Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ahava Love Letter (#58) - “In Your Building - Guard Against Distractions”

“And it came to pass, when the time was come that He
should be received up, He steadfastly set His face to go
to Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) (Luke 9:51) KJV
Dear family of friends,

As I sit in my favorite chair, in the front “library and prayer room” of our house, I hear the pounding outside. The neighbor is having a crew install outdoor carpeting on his new deck. There is a lawn mower cutting the overgrown grass. And oh yeah, the cute poodle dogs are barking at every passing walker. Bless them all Lord!

Even the TV is going on in the family room. Not loud enough to hear what they are saying, but enough to distract from this at hand. Distractions abound.

I received an email yesterday from a good, long-time friend, who knows me pretty well. He wrote, from his prophetic perspective:

“I believe the Lord showed me that you are experiencing life, and you will need to be aware that the enemy has provided busyness to distract you from experiencing the full measure of His provision.  

This doesn't mean you are not to enjoy activity, but if it is a distraction from what the Lord is placing His grace on in your life, it is simply that - "a distraction". You will pay a higher price than you realize at the moment (Steve's interpretive addition: "if you allow them".)  

The experience of His life is of greater value that you can measure in completing His purpose and walking in His passion for His heart for you.  Keep this in your heart and consider if anything you are involved in is a distraction. If so, be suspect of what is the benefit of that activity in comparison to what you really should be doing.” Michael

In thinking further about that word, and pondering what the Lord is currently speaking as a "now" word to me, and I am sure possibly others, I will share this.

In the work of constructing a building, a project, an organization, or even a life-long dream, in the long haul many obstacles come up. You see it in the natural, with the new office complex arising amidst a cement shortage; the city park being laid out but having to wait on the final turf; the neighbor’s back porch crew dodging the rain pellets. It happens. In the natural and the spiritual. Sometimes it is a long, hard fought battle to complete the job. Excuse me…most of the time!

We can become weary in the building, but through the grace of the Lord, Who does point out the distractions, and obstacles, that we allow ourselves to be further burdened with, we can be as Paul did and press on, for the joy set before us, and complete the building, the assigned task, we have been given.

Jesus (Yeshua) set His heart and mind, for Jerusalem in His last days on earth, with a purpose to complete His Father given assignment. Let us strive, in a good way, to be as Him, and keep focused on the path we are to walk on. Then we too will finish the "building", and enjoy the eternal reward.

Ahava (love in Hebrew) to my family of friends,

Steve Martin

P.S. The pounding is still going on next door. But now the air pump for the nail gun is running intermittently. At least the TV has been turned off!

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Ahava Love Letter #58   “In Your Building – Guard Against Distractions”

 Date: In the year of our Lord 2013 (07/05/13 Saturday, 12 noon in Charlotte, NC)

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