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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Christians Demonstrate Against BDS - Israel Today

Christians Demonstrate Against BDS

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 |  Israel Today Staff
Around 150 Christian friends of Israel in the Netherlands joined with Jewish leaders to protest a motion made by the GreenLeft party in support of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, The Jerusalem Post reported.
“How would you react if I would say, ‘I embrace the Nazism of Hitler-Germany?’” These were the words spoken by Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, the chief rabbi of the Netherlands during the demonstration on the doorstep of the national GreenLeft offices in Utrecht.
“A serious mistake, that encourages anti-Semitism,” the rabbi said. “But just like the German ‘Autobahn’ is only a small part of the murderous Nazi-time, the boycott of products from Israel is only a small part of the goal of BDS. BDS stands for the destruction of Israel, not only the boycott of a few products from the so-called occupied territories,” he explained.
Roger van Oordt, director of Christian for Israel, said that the GreenLeft calls BDS a “legitimate means in a justified battle,” that is the first step toward the destruction of the State of Israel.
Christians for Israel also sent a statement to GreenLeft describing the dangers of BDS, and asked the party to distance itself from the poisonous movement.
“We hope that GreenLeft will think about it and stay far away from anti-Semitism,” van Oordt said.
The Dutch GreenLeft party was formed by a merger of four left-wing parties: the Communist Party of the Netherlands, the Pacifist Socialist Party, the Political Party of Radicals and the Evangelical People's Party.
How Evangelicals can cooperate with communists and radicals is a puzzle. In recent years, the malformed party has grown in popularity and has been trying to impose anti-Israel policies on the government of the Netherlands. Why the Dutch think they have something to say about Israel is bizarre, but whatever the reason, the green party want Holland to boycott Israel.
PHOTO: Israelis look at BDS propaganda in downtown Amsterdam. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)
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Friday, June 30, 2017

"Highway to Zion" Outreach Ministry at CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) in Jerusalem, Cathy Hargett June 2017

"Highway to Zion" Outreach Ministry - Cathy Hargett
- CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) 
Jerusalem, Israel

June 30, 2017
Shalom, Shalom, Friends!

This is a video of one of our service days at CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) in Jerusalem!  

On this day we were working with unloading a truck and stocking the distribution center at CFI - about 1500 boxes!  Check out that assembly line!  

A very blessed thing happened that day - an Orthodox Jewish couple with their baby came by as we were all taking a break outside the facility - they brought us freshly cut watermelon!  You will see them in the video.  

It was so very special as the reputation of CFI is now highly regarded in the neighborhood, even among the Orthodox, for CFI's care and comfort given to Israel.  

One staff member told us that it used to be that rocks were thrown at them and now this sweet expression of appreciation is being given as it has become well known that CFI is what their ministry name says "friends of Israel"!  We were honored to be part of CFI's ministry while we were there.

We did other things at CFI ,too, which we will report on later, such as visiting Holocaust survivors, comforting victims of terror, gardening and restoration at a playground at a local school, and visiting IDF army bases to encourage and support.

Thanks so much to team members, Janelle and Matteah, for providing this video!

Blessings and love in Messiah Yeshua!

Cathy Hargett
Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc.

Cathy Hargett has shared a video with you on YouTube
Highway to Zion Outreach Ministry at CFI in Jerusalem June 2017

Highway to Zion Outreach Ministry at CFI June 2017 - unloading and stocking 1500 boxes into the DC at CFI! We performed other services at CFI, too! But this was hard work and a lot of fun, too! Check out that assembly line! Thank you to team members, Janelle and Matteah for making this video!! All for Yeshua and Zion's sake!



Good job Cathy and crew! Blessing Israel, as always!

Love you (ahava),

Steve & Laurie Martin
Love For His People, Inc.

Your friends in Charlotte, NC - see you at the next Assembly!

