Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Whose birthday is today? June 28, 2017! And guess who is 58 (which is 5 - "grace" for 8 - "new beginnings")? - Laurie Martin!

Whose birthday is today! June 28? And guess who is 58 (which is 5 - "grace" for 8 - "new beginnings")? 

Laurie Martin! (aka Laura Jean Martin)

               Her husband (me!) and kids (L-R) Ben, Christen, Hannah and Josh. June 2017

                              Family photos (2017) and 1999

    Laurie with Hannah with Levi. (Before birth.) 2016

 Laurie and Josh share the same birthday day!
#58 and #39!

      Big sister Linda                                  Grandson Jack Blade!           Walkin' in style with Lulu!

             Dinner...then coffee...and then sitting at my uptown office desk.

Flowers for the Queen of Woodside!

                                                                Daughters and grandsons

 Grandma Laurie - 7 of them!

 A blessed man I am and I love you so!


Me! (ZOE)

A true servant and woman of God.

 Following the right road....Ben and Mom.

Laura Jean Unzicker Martin
One who loves His people and the nations.

From your loving husband,

Steve Martin
June 28, 2017

5 - "grace" and 8 - "new beginnings"

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