Monday, July 15, 2013

My wife Laurie (Laura Jean Unzicker Martin) - a poem "My Good Wife"


My Good Wife

A pretty lass, of her father's German decent,
That of Otto for sure - 'twas heaven sent.
Lorraine her Mom, now of 54 and more,
Thank you Lord, for sharing her. 

Got married (to me!) at 18. I prayed!
Had firstborn Josh on her 19th b-day.
Then came Ben, and Hannah and Christen, it's true,
Notice the eyes? Green, not blue.

She's made each house a nice, pleasant aroma;
Be in Illinois, Michigan, Florida or Carolina.
Has worked hard an annual 12 at Calvary Daycare,
Now has five, plus one, of own grands we share.

No special day, as I share now with you,
Just wanted it be known her heart is true.
Loves the Lord - and full of life,
Blessings on her, my lovely and good wife!

Steve Martin
July 15, 2013

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