Monday, August 17, 2015

COMMENTARY: A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance - ISRAEL TODAY

COMMENTARY: A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance

Sunday, August 16, 2015 |  Charles Gardner  ISRAEL TODAY
There is a season for everything under heaven, according to the wisdom of Solomon. And I’m specifically thinking of his dictum that there’s “a time to mourn and a time to dance”. (Ecclesiastes 3.4)
Black clouds of impending doom are swooping down upon us all, and especially on God’s ancient people, but the rainbow of ultimate peace also lies ahead, and we should not be too downhearted.
On September 14 there will be much rejoicing as Jews everywhere celebrate their New Year in a month set to witness some quite extraordinary, even alarming, events connected with the future of Israel. I will look at these in a moment.
We have just marked a time of mourning for Israel – a date known as the 9th of Av in the Jewish calendar (July 25 this year) which brings back bad memories of a past which has seen so many attempts to annihilate the Jewish nation.
For it was on this date that the First Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC. And it was on the very same day 656 years later – in 70 AD – that the Romans destroyed the Second Temple. The Jews subsequently rebelled against their occupiers, but were brutally butchered in 133 AD – again on the 9th of Av – after which they were dispersed to all four corners of the earth.
This included England, from which they were expelled in 1290 AD – on the 9th of Av. Then in 1492 they were expelled from Spain and given four months to put their affairs in order and leave the country, the deadline for which was the 9th of Av.
Then came World War II and the Holocaust, said by historians to have been the long drawn-out conclusion of World War I, which broke out on the 9th of Av. And, it is said, the first gas chambers were put into use on the very same day of the year!
Understandably, the Jewish people have much to mourn. And our duty as Christians, grafted into the Olive Tree of God’s chosen people (Romans 11:11-24), is to love them, stand with them and pray for them.
A series of significant events are scheduled for September, starting with the New Year celebrations perhaps. The Pope will be visiting the White House to meet with the President on the holiest day of the Jewish Year (Yom Kippur, September 23). And a super-sized blood-red moon will shine over Jerusalem on September 28 during the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot). This will be the last of four successive blood moons (known as a tetrad) to coincide with the main Jewish feasts of Passover and Sukkot in 2014 and 2015, a rare occurrence last witnessed in 1967 when, as a result of the Six-Day War, the Old City of Jerusalem came under Israeli control for the first time in 2,000 years.
In addition, the United Nations are said to be planning to declare a Palestinian state without Israel’s consent or input and there is also, of course, the ongoing threat of Hamas and Hezbollah along with that of a potentially nuclear-armed Iran whose leaders have made no bones about their intention to “wipe Israel off the map”. The recent deal negotiated with the big powers is, at best, only putting off the evil day rather than neutralizing a dangerous rogue state.
In the light of this, an 800-year-old rabbinic commentary is most revealing. Known to the Jewish world as the Yalkut Shimoni, it has been translated by Rabbi Nachman Kahana, a specific portion of which says:
“Paras (Persia-Iran) will be the dread of humanity. The world’s leaders will be frustrated in their futile efforts to save what they can, but to no avail. The people of Yisrael will also be petrified by the impending danger. And HaShem (the Lord) will say to us, ‘Why are you afraid? All of this I have done in order to bring you the awaited redemption. And this redemption will not be like the redemption from Egypt, which was followed by suffering. This redemption will be absolute, followed by peace.”
Various Jewish rabbis are now sensing that their Messiah is soon to come. The day is surely not far off when beleaguered Israel will recognize the One who has loved them with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31.3) and who is destined to reign from Jerusalem for a thousand years of perfect peace (Revelation 20.4).
Jesus told his disciples that his coming would follow an unprecedented period of distress after which “the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light”. (A total solar eclipse occurred in the midst of the current tetrad of blood moons).
“At that time men will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory,” he said. (Mark 13.24-26)
I am indebted for much background to David Soakell of Christian Friends of Israel and to Kolyah, a correspondent in the know who wishes to keep a low profile for security reasons.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Great Tour with Christian Friends of Israel - 2005

Ben Gurion Airport - Tel Aviv

Barry & Batya Segal - Vision For Israel

Avraham & Dahlia Saiden, Steve Martin - Shabbat meal

CFI-USA Director - Hannele Pardain & Jeanette Alongi

Bill Koening - "Eye To Eye" author

Jack Alongi - An American tourist in Israel

David's Citadel - Old City Jerusalem

Gravesite of Derek Prince in the German Colony, Jerusalem

Getting there and back from JFK in NYC.

Elvis Pressley - a king in Israel

Mount of Beatitudes

YMCA in Jerusalem

Nazareth Village

Capernaum synagogue remains from 1st Century

Yeshua (Jesus) is the Light of the World

All but one of these photos were taken by Steve Martin.
(Can you guess which one wasn't?)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Worship the Lord!

