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Should Jews Trust Christians? You May Be Surprised by the Definitive Torah Answer - BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS

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Should Jews Trust Christians?
You May Be Surprised by the Torah's
Definitive Answer

Israel Has Fended Off 2,000 Cyber Blitzes: "Hackers Who Attack Us Get Attacked"

God's Land

The Torah is more than a book of laws; it is the legacy of the Jewish people. It tells of the creation of a nation chosen to be the emissaries of God. The Torah begins with the story of creation so that there can be no question that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. From the beginning, God intended for the People of Israel to do His holy work from the holy Land of Israel, and that from there their light would emanate. May our study of the Israel Bible strengthen each of our appreciation for the Land of Israel.
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WATCH: Mazal Tov to the IAF’s Newest Pilots!

ICYMI: Christian “Awakening” to Holiness of Temple Mount Draws Islamic Fury

The Best Deal Ever

By Yonina Pritzker
Finding the leadership, the integrity, and the determination to finally uphold the ironclad deal that was made with the Jewish people regarding the State of Israel nearly one century ago – now, that would be historic.
Europe Must Stop Funding Demonization of Israel
By Ben-Dror Yemini
By Louis Rene Beres

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