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Ahava Love Letter (#62) - "Hidden"


“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. 
A man found it, hid it again, then in great joy went and sold 
everything he owned, and bought that field.” 
Matt 13:44 Complete Jewish Bible

Dear family of friends,

As the verse above says, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden. Hidden from whom? Hidden for what purpose? What does it have to say about you?

The Lord had the apostle Matthew, or emissary as the CJB version would say, add these spoken words of Yeshua (Jesus) as a parable telling of the value of finding the Kingdom of Heaven, and then selling all to obtain it. So it must be possible to obtain the Kingdom of Heaven for ourselves. But it will cost dearly of ourselves to have it. It will cost everything we have.

How many of us are willing to sell all – our current life, our job situation, our hopes and dreams – to get all that the Lord has for us? There used to be a time when that seemed common. Sell all you had, join the Jesus People or the charismatic movement, and live in the commune. I know I did in the late 1970’s.

You don’t hear too much of this generation wanting to become missionaries and “go to Africa”, or young ones leaving home to give their heart and soul to what Jesus has called them to do. There are the summer short-term mission trips, the Saturday youth group team outing to help needy church members, but rarely anymore do I hear of young people, college age young adults in church wanting to serve the Lord lifetime on the mission field, or join YWAM (Youth With A Mission.)

Or maybe I just am not seeing it, and the Lord is preparing a group of young people, future leaders, who are now “hidden” from my view, and many others.

I have hope in my heart that there are right now being prepared these who are going to give their all to serve His purposes. It seems like every generation has some.

Maybe you are in your late teens or early twenties; maybe you are “thirtysomething”, and longing for the Lord to move in your life. You want Him to respond to that stirring He put in your heart when you were ten, or 15. I promise you, He will. I am living proof of it.

It may take 10 or 20 years to happen, but His promises are true. While you may seem hidden, unnoticed, cast aside and somewhat useless in your own eyes and others, I tend to think that is because you are the Kingdom of Heaven material that He has sought for. When the Lord goes out in His field, looking for buried treasure that He already knows is there, He will already have paid the price, as He did on the cross, and take you as His own. The hidden treasure in the field this time is you.

Don’t grow weary in your current situation, struggling without hope and vision. Know that His plan for you is good. Hang in there, and you will see Him open doors that no man can shut. You will step out and walk in your calling. The world needs you, and He will be the one to complete His purposes for you.

Be encouraged young one.

Ahava (love in Hebrew) to my family of friends,

Steve Martin

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Ahava Love Letter #62   “Hidden”
 Date: In the year of our Lord 2013 (07/24/13 Wednesday 10 pm in Charlotte, NC)

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