Christian Friends of Israel tour - 2004
Jerry Ginn on guitar, with Steve Martin on tambourine
Overlooking Kidron Valley in Jerusalem

Steve Martin (tambourine) and Jerry Ginn (guitar)
Leading worship in Gethsemene, Jerusalem, Israel 2004

Steve & Laurie Martin - Charleston, SC 2004

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention
Israel Ministry of Tourism breakfast
2004 - Charlotte, NC
- leading a time of praise

Steve & Laurie Martin 
2011 - Antioch International Church Fort Mill, Sc
Beit Tikvah Friday night meeting

Tom Fahey (guitar) & Steve Martin (tambourine)
 - leading worship 
All Nations Church in Charlotte, NC
"Watch of the Lord" in 1998

Ahava Love Band - 2012
Charlotte, NC

Ahava Love Band - 2012
Charlotte, NC

Phil Keaggy & Steve Martin
- after the Derek Prince Memorial Service
Charlotte, NC 2004

Jerusalem & The Western Wall
Art by Alex Levin of Tel Aviv, Israel

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Leadership Through Love - Chapter 3 - "Right Man (or Woman!) for the Job" (Steve Martin)

Leadership Through Love
(by Steve Martin)

Chapter 3

Right Man (or Woman!) for the Job

A.    All are created equal – make the most of it!
B.     If the Shoe Fits, Have Them Wear It

In today’s business and ministry world, women have entered the work force in record numbers. Many have been forced to, often simply in order to support the children that, as single mothers, they are now solely caring for. (Another book could be written on this alone, and “What Happened To The Men!”)

With the Lord having created as many women as men, it should not be a major dilemma or concern in our businesses or ministries to employ women that carry the gifts, the heart, and the ability to perform the office jobs that need to be performed, so necessary on business, church and ministry staffs. After all, they certainly are available and willing!

There are certain positions that a leader and an administrator needs to fill within his team, that are more suited to having women in place. Phone receptionists, word and data processors, bookkeepers, and sales clerks so often are best found in the female segment of society. But I have learned that these are not the only responsible, traditional positions that they perform well in.

Women directors and supervisors can effectively steer those in her charge, with skill, attitude, and favor. And when they do, they need to be paid with the same benefits that a man would be, if having that same authority and responsibility.

While employed as the Director of Operations and Finance at Derek Prince Ministries, we had two women supervisors, Jeanette Alongi, Communications Supervisor, and Gina Stasko, Customer Service Supervisor. When they spoke at our weekly mangers team meetings, I carried full respect for their input, wisdom, and knowledge on the job, and for those who were in their departments, whether men or women.

Derek Prince Ministries staff - 2003
Front row  (L-R): Pat Vitolo, Vicki DeVito, David & Anna Selby, 
Jeannette  & Jack Alongi, Jenna, Indira Persad
Second row (L-R): Peter Wyns, Norma McDonald, Deborah Shokes, Terri Whitaker,
Charlotte Mytrysak, Christi Selby, Gina Stasko, Christine Alongi,
Jenny Maret, James DeVito
Third row (L-R): Steve Martin, Tess Hughes, Chris Selby, Glenn Selby, Ben Martin, Nicole S.

Both Jeanette (who had more than 24 years with the ministry at the time of her retirement) and Gina (it may be  now almost 30 years, at the time of this writing in 2013) on many occasions gave thought provoking opinions, great suggestions and encouraging support that enabled the ministry to advance forward.

Another woman that I held high regard for, having much godly character, and whom I admired with deep respect and honor, was the Finance Supervisor and personal secretary of Derek Prince, Dorothy Schulte. It was Dorothy who spent the time training me, when I first came on staff with Derek Prince Ministries in 1987 to replace her, as she was coming to the end of her faithful years of dedicated service, before her retirement year in 1988.

Dorothy would hold me to strict accounting practices, to the very penny when balancing the books, and would not let me “cut corners” to save time, at any time. Her commitment and loyalty to her work certainly helped give the ministry the credibility that it has long held, in part to her supervision, and which I strove to carry on in my tenure. She was indeed the “woman for the job.”

As I looked to fill positions, both due to expansion and turnover, I regularly interviewed men, and women, whom I would then select to be the one for that needed addition. And as it was in my authority, I worked to pay them the same for the work performed, whether they were a man or a woman performing that work. In my eyes, as I looked to the Lord, each are created equally, and are to be treated equally. 

If the shoe fits, let the woman wear it!

