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23 Jews Arrested Trying to Pray at Joseph's Tomb on Anniversary of Patriarch's Death - BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS

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23 Jews Arrested Trying to Pray at Joseph's Tomb on Anniversary of Patriarch's Death

Radiohead Faces Down BDS at Concert:
Stands Strong With Israel

The Female Belief in Redemption

At the age of 80, Moses received a prophecy that the redemption of the Israelites from Egypt was near. When he relayed this message to the Jewish men, they were unable to believe it, being too embittered from their slavery and suffering. It was the women who rejoiced in Moses' message of salvation and continued to encourage their husbands by decorating themselves with makeup and jewelry when meeting them after their long, grueling day's work. They even fashioned tambourines in the depths of the Egyptian exile under Miriam's direction, in anticipation of the coming redemption. After the Children of Israel  had crossed the Red Sea, Miriam and the women took up these instruments, and they danced while singing the song of redemption with complete faith and joy.
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Rock & Roll Zionism

By Michael Freund
An American in Israel compares how his past of carefree Rock and Roll compares to his son's present as an IDF combat soldier, and how, despite the worry, how this strange analogy describes the return of the Jews to our land.
‘Corrupt Motive’ as the Criterion for Prosecuting a President
By Alan Dershowitz
By Daniel Greenfield
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