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4 July 2013 


Why Israel's government and people should be totally against the formation of a Palestinian state in the land G-d promised to them for eternity - the Land of Israel:

I. It will not lead to peace, but to the destruction of what would be left of Israel.

II. It will not solve Israel's democratic problem, and so will not preserve the Jewish character of what will be left of Israel.

Israel should in no way fear that a demographic dilemma will arise out of keeping all Samaria and Judea, but should vigorously confront any such danger by adopting the following measures: 

 a) Make bringing Jews home from all over the world a governmental top priority; an upgraded Ministry of Immigration fielding the best candidates to clarify abroad the need to make aliyah. 

 b) Stimulate natural population growth by providing financial assistance to large families. Make an overall effort to counsel against the evil of abortion, that the tens of thousands of Jewish children being aborted every year will live - to be adopted if need be by Israeli families who would love to have children of their own.
End all distinction or differentiation between those desirous of being loyal citizens of the Jewish State of Israel: Impose on all the same obligations, and give all the same rights. 

This includes the obligation to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Such a move may cause a voluntary exodus of many of the Muslim Arabs now living in Israel with Israeli passports, for a great number would in all likelihood refuse to serve in "the Jewish Army" to defend a state which, in their heart of hearts, they wish to see become a Muslim-controlled Palestinian state. Their departure will free Israel of those who would use their citizenship to undermine the very state they are part of.

As Ambassador Yoram Ettinger and others - like Paul Morland of Birkbeek College, University of London - have amply documented, there is in the foreseeable future no, I repeat no demographic danger posed to Israel holding on to all of Judea and Samaria. 

See Yoram Ettinger "Freeze of Jewish Construction in Judea and Samaria: Peace or Appeasement Enhancer" Paul Morland "Defusing the demographic scare"

III. With the upcoming free elections in the so-called West Bank, the majority of the Palestinians may in all likelihood - as they did in Gaza - all choose for a leader closer to Hamas than Fatah, thus destroying any hope of peace or, if already concluded with the old leadership under Abu Mazen, totally jeopardize that achievement.

IV. Israel does not need to continually blame itself for not doing enough to find peace with the Palestinian Authority and people. Both prime ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert offered Yasser Arafat and Abu Mazen respectively incredible far reaching concessions for peace, concessions every Western politician should realize will never be made by the present Netanyahu government. 

So what are we, and what is the world, talking about? Whatever the Netanyahu-led government would be willing to offer, it will never be what Barak and Olmert offered - both of which were rejected by the self-defeating Palestinian leadership.

V. In his recently-published, co-authored book Deception, Itamar Marcus shows that the present Abu Mazen leadership has no real wish to renounce terror or to reach a state of living side-by-side in real peace with a Jewish state called Israel. So what are people talking about? 

No one can believe that under these present circumstances, with the attitudes of even those touted by the world as moderates, that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state will lead to peace. It will not.

It is because I am for real peace that I am against a "two-state solution," for such a result will not lead to peace, but to the destruction of Israel.

And because I am against discrimination, I am against the double, hypocritical standard most nations have allowed themselves to descend into in treating the Palestinian Arabs as if they are a sub-human species, from whom behavior on par with western standards of morality and conduct cannot be expected.

I, like many others, vigorously oppose what Tzipi Livni seems to advocate: that Israel should bow its head before the constant criticism and pressure from the often spineless European goyim, who with the invariable double standard they practice towards the Palestinians and towards Israel, have forfeited any moral authority they may have thought they had to dictate what Israel should do!

I pray that Israel may be Jewish enough not to kneel again before the Gentiles in the hope of gaining their support!

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

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