As a result of having several leadership positions with businesses and ministries, in the administrator and higher management roles, I have gained the respect of other leaders, in other businesses and ministries, who have come to value my opinion and input. Thus, when it was asked of me who I would recommend for a leading ministry position for a work located in Jerusalem, it did not take me long to put forward the name of Hannele Pardain, who at the time of this writing continues to be the Christian Friends of Israel USA Director (CFI-USA). Hannele has led this ministry very much so with her diligence, long hours and heart for the people and land of Israel. I wholeheartedly recommended her for this vital leadership position that was needed to be filled at that time.

Christian Friends of Israel - Jerusalem office (2004)
(L-R) Hannele Pardain, Ray Sanders, Steve Martin

Women in leadership can have a more nurturing heart than can sometimes be typically found in men. (And sometimes not!) They may not be as quick to reprimand someone in their department, realizing more of the factors involved in the decision having to be made. I have found that they are more long suffering, when it comes to choosing the course that would take more patience, than the one a man in that position would take. Often it turns out to be the right course, as more details are later known in the given situation. It must be the “mother instinct” that always believes that her child is good!

On several occasions I had been told that I am too “black and white” in my memo and
e-mail communications. One of the best administrative assistants that I have ever had, Charlotte, during my time with DPM, would often encourage me to use “more honey” in my expressions, both in writing memos and speaking to staff. 

I tended to want to get to the point, tell it like it is (as I see it) and get the matter settled. Her important input was to let me know that this can still be done, but with a little less “pepper” and “more honey” in my approach. The results proved that this was an accurate observation in my leading. Again, the woman’s touch and discernment can be most beneficial.

When I left Vision for Israel in June of 2010, to start Love For His People, I had already recommended to Barry and Batya Segal, Co-Founders, that Deborah Shokes take my place. She had worked with me at both All Nations Church/Mahesh Chavda Ministries and Derek Prince Ministries for several years preceeding.

Vision for Israel staff - Charlotte, NC 2007
(L-R) Steve Martin, Krista Stewart, Kevin Grafton, 
Indira Persad (front), Deborah Shokes, Timmy Bryant

When I hired her in 2003 for the Donor Support head position at VFI, I had already known of her faithful dedication, love for the tasks, skills in performing all her duties, and the great experience in getting the job done. She served faithfully then, and still does today!

May the Lord continue to give us more women who have the time, the heart, the skills, and the attitude to take their place in His work. As in the natural, so may it also be in the spiritual realm, as the Church realizes that more and more in these last days.


Steve Martin
Love For His People

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Leadership Through Love

Chapter Listings

1.      A Gift for His Purposes

- The Early Years
- On the job training

2.      Use the Tools You Have, But Not the Staff

- Treasure the people, while digging the foundations
- Do unto them as you would…
- Bless and curse not: honor those who serve with you

3.      Right Man (or Woman!) for the Job

- All are created equal – make the most of this!
- If the Shoe Fits, Have Them Wear It

4.      Train and Let Loose

- It IS Who You Know and Are Known By
- Hire To Complement Your Strengths
- if you are weak, then they are strong
- Outsource as needed

5.      Burn Candles At Both Ends? – NOT!

- Rest and Sabbath Days
- Mornings with the Lord
- Trust in Him at all times
- We all are given 24 hours each day

6.       The Visionaries Need You!

-          They dream it - you make it happen
-          It takes a team
-          Head Won’t Get Far without the Neck
(or heads will roll)
7.      Field Trips and More!

- Staff Retreats
- Party Time!
- Birthdays and BBQs
- After Hours

8.      It Doesn’t All Depend On You

- The Lord is the Rock – Not You
- Whose strength  - yours or His?
   - Key Staff to Lean On
    - Trustworthy managers and assistants

9.      Practically Speaking…and Walking

- Handle each piece of paper once
- File so you can find it!
- Early morning – before the others come
- Take a Break

10.  Meetings – Time-manger or Time-waster?

- Do you really need all those meetings?
- Group or One-On-One?
- Why Morning and Mid-Week?
 - Prov. 24:6 “By wise counsel…multitude of counselors

11.  Acknowledge Him in All Your Ways

- Heart of Thankfulness
- Heart of Worship
- Heart of Service

12.  Another Man’s Vineyard

-          Follow & help fulfill their vision
-          Faithful with another’s
-          Learn and growth until your time
-          The proper way of moving on