threat to soon destroy them and Israel with nuclear weapons.
Tsuriel Bitcover: “It’s not really bothering me. For the religious people, it makes the religious people stronger.”
Erez Asher: “I believe God will help us. (Iran) won’t succeed to destroy us. Everyone who has tried to destroy the Jewish people, and Israel, became destroyed. God protects us.”
Elliot Ge: “These things only strengthen my faith. In these trying times when we have security problems and issues, I personally and many people I know turn to (the Lord) even more, because we know He’s the only one who can save us.”
Asher Trujeman: “God promised the Jews that they are chosen and He did not release us. He did not abandon us.”
David B’tesh: “My faith in Elohim and my faith in HaShem is not affected at all. I fully believe that He is behind us.”
Hajay Koiza: “I’m atheist, I’m not religious. I’m atheist because Iran wants to destroy Israel because they’re religious. If everybody will be atheist and there is no religion, then everybody will live in peace, one day.
Bill Ashendorf: “The Lord gives us choices and we have to make our own choices. Sometimes we make good and sometimes we make bad, but we have to be responsible for our choices.”

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