Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Israel Bombs Gaza; Israelis Prefer Trump Over Obama; Jerusalem Celebrated at UN! - UNITED WITH ISRAEL

Syria Planning Chemical Attack; CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News!
United with IsraelWhat are YOU Doing About Rise in Anti-Semitism; London Mayor Under Refuses to Call Hezbollah Terrorists; Watch Abbas Admit to Sending Terrorists to Kill Israelis
June 27, 2017
Israel Bombs Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire
Pew Survey: Israelis Prefers Trump Over Obama
Jerusalem’s Reunification Celebrated at the UN!
Anti-Israel Activists Take Credit for Amazon’s Removal of Pro-Israel Book 
WATCH: What are YOU Doing About the Rise in Anti-Semitism? 
White House Warns: Syria’s Assad Planning Chemical Attack 
London Mayor Under Fire for Refusing to Call Hezbollah a Terror Organization 
English-Speaking Immigrants Defy Israel’s Enemies 
WATCH: Abbas Admits to Sending Terrorists to Kill Israelis 
Iran Gives Anti-Israel Terror Groups Hundreds of Millions Annually 
Netanyahu: Israel Faces Constant Cyber Attacks 
Knesset Speaker, Former Soviet Prisoner, will Address Russian Parliament 
Fearing Attacks by Hezbollah, Israel Upgrades Barrier at Lebanon Border 
WATCH: Westerners ‘Mentally Wrong’ to not Hate Muslims, Says Egyptian TV 
Shin Bet Chief: Cybertech Prevented Over 2,000 Terror Attacks 
Arrow 3 Defense System Awarded Israel’s Defense Prize 
Israeli Forward Ben Haim Signs Record Deal with Sparta Prague 
Trump Hails Supreme Court Approval of Partial Travel Ban
WATCH: Iran Accuses US of Fake News on Syrian Chemical Weapons 
3 CNN Journalists Lose Jobs Over Fake News 
OPINION: YouTube – Soapbox for Terrorists 
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