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Ahava Love Letter (#61) - "Get Back On The Boat" - Steve Martin


“Get Back On The Boat”

“Then, without warning, a furious storm arose on the lake,
so that waves were sweeping over the boat. But Yeshua
was sleeping. So they came and roused him, saying, “Sir! Help!
We’re about to die!”

He said to them, “Why are you afraid?
So little trust you have!” Then He got up and rebuked the winds
and the waves, and there was a dead calm.”

(Matt 8:24-26 CJB Complete Jewish Bible)

Dear family of friends,

There has been a lot of rain in our state of North Carolina this current summer season. The local weatherman reported that the 12” above normal level has been the most in the 75 years of their record keeping. Cutting my grass between the falling bullets just hasn’t been working. I can attest to that fact.

As I drove in the pouring rain to my former boss’ house during the latest downpour, to receive his wise counsel about book publishing, I was speaking to another on the cell phone. Flooding was occurring in her home. She conveyed that she felt she had been under spiritual attack lately, and the excess water was the latest incident indicating that.

My response, after listening for about 15 minutes, wasn’t just a quip to “come up with a quick solution,” as they say men do (so we can get on to being the answer to the next problem.)

I said, "Seems like you are in a lifeboat, connected by only a lifeline to the big boat. So get back on the boat.”

It wasn’t meant at all to be a pun, as the rain outside my speeding car might suggest, or as her house foundation continued to seep water through it. I believe I was moved by Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh (Hebrew). She really seemed to be hanging on, connected in her little raft on the mighty ocean, by a single lifeline. She needed to get into the boat, get on the ship, where the rest of the people were safely being cared for. I am speaking about the local body of believers.

Some of you may say, “I am connected,” as her response back to me was.

What? You no longer belong anywhere as a member, due to some incident? But now you do watch your favorite TV teacher/preacher on TV? Or you have a long distance phone conversation with an older saint in your former congregation, and you call that “being connected?” As one would say, “How is that working out for you?”

Explain that logic to me from the Scriptures, which basically commands that we are to be “joined and fitted together” in His Body. 

Sometimes being direct, in your face, sharing tough love as James Dobson wrote decades ago, needs to be just that – a realistic look at where you are at now, and where He actually wants you to be, in experiencing His purposeful life.

We all have excuses why we can or cannot do something. If your spiritual, and possibly natural life depended on it, will you use that excuse to just stay in your little raft? Does that hold water with Him?

If you are as one floating in a raft, hanging onto to the Father Ship by a lifeline, I highly suggest you really ask the Father where you are supposed to be connected, and start pulling on the line in that direction.

The TV man or woman, or the cell phone person, as good and needed as they may be, won’t quite make it in the days ahead for you, when the real spiritual floods come. That hand extended through the airwaves can’t be the one you will need - right at hand.

It is best to be connected, within a ship, with those the Lord intends for you to be connected with. He said so. It can happen. It should happen. When will you let it happen?

Ahava (love in Hebrew) to my family of friends,

Steve Martin

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Ahava Love Letter #61   “Get Back On The Boat”

 Date: In the year of our Lord 2013 (07/12/13 Friday 5 am in Charlotte, NC)

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