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Now Is the Special Biblical Time to Come Close to the Creator - Breaking Israel News

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Aug. 30, 2017

Now Is the Special Biblical Time
to Come Close to the Creator

Top Japanese Official Apologizes For Saying Hitler Had "Right Motives"

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In the past 120 years, we have seen the miracles of the Jewish People’s return to its ancestral Homeland. During this remarkable period, one great miracle perhaps shines brighter than all the rest- Israel’s victory in the Six-Day-War. The aim of this book is to tell the story of the war of deliverance in 1967 and to emphasize the miraculous aspects of Israel’s astonishing victory.
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WATCH: Hero Who Rescued 669 Jewish Children in Holocaust Gets Surprise of His Life

ICYMI: US Government Preparing for “Black Sky” Doomsday Scenario

All Roads Lead to Jihad

By Daniel Greenfield
The dead will be buried. The surviving terrorists will be imprisoned. The families of the victims will grieve. And in the towns and cities of Catalonia, another Islamic cell will start building more bombs.
“It’s a War on Christians”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, April 2017
By Raymond Ibrahim
By Burak Bekdil
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