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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Twitter censoring pro-life movie UNPLANNED - LIVE ACTION Lila Rose

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Abortion advocates and their allies in the media will stop at nothing to silence pro-life voices.
Inexplicably, Twitter suspended the official account for the new pro-life movie, Unplanned, earlier today during its opening weekend.
Fortunately, after a swift and immediate backlash, Twitter restored the movie’s account this afternoon, but that’s not the only challenge this movie has faced...
In addition to Unplanned receiving an R rating, the movie was also denied rights to music from Disney, Sony, and Universal, and was rejected for advertising on almost every TV network outside of Fox News.
Steve, it’s clear abortion advocates are desperate to kill any buzz from building for the film, because they know just how powerful this story is...
I’m not sure what you know about the movie, but it’s the true story of former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson and her pro-life conversion.
I am grateful to have had a part in the making of this movie, as I play a reporter in the film. In real life, my photo was hung up inside Abby's clinic so Planned Parenthood staff could identify me if I was undercover at their facility, and Abby and I eventually became friends later.
With the two Abby Johnsons...real life Abby (middle) and movie Abby (Ashley Bratcher - left).
Abby was actually a “star” employee at Planned Parenthood, but that all changed after she witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion on a baby at 13 weeks. Ever since that moment, she has been an outspoken advocate for the preborn, and has founded a ministry, And Then There Were None, to help clinic workers leave the abortion industry behind.
This is why abortion advocates want to silence this movie. If a Planned Parenthood employee could change their mind after learning the truth about abortion, then any “pro-choice” individual could too.
I hope you will make time this weekend to go see Unplanned - as its success on the opening weekend will determine if theaters continue to show it.
Make sure you take your family, friends, neighbors, but most importantly, if you are able to convince them, take someone who is “pro-choice” to see the film!
Even the most hardened pro-abortion individuals can change their minds, they just need to have their eyes opened. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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For life,
Lila Rose
President & Founder 
Live Action
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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Lila Rose (Live Action) on The Sean Hannity Show discussing new abortion law in New York

Lila Rose

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Jan. 31, 2019
I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this.
Last night, Live Action President Lila Rose was on The Sean Hannity Show to discuss New York’s new law allowing the lethal injection of preborn children through all nine months of pregnancy.
Their radical agenda isn’t isolated to New York - abortion advocates and their political allies are pushing this in statehouses all over the country.
Lila - Hannity 1.29.19

Steve and friends, make sure you stay tuned to your inbox - the fight to stop the abortion lobby’s extremism is just getting started.
Thank you for your loyal support of Live Action and for all you do to defend vulnerable preborn children.
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For life,
Lauren Merz
Director of Development
Live Action
Live Action  2200 Wilson Blvd.  Suite 102 PMB 111,  Arlington,  VA  22201 
Love For His People Note: We support the great work of Lila Rose and Live Action. 
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Sunday, November 11, 2018

VICTORY: Two states pass Constitutional measures to protect the preborn - Live Action

VICTORY: Two states pass Constitutional measures to protect the preborn
Two out of three states that had pro-life measures on the ballot on Election Day 2018 have now seen those measures successfully passed by voters. Read more

Graham likened blessing an abortion facility to “blessing murder,” adding, “They are blessing actions that are against the laws of God. That would be like priests standing outside the gas chambers at Auschwitz and blessing the murder of innocent Jews. Such evil.” Read more


A 40-year-old mother of 11 children in Missouri has shared photos of her miscarried baby in the hope that people will see the humanity of preborn children. Read more

In his proclamation for November as National Adoption Month, President Trump acknowledged the importance of adoption in affirming that “every child—born and unborn—is wanted and loved.” Read more

Presidential Women’s Center in West Palm Beach is implicated in the death of a 31-year-old woman from complications following an elective abortion. This abortion facility already has several botched abortions on record. Read more

The Trump administration has just finalized a rule change that allows employers with “religious or moral objections” to opt out of paying for birth control for employees, including potentially abortifacient types of contraceptives. Read more

Benjamin Watson, tight end for the New Orleans Saints, made a memorable announcement in his end zone celebration on Sunday. Read more

It’s often said by the abortion industry that violence is a frequent tactic used by pro-lifers. But the reality is, pro-life demonstrators and sidewalk counselors are frequently targets for violence and harassment by abortion advocates. Read more

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

WATCH: Lila Rose discusses Twitter ad ban on Tucker Carlson - Lauren Merz, Live Action

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I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss Lila Rose’s interview with Tucker Carlson over the weekend. 

Lila discussed Twitter’s ongoing ban of Live Action’s promotional ads - despite the social media platform’s claims that they are an unbiased platform:
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Twitter continues to block us from promoting ads on their platform, requiring us to remove our pro-life content - showing the humanity of the preborn child and the inhumanity of abortion - before we can purchase ads again. 

But we will not be silenced or stopped. We continue every day to defend the preborn and to expose the horrific violence of abortion, reaching millions of people on other platforms. 

Thank you for continuing to stand with us in this ongoing fight to defend the most vulnerable. 

Hope you have a great, short week!
Lauren circle 2 (1).pngFor life,
Lauren Merz
Director of Development
Live Action
P.S. Twitter knows Live Action’s videos and graphics are changing hearts and minds on abortion. That’s why they’re blocking us. Donate to Live Action today to help us to create more content exposing the evil of abortion and to promote this content on other platforms:
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