Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ahava Love Letter (#63) - "Anxious"


My times are in Your hand; Deliver me from the hand of my
enemies and from those who persecute me. Make Your face
to shine upon Your servant; Save me in Your lovingkindness.”
Psalm 31:15-16 NASU

Dear family of friends,

When I find myself in times of trouble…” Words from a popular song, even these many years after being recorded by Paul and his friends. I used to think he was talking about Mary, the birth mother of Yeshua (Jesus). I later learned it was about his own mother. I guess that was whom he turned to when he needed help, and I would think she provided some.

When you are anxious, who do you turn to? Yourself? A family member or friend? Your pet Fido? Your favorite glass of wine or the TV comedy show?

We all seek comfort in someone or something more often than not it seems these days. Just trying to relieve the stress of the daily grind on the job; having that financial lack, with more bills piling up; or the relationship that constantly churns away in our awaken and even nightly thoughts.

The words that I have learned to speak during these moments of anxiety are simply, “My times are in Your hands.” A simple prayer to the Lord (Adonai), asking for His intervention in what is troubling me at the moment. Whether I am in distress over the next mortgage payment or the situation at work for which I need better understanding, my heart cry often is to the Lord, saying My times are in Your hands.”

The singer Paul continues in his own words, “speaking words of wisdom, let it be, let it be.” Let it be what? Make it just go away?

Sometimes our stress release choice doesn’t hold up under the continuing load that befalls each of us. And then ruin comes, resulting in poor health, broken marriages, or lost time in doing anything worth the eternal value it could and should have.

Our faith, or as the Complete Jewish Bible puts it, our trust, must abide in that Person Whom has proven to give peace and security. If you want a Rock to stand on, I know of no other that has been shown stronger. Who can compare? None can compare.

We need not to just endure another day, and end up with wasted years. Our Creator has a good plan for each of us, and also a good path He will take us on, if we keep our eyes fixed on Him, and our faith in His purposes. 

As I daily speak His promise - that my steps are ordained by Him - my confidence grows. Especially as I see His hand guiding and leading me in the way I should go, and grow.

My trust in His provision also expands, as I see Him provide in unexpected ways. This builds on the expectations of His constant love and direction.

As I walk the enduring walk, I find myself not asking mother Mary to help, but speaking to Him Who alone gives us our heart’s desire, declaring “My times are in Your hand.” Thank you Jesus.

Learn to rest in His abiding peace. Give Him the opportunity to show Himself strong on your behalf, as you continually call upon His name. He will be there for you. Even today.

Ahava (love in Hebrew) to my family of friends,

Steve Martin

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Ahava Love Letter #63   “Anxious”
 Date: In the year of our Lord 2013 (07/30/13 Tuesday at 5:00 am in Charlotte, NC)

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